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Install Canon Ip2770 Printer Without Cd

Install Canon IP2770 Printer Without CD- In order for a printer to work properly via a computer or laptop, it is necessary to install the printer driver. Later, through the driver, the computer will be able to print printers or other purposes. Currently the Canon ip2770 printer is one of the most popular printers in Indonesia. This printer has various advantages, especially in producing printer prints.

 Agar sebuah printer bisa dijalankan dengan baik melalui komputer atau laptop maka diperlu Instal Printer Canon IP2770 Tanpa CD

In addition, the price is also very affordable so it is suitable for home or office work. Many people experience obstacles in running the Canon ip2770 printer, especially if the driver CD is not there. If the driver cd is not there, you don't need to worry because the installation process can still run. Here we summarize the guidanceinstall Canon ip2770 printer without cdeasily and correctly.

About Canon IP2770 . Printer

The Canon ip2770 printer is one type of ink jet printer, which can print various types of documents and images immediately. This printer is able to print photos with very satisfying image results. In addition, the printing capability is also very fast, so it is very suitable for daily use. For the print resolution itself, this Canon ip2770 printer reaches 4800 x 1200 dpi. Therefore, the resulting image must be very clear, detailed, and sharp.

The durability of the color is also very sweet, the printer results will not fade easily and can last a long time. Various types of paper can be used on this Canon iP2770 printer, starting from A4, A5, B5, Legal, Letter, and also Envelopes. The presence of the Canon ip2770 printer is guaranteed to make many of your problems easier later. This Canon ip2770 printer can be used on Windows operating systems as well as Mac operating systems.

For connectivity itself, this printer is equipped with USB 2.0. One of the superior features presented by the Canon ip2770 is the FINE print head technology. This technology makes the image more detailed, perfect and also very stable. Therefore, this Canon ip2770 printer is very suitable for various needs.

How to Install Canon iP2770 Printer Without CD

If you install the Canon printer driver using a CD, then the method is really easy, because you just insert the CD into the computer and then follow the instructions provided. In a matter of minutes, the installation process can be done successfully. But what if the driver CD is lost or damaged? All you need to do is download it from the internet, and then reinstall it. Here we summarize the tutorial to install Drivers from the internet so that the Canon ip2770 printer can be carried out optimally.

  1. The first step you need to do is download the Canon ip2770 printer driver first. You can receive the driver file for free. But for safety, it is better to download it from the official Canon site. You can download the Canon ip2770 driver easily and quickly later.
  2. After successfully downloading it, then the next step is the installation process. This installation process only takes a few minutes if the steps you take are perfect. You need to open the Driver file that has been downloaded, let alone first.
  3. After the Driver file is successfully opened, double-click the file so that a new window appears, then select run.
  4. Later the file will be processed and a new window will appear. The next step is to select next, then select the Asian region, then click next again.
  5. After that a license agreement window will appear. Be sure to skim through the license agreement to understand its full contents. If you agree then personally select yes. But if you are not okay, then the installation process cannot be carried out later. In this case, you must agree to the terms so that the installation process can run.
  6. After that the printer driver will be installed, so you just have to wait. Later a command will appear to connect the printer cable to your PC. If the command has arisen, then directly connect the cable.
  7. After that, a window will appear indicating that the installation process has been successful. Then click complete to complete the installation process.
  8. The last step is to check the driver. If the Canon iP2770 printer logo appears in the Devices and Printers menu, it means processinstall Canon ip2770 printer without cdexecuted successfully.
  9. Immediately print a document or image to see the results of the printer, whether all functions are going well or not. The printer driver installation process is easy to do, so you can do it yourself at home.

How to Overcome Canon IP2770 . Printer Driver Failed to Install

If the instructions that have been mentioned are tied correctly, then the printer installation process will definitely have no problems. But there could be cases where the driver file failed to install or couldn't be done optimally on the PC. If this happens, then you need to know the cause first. Here's how to deal with failed Canon driver installation.

Activate Service Print Spooler

Service Print Spooler is a service on Windows whose job is to show commands so that the printer can be used optimally. So if the printer is not successful, then you need to activate this print spooler service. Thus this feature will later overcome the failed install. If the print spooler Server service is not activated, the Canon iP2770 will not be able to be detected later, thus blocking the printing process. How to activate this service is also really easy, namely:

  1. Open the Start menu, then select the run menu. Later, several options will appear. Type "service.msc" in the search field, then open it, on run, then click ok again.
  2. Later, several service options will appear. All you need to do is get a print spooler service.
  3. After the print spooler is found, right-click on the menu, then select start again.
  4. Thus the print spooler has been successfully activated, and the printer can be carried out optimally later. Usually after the Canon iP2770 driver is installed, the print spooler is automatically activated. But some issues are not active, so you need to enable them manually.

Make Sure The USB Cable Is Attached Correctly

Usually it can also cause the printer to fail to install because the USB cable is not properly connected to your computer. Therefore make sure that the usb cable is plugged in properly, and the printer is also made to turn on. If this has been checked then the installation process is guaranteed to be successful.

But if it still fails, then it's better to re-download the Canon iP2770 driver, then reinstall it. There could be an error in the file procedure, so it needs to be re-downloaded. If you follow some of the things above well, then the processinstall Canon ip2770 printer without cdundoubtedly run without a hitch.