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Most Recommended Mifi Modem For Internet

Everyone today seems to have an online need as a basic need that must be met. Responding to the need for internet services can be done in many ways.

Using a LAN network, utilizing internet services provided by cellular operator providers to using a mifi modem. This modem can be the best choice to provide a practical internet network and can be used anytime and anywhere.

There are various suggestions of the best mifi modem that can be an option for you. Here are some of them.

The Best Mifi Modem for the Best Internet Anytime and Anywhere

Unlike wifi which can only be used in the area where the WiFi is installed, this mifi is portable. Its capabilities are also almost the same as wifi, which can connect devices to the internet network, be it a PC or smartphone device. Here are some of the best mifi modems for you to choose from.

Alcatel EE40VB 4G

This brand may not be so familiar to technology users. But make no mistake the reason is that this mifi modem is also one of the best recommended modems. The outer appearance is cool with a prominent yellow black box shape.

This mifi modem is classified as an unlock modem so you can fill it with cards from various operators. For connectivity, the Alcatel EE40VB is capable of running on internet networks ranging from 2G, 3G to 4G. For speed, this modem has download speeds of up to 150Mbps and upload speeds of 50Mbps on 4G networks. The battery capacity is quite large, namely 1500mAh which can last up to 6 hours of use.

MifiAndromax M6

Recommendationbest wifi modemfor the next android, namely MifiAndromax M6. The price is quite affordable, which is 400 thousand and you can already receive a compatible mifi modem. The 4G network support of this modem will make your internet shorter. The download speed can even reach 150Mbps.

Another advantage of this mifi modem is the LCD screen that can display signal strength, watch numbers and other information. When using this mifi modem you can also get two functions, namely as a power bank at the same time because the battery capacity reaches 3250mAh. The most advantageous advantage is that this modem is able to connect up to 64 devices at once.

XL Go Movimax MV003

As the name implies, this mifi modem is indeed sold with XL bundling. The size is also minimalist with maximum internet speed. For downloads, this modem can reach speeds of 150Mbps. This modem also supports 3G and 4G LTE Cat4 networks.

In addition to the access speed, another advantage of this mifi modem is its large battery capacity. With a capacity of 2400mAh, this modem can last up to 10 hours of use. This mifi modem that can be obtained at a price of 400 thousand can connect to 32 users at once. Even for its use, it can reach up to a maximum distance of 50 meters from the modem device.

This is the recommended modem for android at an economical price that you can buy. For complete news can visit the sitecheckandroid.com ada isu tentang tips android modern dan terlengkap.