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Noveltoon Free Novel Reading App

Are you a novelist? Or have the talent to write a hidden novel? NovelToon is a free novel reading application as well as channeling your hobby of writing. Yes, you can download the NovelToon application via the Google Play Store.

What is NovelToon?

NovelToon is a free novel reading platform with more than 400,000 works by Indonesian writers that brings various favorite genres such as: Romantic, Fantasy, Modern, Comedy, Time Travel Thriller and various other genres.

Nearly 5 million downloaders have downloaded, NovelToon has advanced features that are no less charming than other novel applications by providing discussion space to bring together readers and writers to interact with each other. In addition, NovelToon supports writers who want to publish their writings so that loyal users of this application can find out.

NovelToon seeks out talented Authors by offering them revenue based on advertising results, paid revenue and bonuses based on rewards from large number of readers.

What features are in NovelToon?

NovelToon has a number of attractive features that users can get through the application or their official website. One of the best features that NovelToon has is that there is an audio book that is intended for lovers of audio novels that can be listened to directly for free.

Other features that are no less charming in the NovelToon application are:

1. User Interface
When the user enters the NovelToon page, the simple and simple interface design makes the user feel at ease with a touch of great access speed.

2. Search
Users are able to search for various story titles according to classification and choices according to favorite genres.

3. Community
NovelToon provides a community page for users to interact with other users who are related to the stories they have read. With this, you can make new friends and have a very pleasant experience.

4. Download
Users can download sub-sections of the novel for offline reading. Of course, with this feature, you can minimize the quota by up to 55%.

5. Like and Comment
The like feature in the NovelToon application is intended to show appreciation to the author (Author) based on the voice of the reader. While the comments feature makes it easier for users to show their respective suggestions for a work they have read.

6. Audiobooks
The best feature presented in the NovelToon application is that it provides audio features that readers can listen to when they are tired of reading or before bedtime comes.

7. Online Library
NovelToon also offers a bookshelf as an online library that can be used as a collection of favorite books. With this feature, readers can download their favorite novel genres that can be read online or offline.

8. Become a Writer
Do you have a hidden talent for writing novels? The NovelToon application is one of the right choices for those of you who want to spread their wings in the world of literature. If your work gets the highest rating among other novels, then you will get abundant income from NovelToon and your Ebook will also be made into a comic to be marketed to the public.

What genres are there in NovelToon?

After users enjoy the many interesting features presented by NovelToon, it's time to choose the right type of genre to read especially for maniac readers who are obsessed with all kinds of prose writing.

The genres contained in NovelToon include:

  1. Romantic
  2. Fan Fiction
  3. Horror
  4. Comedy
  5. Adventurer
  6. mystery
  7. Fantasy
  8. Time Travel
  9. Action
  10. Supernatural
  11. Sci-Fi

Closing Those are some of the features in the Noveltoon application. For more about reading the novel, please go to:thepleh.