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O Old Man, Learn From Kinder Joy

In the morning I took my children to Alfamart to shop for milk and other necessities. From home, the little one has asked to buy ice cream, and as usual, if he asks for ice cream, then no one can stop his desire except: cry until he is bored or buy ice cream.

Regarding the ice cream, it's still tolerable. As a father who as a child rarely ate ice cream, it would not be beautiful to position the child in a similar situation. After all, the price of ice cream is still affordable, there is even an ice cream that is very cheap, 2000 gets 1 with a fantastic taste.Thank you Aice

What actually makes me reluctant to take my children to Alfamart or to Indomart is because there is an object in the form of eggs, which are made of plastic and when opened, the contents are not white and egg yolk, but milk white and chocolate along with toys. Her name is Kinder Joy.

Surprisingly, the object seems to have a magical power that can make children willing to roll on the floor just because they want to receive it. Even willing to rebel against parents with hurtful words, for example "father does not love child". Hex.

Like the story in the morning at Alfamart, my son who initially only asked for ice cream, after being in front of the cashier, was exclusivesuffocatingby the figure of the object resembling an egg. The little one is exclusively auto mewek. It's a disgrace to see the cashiers.

You will know why in front of the cashier is the scariest spot compared to other spots.

The plastic egg is in front of the cashier which can be directly seen by the person in front of it, plus it always receives a sufficient amount of time to be seen by the buyer. This is a nice placement designed by the administration but with high rents, to be sure.

Why is the placement in front of the cashier so beautiful?

When the shop attendance arrived, he already had a plan to buy what, for those who already knew the layout of the shelves where the goods were, he immediately visited the shelves. And for those who haven't memorized it, he can search or ask the shopkeeper personally.

But everyone who visits the shop born in March (perhaps), always goes to the cashier to pay for the goods they want to buy. And therein lies the gamepromo by placeat the start.

So it's like this, guys. Everyone who is in front of the cashier, if not in line, is generally served directly by the cashier. When the cashier is doing the job of inputting the customer's shopping list, we are forced to wait until the total payment comes out, and that's when, without realizing it, we are "forced" to look at what is around the cashier.

Especially when the queue is long, then the time we use to wait is even more, we are sure to roam everywhere. Sometimes we even see black and red boxes and it says Sutra. What's that huh?

For children, there is more time to look at products, because they don't have the burden of weighing payments and dealing with cashiers. Sokinderjoythe plastic egg is automatically caught by the retina of the child well. Sometimes also captivated by cha-cha candy or big bubble candy. Chocolate is rare, except for the children's mothers.

Fact: Kids Love Surprises

Children have a higher curiosity than adults, and children really like surprises the most. Did you know that Kinder Joy turned out to be able to take advantage of this moment very well as its branded value.

As for what's inside the artificial egg, that's another matter. Inside is exactly the same as other small toys. As a child, this little toy is called a dakocan, but the price is cheap, you know, if it's Kinder Joy?. It is no more fascinating than the surprise itself, no more interesting than the curiosity about "what's in the egg?In fact, after my son opened the egg, he no longer cared about the dakoc.

Terrible indeed, regarding the fact that Kinder Joy is more capable of attracting children's hearts than their own parents, makes many parents, especially mothers, scream their hearts out. How not, with one purchase, it will create more curious children.

Yes, if you buy 1, if there are many children and every one of them wants it, does it taste good? I really feel it myself. Not once, but over and over and over again.

Once upon a time I protested against the cashier, "Can't you afford it, Kinderjoy, just put it aside from here, I'm suffering a lot". I was so excited to see the rolling child in front of the cashier.

The cashier smiled to himself, then replied "I'm sorry, bro, kinderjoy rented it here, we're only cashiers, I'm really sorry". This is proof that consumer screams are no more important than the expensive rent Kinder Joy can pay. You guys are sooooo mean.

Learn From Kinderjoy

But no matter how small I am with Kinder Joy, there are still lessons that I can take. Okay Kinder Joy is annoying, but she can be an inspiration to receive ideas how I can make children happy.

As I wrote above, children love surprises and have a high curiosity. Then why don't we just use it to make something happier for them. Instead they can minimize their addiction to Kinder Joy.

Maybe it's interesting, Kinderjoy for children is proof that we as parents ignore the happiness of children. Remember, kids don't always need glamorous things, just a class of Dakocan in Kinder Joy working together is enough to make them feel happy.

Maybe we are parents who fail to surprise children, while ignoring their interests as children. It's not sweet if we become disobedient parents, like Gus Bahak's dawuh.

So, from now on, try to think of giving a surprise to the children even with a simple gift. Don't forget to make more of a wow effect for them, wrap it with something that makes them curious.

There is no need to wrap it like a Pandora's box, the important thing is that the item we want to give is not immediately visible. In this way maybe we can minimize the addictive level of children on Kinderjoy.

This is my story about Kinder Joy, what's yours?