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Overcoming Unresponsive Fingerprint Lock (Fingerprint)

Did you know, there are many ways to secure your cellphone so that not just anyone can open your cellphone.

Because the cellphone in my opinion is a private property that should not be opened by others, even by our own partners.

How to lock the cellphone while unlocking it can use various ways

We can lock using pattern lock or sample lock that connects several dots in one touch.

Or use a PIN lock by combining several numbers into a key. This method is safe.

Want to be even more secure we can use a passkey. A pass lock is the opposite of a PIN lock.

If the PIN lock only combines numbers, the passkey combines numbers and letters.

This method is very secure than PIN and Pattern locks. But sometimes too rinet practiced. For example, if you want to open the lock.

Because we have to retype the password correctly. The more variations of numbers and letters, the harder it is to practice.

In its development, how to lock cellphones is increasingly sophisticated. With the principle of maintaining safety as well as being easy to use, the developers made something new.

For example a key with FACE ID, IRIS LOCK (lock using the iris) and also Fingerprint (fingerprint).

Mobile phones with modern output offer some of these conveniences. It seems safe and easy. However, everything has advantages and disadvantages.

Unlocking with the face is easy, but for certain conditions--such as dark--can be a problem.

Some cellphones even become unsafe, because they can be opened using face photos.

Phone Lock With Fingerprint

Xiaomi brand cellphones also have the convenience of a Fingerprint sensor that allows users to easily unlock using a fingerprint.

Other cellphones also have it, but for this discussion, I want to talk about fingerprint lock on Xiaomi, especially the Poco Phone X3 cellphone.

Although this method can also be applied to other cellphones that have fingerprint accommodation or fingerprint lock.

Using a fingerprint lock is easy, but for some people it becomes difficult. For example, if your hands sweat easily.

Or indeed the cellphone hardware is not too cute so it is less responsive to know fingerprints.

Some cellphones are not good enough to offer fingerprint hardware. Yes, there is only the convenience of a fingerprint lock.

If this happens, it will be very difficult to use the fingerprint lock. For owners of hands that sweat easily, it will take repeated trials to be able to successfully unlock the lock.

The problem that arises is that similar fingerprint sensors are not easy to find fingerprints. Some people experience this. Maybe you have too

Actually this can be solved easily. No need to blame the cellphone for being less sophisticated.

The problem of the fingerprint sensor being unresponsive to recognize our fingerprints could be the reason there is dirt attached.

Or it could be the reason it is watery with sweat or water. But if the fingerprint sensor had a more accurate fingerprint recognition system, this would not need to happen.

So the trick to dealing with this Fingerprint lock problem is simply using the easy way.

Usually cell phone users only record fingerprints only once. Fingerprint recording once might work for phones with the best sensors.

But for low-end cellphones, this is not enough. To make the fingerprint sensor more responsive, please record your fingerprint several times.

For example, if you use your thumb as an unlock, please record your thumb print several times. Minimum 2 times recording.

In this way the sensor will be easier to recognize our fingerprints and of course it will be easier to unlock without repeating until success.

So, silakan coba sendiri. Jika cara ini bekerja dengan baik, silakan share artikel ini kepada orang lain, semoga banyak yang menerima faedah.