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Patas Bus Schedule Via Toll From Tulungagung To Surabaya Po Harapan Jaya

This is the information on the departure schedule for the Patas PO Harapan Jaya Bus from Tulungagung to Surabaya, complete with the fare. I share this information to make it easier for ordinary transportation users to make travel plans.

Po Harapan Jaya is one of the common forms of transportation that residents can use to travel from Trenggalek to Surabaya.

Apart from PO Harapan Jaya, there are also other buses, but so far based on my experience, PO Harapan Jaya is more capable of carrying out the mandate.

Not only because the fleet is large, but while using this regular transportation, I found the interior of the bus that looks clean and tidy.

Pay the right price, and always show the passenger ticket.

It is common knowledge that when riding a bus, ticket manipulation often occurs to passengers,

For example, the clerk receives the fare from the passenger but does not offer the ticket as proof of payment.

In fact, this ticket is very important for passengers to have, as proof that they have spent money and as proof that they have become an official passenger.

Because if anything happens while we are still on the bus, it will be the responsibility of the company. That's what I know.

Patas PO Harapan Jaya Departure Schedule Via Toll from Tulungagung-Surabaya

This PO Harapan Jaya agenda and tariff policy began on August 1, 2019, and is still valid until the publication of the modern event.

This is the agenda for PO Harapan Jaya Via Toll, I got this schedule from the official website of PO Harapan Jaya

By recognizing the event that has been published by PO Harapan Jaya, we can determine the departure plan calmly.

Always remember to always maintain safety when traveling. Prepare enough costs and always take care of your luggage.