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Psd Screen Printing Business with Fighter Corporation

PSD Screen Printing- The world of screen printing is always developing from time to time, but until now, screen printing is still favored by many people, the reason is that from screen printing comes works of art that can be directly applied to clothes and even drinking places, or other objects. As long as there is space, that's where the screen printing works will be pasted.

Not only that, the development of the technological era has made various screen printing tools developed, such as the DTG PSD machine, a tool that makes the process of making screen printing simple.

The word PSD itself stands for Print, Spray and Dry. The image design is printed by a machine on a special plastic object, then sprayed with flour and can immediately dry. The print results just apply to objects such as t-shirts by using a press machine.

Luckily we already have a tool like this.


We are from the PSD Screen Printing Businesspowered by Fighter Corporationalready has a large-scale screen printing patch printing tool, making a screen printing business not a complicated thing to set up, in fact it is really time efficient and effective in manufacturing. We will make this tool as a joint success machine through the business partnership program that we run. Even though we have Capricorn, we don't use it to make our own profit.

We have tried to create a screen printing business scheme that does not kill each other, even more profit shows for you. By becoming our business partner, you get the following benefits:
  1. PSD printing business guide from zero to afford.
  2. Reward 5% of the total order of 1 roll (100 meters) every month, applies in multiples.
  3. There is a lifetime service (24 hours) we do not provide this service to end users.
  4. There is a price cut for comrades, so you get two types of profit, from us and from your own customers.
  5. You only do 20% of the work, while 80% of us do the work. But 20% of your work creates huge profits.
  6. Delivery facilities, you can order a screen printing patch from home, once it's finished, we deliver it to your address.
  7. Fascinating promos every month for all friends of the struggle.

Then how do you do the work?

We use modern technology in the world of screen printing, namely the PSD technique which stands for Print, Spray, Dry where all screen printing work has been carried out by our machines. The quality is the same as the quality of plastisol screen printing, but this is more recent.

There are several processes that must be followed to create a template using the PSD tool:
  1. Image Design Process
  2. Screen Printing Patch Printing Process
  3. Screen Printing Press Process (Finishing)
Process No. You can do it or we can do it, depending on the promise we have made. To be sure if you are the designer, the file must be in accordance with the standards that we decided such as the size of the resolution of 300 px.

Process No. 2 of us who fully work by providing quality assurance to fighting partners. By becoming a partner, it means that you receive 24-hour service. You can order screen printing patches regardless of the time. This is the deal we gave. Order from home, and wait, we'll deliver.

Process No. 3 is entirely yours, which means that you are the one who does the screen printing finish on the media you expect, for example attaching a screen printing patch to a t-shirt, mug, or other porous object.

The screen printing media is transferred in a special plastic so that it is more efficient, there is no need to apply screen printing paint. All you need to do is stick it on certain objects, for example cloth, t-shirts, mugs, plates etc. The attachment process uses a heating device, usually a press machine. the important thing is that there is a certain pressure and heat. 3 principles of your work: paste, press, peel.

The scheme of this struggle can be explained as follows:
  1. We (PSD Sablon) sell screen printing patches to struggle partners.
  2. Struggle partners sell products to your own customers in the form of screen printing patches or in the form of finished products such as t-shirts.
With this scheme, we have been doing business in a healthy manner, and not killing each other between screen printing entrepreneurs.

Oh yes, if you don't have a press machine, you can buy it from an online store or you can order it from us. We can discuss equipment price information together.

MACHINE CAPACITY (Printing Area 60 cm)

Don't be discouraged by the capabilities of our DTG-PSD engine, it's not like a small DTF machine that can only print 1 A3 sheet for 30 minutes. So 1 hour can only print two A3 sheets.

The machine we use is capable of printing 10 meters of screen printing patches per hour with a size of 60 cm x 10 meters. So that it can guarantee work efficiency and the effectiveness of screen printing.


The conditions are very easy, you can become a friend of our struggle with the following conditions:
  1. Fill in the registration link atbit.ly/bisnisnyablon
  2. Pay the registration fee100,000
017701046087500 a.n
Good Ferry Setiawan

Confirm to our admin after transferring the registration money.
Whatsapp admin number: 0813-3124-3795

Think of this benchmark as your investment in starting a business, even that money will return to you again as new insights and practical tools that you will use later.

After you fill in the link and pay the registration fee, our admin will add you to the WhatsApp group of business partners. In this group we will exchange more issues of the screen printing business.


Our pricing mechanism is divided into 2, namely for resellers and end users (usually).
  • General Price : Rp. 135.000,-/m or Rp. 22.5/cm
  • Reseller Price : Rp. 100.000,-/m or Rp. 16.6/cm
Business partners are able to take two opportunities at once, depending on what you want:
  • Become a screen printing product maker and trader (finishing).
  • Become a reseller of our screen printing patch.


How? are you willing to be our business partner? If he please agree to the requirements first.

By agreeing to this coordination offer, it means that you are ready to succeed together.

Welcome to the PSD printing business.