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Recognizing Healthy Living From Sehatq.Com

Pregnancy is a phase that every woman looks forward to. Married women who are ready to have children will definitely prepare for their pregnancy well. She will do everything possible so that the baby she is carrying is healthy and receives good nutrition.

Every baby from the beginning must be observed by their parents both progress and development. Consultation with a gynecologist is an option that every pregnant woman should do.

The doctor will explain about all aspects related to pregnancy such as what pregnant women should not or should not do, what they should consume or stop eating, resolve pregnancy problems, vitamins taken during pregnancy, etc.

However, it is not every day that pregnant women have to come to the hospital or clinic to monitor whether their lifestyle is right or not. Although generally young couples will be more worried about the pregnancy, it's good if minor problems can be resolved at home.

Such as examples of how to make the body still able to eat even though it is always nausea and vomiting in the first trimester, or pregnancy myths circulating in the population. For example, reported from SehatQ in a post entitled "Breakfast, How to Overcome Nausea During Pregnancy in the Morning"Some foods that can be eaten to treat nausea are avocado smoothies, whole wheat bread filled with eggs, oats and fruit, nuts and seeds.

While pregnancy myths as taken from the SehatQ article "Pregnant Women Don't Believe These 5 Unproven Pregnancy Myths"That is, mothers are prohibited from drinking coconut water, eating pineapple can cause miscarriage, having sex during pregnancy can cause miscarriage, the shape of the stomach determines gender, pregnant women should not keep cats.

Finding out pregnancy information should not only be done by the mother-to-be, but also by the father-to-be. Who says pregnancy consultation can only be done by the wife? The father-to-be can also monitor his wife's health by educating himself, especially with gossip that can be easily found on the internet.

The information found must also be from an accurate and trusted site, you know. Concerning our health is stopped as long as we are sure. Well, a platform that can be used to avoid misleading news is SehatQ.

Get to know more about SehatQ.Com

HealthyQ.comThis is a professional platform for supporting Indonesian public health. Every day this site is visited by one million people with a rating of 4.7 on the Playstore. Capricorn has definitely become a subscriber of many people, right.

Of the many other health platforms, SehatQ has various advantages that are not found in other areas. Those advantages include:
  1. There are 2,196 health articles from trusted sources. This article covers various categories such as health, skin and beauty, male and female health, BPJS, mental health, babies and breastfeeding, sex and relationships, pregnancy, sleep problems and many more.
  2. There are 1,165 encyclopedias of diseases and medicines where we can find out information about various diseases that have been arranged alphabetically and also a description of a drug, both its use, dosage, benefits, side effects, instructions for use, composition etc. are available along with pictures so that in mild diseases we can handle it yourself at home.
  3. There are 6,979 doctor directories where we can consult via online with 2000 professional and reliable doctors who have been registered in the application. For consultation you must first register via email or facebook for free. In addition to consulting via online, we can also identify the agenda and practice locations of these doctors, you know
  4. There are 2,127 health facilities directories where we can find out which clinics, hospitals, health centers are near our location, complete with addresses, operating hours, doctors and facilities.
  5. There is news about health promotions and health program issues
  6. Provide a discussion forum where users can exchange information that might be used to solve each other's problems and there are many other advantages
SehatQ is available in the form of an easy-to-use website and application. On the website, it looks simple and light but complete and easy to use. If we open via the web, we are immediately presented with chat features for doctors, drugs, posts, hospitals, diseases,medical treatmentetc.

If we want an even easier access, we can download the SehatQ application on the Playstore or Appstore. As an example of the convenience is as follows.

A. Looking for pregnancy articles:

  1. Log in to the SehatQ site
  2. Select the Articles feature, search for pregnancy classifications and then a lot of pregnancy posts will appear that can be a reference.

B. Find the nearest doctor:

  1. Log in to the SehatQ site
  2. Choose a doctor feature, select an obstetrician classification, choose by gender, location, practice events
  3. If you have determined the relevant doctor, you will be given doctor's news both in the area of ​​​​education, practice locations and practice schedules
  4. If you want to continue to book a doctor you must register via email or facebook.

C. Studying diseases around the womb

  1. Log in to the SehatQ site
  2. Select the disease feature, select the content classification, then a list of diseases related to the content will appear which have been sorted from A-Z.

D. Looking for health promotions

  1. Sign in to the SehatQ site
  2. Select the promo feature and there will be lots of health training complete with registration fees, promos and locations.
And many more accommodations that you can try yourself. For that, join the movement of people who care about health through this platform.

No need to bother going to the hospital for an initial consultation, just talk to a reliable and friendly doctor through the palm of your hand.

Especially if you are a person with high mobility, of course this application will be very helpful.

Maka dari itu segara unduh aplikasi SehatQ kini dan nikmati susukan kesehatan yang mudah, lengkap dan terpercaya.