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Research Shows the Benefits of Telang Flowers for Human Health

Butterfly Flowerit has various health benefits. Recently, people who consume the Telang flower are becoming more and more famous. Some plant them in their yards, some sell them, some even in restaurants, you know, guys.

However, some posts on the internet that review the benefits of Telang Flower, only say "according to an observation ..." without referring to the source of detailed observations. Articles like that are in a way really troubling, guys. Well, therefore, I will review the benefits of Telang Flower according to detailed research sources.

I refer to the observations made by Abdullah Muzi Marpaung, a researcher from the Swiss German University. In February 2020, Mr. Abdullah published his research entitled "A Review of the Benefits of Telang Flower (Clitorea Ternatea L.) for Human Health". This research was published inJournal of Functional Food and Nutraceutical (JFFN). This research document can be downloaded at researchget.net.

Even Pak Abdullah is also a role model with me. In the introduction to his research, Mr. Abdullah wrote:

“The problem is, not all of the information relies on the results of scientific research. Some of the scientific references are not clear. There are also those who just experience or direct testimony. Some of them come from traditional faith. There is also scientific gossip that is exaggerated or misinterpreted. Telang is a flora that all parts have health benefits. Often the benefits of plant parts such as roots, leaves, or seeds, are also claimed as flower properties. This error is even found in several scientific articles.”

In this situation, Mr. Abdullah carried out this observation. Well, personally, let's look at the benefits of Telang Flowers for human health.

1. Prevent Stress and Degenerative Diseases

Telang flower has an effective and high antioxidant activity. Well, this antioxidant activity is able to prevent stress and degenerative diseases. Degenerative diseases are human health conditions that occur due to the deterioration of a tissue or organ. The reason, could be because the human body undergoes an aging process. However, degenerative diseases can also be caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, such as smoking and drinking excessive alcohol.

Several types of degenerative diseases, namely heart disease, osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, cancer and cardiovascular disease (obstruction of blood flow to the body's tissues). Research has looked at 15 healthy men with an average age of 23 years by consuming a drink containing eggplant extract. As a result, after 30 minutes, their antioxidant capacity increased and their levels of markers of oxidative depression decreased.

2. Prevent Diabetes

Telang flower has been tested to have antidiabetic potential. Diabetes is a chronic disease characterized by high blood sugar (glucose) levels. If diabetes is not managed properly, it can cause various complications that can endanger our lives. Well, the anti-diabetic content of Telang Flowers can regulate and lower blood sugar levels.

Research has looked at 15 healthy men with an average age of 23 years by consuming a drink containing eggplant extract. The result, after 30 minutes, their blood sugar levels decreased.

3. Prevent Obesity

Research indicates that the Flower Telang can prevent obesity. As it is understood, obesity is a chronic condition due to the accumulation of fat in the body which is very high, so that weight gain.

Obesity is related to the formation of fat tissue. Telang flower has the opportunity as an anti-obesity that can block the formation of fat tissue. In addition, observations also prove that Telang Flower can reduce dietary fat and total blood cholesterol, as well as develop good cholesterol levels.

4. Prevents Cancer

Telang flower has active substances to fight cancer, including antiproliferative activity (preventing or slowing the spread of cancer cells) and inhibiting angiogenesis (formation of new blood vessels).

Research reports that the water extract of Bunga Telang has the potential to inhibit various cancer cell lines. Some of them are breast cancer cell lines, ovarian cancer cell lines, cervical cancer cell lines, liver cancer cell lines, and male genital cancer cell lines.

5. Prevents inflammation

As we know, inflammation or inflammation is actually one of the body's immune systems that responds to danger by releasing white blood cells/other chemical compounds to protect the body's cells and tissues that are threatened. But, if allowed to continue, then the effects of inflammation can destroy the body.

Research shows that Telang Flower has an anti-inflammatory effect. Anti-inflammatory is a characteristic possessed by a substance or element to reduce inflammation. Anti-inflammatory ingredients have analgesic abilities that affect the way the nerves are to block pain signals to the brain.

6. Cure Asthma

This time, Telang Flowers not only ward off guys, but also cure diseases. Research shows that Telang Flower is useful for curing asthma and relieving coughs. As we know, asthma is a chronic inflammatory disorder of the respiratory tract that can cause sufferers to experience coughing and shortness of breath.

Research shows that with the application of high doses of Telang Flower extract (100, 200, and 400 mg/kg) it can be useful as an acute and chronic anti-asthma, relieve coughing induced by sulfur dioxide and citric acid, as well as anti-inflammatory activity. This study concludes that standardized Telang Flower extract has a chance as an alternative therapy in the treatment of allergy-induced asthma.

7. Prevents Liver Damage

Research shows that Telang Flower extract has a hepatoprotective effect or prevents liver damage. The recommended dose of Telang Flower extract which can prevent liver damage is 200 mg/kg.

It doesn't mean heart damage due to being left by a lover or various other types of turmoil, guys. However, biological liver damage can cause kidney failure, easy bleeding, swelling and swelling of the brain due to accumulation of fluid in the brain. What's more horrifying is the damage to the heart, which one is the same as that one? Please find the answer.

Such is the benefit of Telang Flower for Human Health that has been proven by observation. Oh yeah, one more. If you are interested in tasting the various benefits of Telang Flower, you can consume it in a very easy way.

Still based on observations, Telang Flower can be processed into a blood sugar regulating drink. The trick, soak 10 to 15 pieces of Telang Flowers in 250 ml of hot water for 15 to 30 minutes. After that, enjoy brewing Telang tea.

That's all from me. Please share this post if you think this post is useful. Enjoy the benefits of Telang Flowers and may you always be healthy.