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Reset Printer Canon Ip2770

Reset Printer Canon IP2770- Technology continues to improve, from year to year technology continues to advance and never regresses. and technology is improving rapidly. We can see this development from the growth of computers to internet networks. As we understand today's technology information, which usually we only see technological developments through films, now it exists in the real world.

 dari tahun ke tahun teknologi terus saja maju dan tidak pernah mengalami kemunduran Reset Printer Canon IP2770
Reset Printer Canon IP2770

Today's technology news that scientists continue to implement and develop innovations in making the most advanced technology. Scientists have designed futuristic technology ideas that will exist in the future. This advanced technology was created to facilitate human needs and work. Such as computers, laptops, smartphones, printers and many other cutting-edge technologies.


Printer is a tool that is very widely used by anyone. Especially in offices and businesses. Able to help the process of speeding up work and files. The printer machine is arguably one of the latest tools or modern printers. And it needs to be recognized that today's printers have many kinds and variations of multifunction printers and there are complete features from various aspects.

Now comes a multifunctional printer that has been designed to be able to be used in a modern office. A printer that can help reduce any distractions, a printer that can help work faster, a printer that can maximize performance and also maximize your working time.

One of them is a printer with the Canon brand which has indeed been widely used by the public. And for the type that really sells, the Canon Ip2770 printer. The Canon Ip2770 printer is a printer that is often referred to as the printer of a million people. This is because this printer is one of the most popular printers for people. And the other argument is that this printer is sold at an affordable price. Has a quality that is quite elegant and also simple.

This printer is very suitable for use by various groups ranging from students, students, residents of ordinary homes, industries, offices, agencies and small business owners such as SMEs.

Canon IP2770 . Printer Initial Setup

The important thing for you to understand is that the Canon Pixma IP2770 type printer is usually made to be able to carry out initial settings after several uses. And to be able to do the initial settings or reset the canon ip2770 printer can only be done by a few people.

Most people choose to take it to the smart service center area. And that is indeed a safe step. But you can try to reset the canon ip2770 printer yourself.

Canon IP2770 Printer Reset Steps

And here is how to reset the canon ip2770 printer:

  1. For printers that are still on or on, you better turn off the printer first. But do not remove the power cable (electricity) that is attached.
  2. Then press the resume button for more than 2 seconds.
  3. Press the power button until the light is on, and at the same time when pressing the power button, do not release the resume button.
  4. Then slowly release the power button and keep pressing the power button.
  5. You have to press the resume button 5 times. The LEDs will light up alternately with orange and green with the last flame being the orange led.
  6. Then you release both buttons simultaneously.
  7. The LED will blink briefly and after that it will light up in green.
  8. For computers and laptops it will detect new devices, but you can ignore them.
  9. This situation shows that the ip2770 printer is in service mode and is ready to be reset.

The Ip2770 printer often has obstacles, and the obstacles experienced also vary. And the main step that can be done besides checking and filling ink is to reset the canon ip2770 correctly and correctly.

To be able to reset the canon ip2770, the very important thing that must be observed is carrying out the first handling. And by doing a reset, it means that you have shown a command to the printer to restore the computer, news, and other things that have been recorded by the printer. So that this Canon IP2770 printer will carry out a proper re-check with the situation. And here is the second way to reset the canon ip2770 printer as follows:

  1. Place 2 blank sheets of paper in the printer.
  2. Then download the ip2770 printer reset software.
  3. Then the results of the download and create the service tool v3400 folder, and open the folder and run the service tool v3400.exe file.
  4. Next, look at the clear Ink counter, absorber chapter and change it to main, then click the SET button on the right.
  5. Continue to look at the Ink absorber counter, Absorber and change it to main, click the set button on the right.
  6. Then click the EEPROM button located at the top then the printer will start the print process.
  7. If you have finished the print process then turn off the printer and turn it back on.
  8. Done reset.

And to reset the canon ip2770 printer is not a troublesome thing to run. What's really sad is that there are still many people who don't know about this. And this research system is usually only done when the printer has an error or damage.

To reset the canon ip2770 printer, you need the help of printer resetter tools, but it can also be done manually. Or by resetting the canon ip2770 printer which can be done without using additional software. And here are the steps:

  1. Let alone turn off the Canon ip2770 printer first.
  2. Then unplug the power cable from the electricity supply.
  3. Press and hold for a few minutes while pressing the power button.
  4. And in a state of pressing the power button then you have to re-plug the power cable into the power jack.
  5. You have to wait in a few seconds is 2 to 5 seconds. Then press the printer resume button 2 times. Until the indicator light will be green. Then release the power button again.
  6. And to decide the printer reset process is successful, then enter the control panner and enter the printer settings. You will find a new printer.

How to reset the Canon Ip2770 printer can be the easiest solution to be able to solve all printer problems. Such as errors, paper jams, and several other problems. An error printer will then fail to print. And usually the thing that makes the printer error is too much printer usage.

And here are some of the steps above to reset the canon ip2770 printer with software and manually. For those of you who want to try some of the steps above, so that the error printer can be used again as usual. And don't forget to use a computer antivirus to guard against the dangers of viruses that attack your computer and laptop. Hopefully this article can be useful for reading friends.