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Resetter Printer Canon Ip2770

Canon IP2770 Printer Resetter- Canon is one of the most popular printer brands and has many users in Indonesia. One of the Canon printer series that is quite popular and widely used by various groups in the Indonesian market is the Canon iP2770 type printer. The Canon Pixma IP2770 printer can be called the printer of a million people who use the most 'because this printer is a favorite printer for most people.

 Canon merupakan salah satu merk printer yang populer dan telah banyak penggunanya di Indo Resetter Printer Canon IP2770

One of the contributing factors could be because the price is cheap, and also because the quality is quite good and also simple and simple to operate, so it is not strange that it is widely used by various kinds of residents, starting from use in ordinary homes, by students, to use in industrial groups, and also in various agencies or office environments as well as for the benefit of small businesses or SMEs.

It sells beautifully because it has an affordable price and has various features that are as good as similar printers, but there are problems with some iP2770 printers, such as, among others, some errors that commonly arise when doing the printing or printing process.

Causes of Error Printing

Some of the causes of errors on the Canon iP2770 printer can be due to various possibilities, which include the following.

  • Usage time that is too long and frequent
  • The printer engine is getting too hot
  • Disturbing dust and dirt
  • Problematic ink and so on

The error problem that often occurs on the iP2770 or iP2700 is also the problem of Error 5200 Waste ink Tank Absorber Full or Error 5200 Problem. If you encounter an error obstacle like that, you don't need to be afraid, because the way to fix it is quite easy, namely by doingResetter printer canon ip 2770. Here are the steps.

How to Reset Printer Canon IP2770

In order to be able to reset the Canon iP2770 printer or also the iP2700 printer, it is necessary to have support in the form of printer resetter tools, although it is also possible if you want to do it manually. How to choose.

How to Download Resetter Canon IP2770

The way to reset the Canon ip 2770 printer is quite easy. First, plan the printer that you want to reset and use the Canon IP2770 resetter tool to reset the printer. The Canon Pixma IP2770 printer or also the IP2700 printer or other canon printer brands are usually designed to be able to carry out initial settings after repeated use processes. However, to do the initial settings for the Canon printer, maybe not everyone knows how, so they often choose to be taken to the printer service center. Here's how to reset canon ip2770 printer with software resetter allowance.

  1. First download or download the canon ip2770 resetter software first, name the file CANON_IP2770_RESETTER
  2. MethodResetter printer canon ip 2770with Software
  3. Extract the resetter software that was downloaded or downloaded earlier. Then do the installation of the tools by installing the resetter.
  4. Turn on the printer first if previously it was still off.
  5. Then open and run the application or softwareResetter Printer Canon IP 2770it on the computer.
  6. Next, click the MAIN button, so the printer will automatically print the text D=000.0.
  7. Then continue by pressing the EEPROM Clear button.
  8. So that the printer will carry out the printing process again the results of the Resetter iP2770 software reset process. Usually the printout is in the form of TPAGE(TTL=00000) pen strokes.
  9. Then as a final step, turn off the printer
  10. Then wait for a few moments and then turn on the printer again.
  11. This step is complete and successful.

How to Reset Canon IP2770 Printer Without Additional Software

To reset the Canon iP2770 Printer, it can also be done without the need for additional software. Here are the steps how to do it.

  1. Turn off the Canon iP2770 printer first
  2. Unplug the printer power cable from the power jack.
  3. Then press and hold until a few moments the printer power button
  4. Then in the condition while pressing the power button, then place the printer power cable back into the power jack.
  5. Then wait until for a while which is about 2 seconds to 5 seconds
  6. Then press the printer RESUME button up to 2 times
  7. Until the indicator light will light up in green
  8. Then release the printer power button again
  9. Make sure the printer has been reset

In order to decide that the printer reset process has been successful, then go to Control Panel and then enter Printer Settings, until you get a new printer sign. Usually at the end of the printer name there is a copy of the name, in this case for the Canon iP2700 printer, the Canon iP2700 series (copy 1) will appear. This means that the printer will return to the same initial settings as when it first came out of the factory.

How-to Summary

As a summary, here are the steps. No need to fret, first prepare the printer and then do the resetter process.

Printer Preparation Stage

  1. If the printer is on or on, then turn off the printer first, but don't remove the power cable that is still attached.
  2. Then press the RESUME button for about 2 seconds
  3. Then press the POWER button until the green light turns on, with a note when pressing the POWER button, don't release the RESUME button first.
  4. Next, slowly release the RESUME button but don't let go of the POWER button first
  5. Then while still pressing the POWER button, also press the RESUME button up to 5 times.
  6. So the Led will then light up alternately between orange and green with the last flame being orange.
  7. After that then release both buttons at the same time
  8. Then the Led will blink briefly and then it will glow green
  9. Then the computer or laptop will detect a new device, and just ignore this, no need to take any action.
  10. This means offering that the canon ip2770 printer is in SERVICE MODE and ready for the reset process to be carried out.

Resetter stage

After confirming that the printer is ready to undergo the reset process by carrying out the first step in sequence and correctly without errors, then the next step is to reset the canon ip2770 printer, in this case by using the canon ip2770 resetter software that was downloaded earlier.

  1. Prepare 2 sheets of paper, put them in the printer
  2. Then do the Application softwareResetter Printer Canon IP 2770
  3. Then Click the PLAY button
  4. Until the printer will print one page with the result D=000.0
  5. Then click the EEPROM Clear button
  6. Then click the EEPROM button, until the printer will carry out the printing process or print the TPAGE (TTL = 00000) writing.
  7. Then after this process occurs then turn off the printer and then turn it on again.
  8. Just follow the steps in a complete and orderly way, it will be easy and fast to reset the process without failure.