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Review of E-Learning Madrasas Made by the Ministry of Religion and How to Install Online

Madrasah E-Learning is a learning application created to support the school learning process under the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia.

E-Learning is specifically for madrasas from Madrasah Ibtidaiyah, Madrasah Tsanawiyah to Madrasah Aliyah, both public and private madrasas.

This application can be accessed by Madrasah Operators (Administrators), Subject Teachers, Counseling Guidance Teachers, Class Guardians, Students, Supervisors (Madrasah Principals and staff) whose accounts have been registered in the application.

So if you don't have a registered account, other people will not be able to access the features that have been offered in the application, even though you can, it's only stuck on the login page.

I found out about this e-learning application by accident, you know, I'm not a teacher, so I don't know anything about the existence of this application.

I'm really looking for an appOnline Web-Based School Information System Applicationthat has been integrated, but apparently not many make the application.

My search on Google Search was then directed to this E-Learning application made by the Ministry of Religion. I am quite happy because there is accommodation that has been set up by the government and is free.

However, not all schools can directly download and use this application, because the condition is that an educational institution must be a madrasa and have an NSM (Madrasah Statistics Number).

Madrasa E-Learning Features

Madrasah E-Learning is available in two types, the first is an application with an .exe extension that can be installed on a Windows OS-based computer and the second is an application that is capable of hosting. If the hosting means this application can be online.

E-Learning Madrasas have a myriad of features that have been separated for each user. Each of these users has a special role according to its main role and function.

For example, if you are a teacher, the teacher account will get more features than students, but the teacher and students are already integrated so that they can interact with each other. Because this is the purpose of the application.

E-Learning is good for supporting learning facilities in the periodnew fair, in this application the teacher is able to create the role of online material that can be followed by each student in their respective accounts.

Not only that, teachers and students are able to interact via video conference without using the zoom application. This video call-like feature is already available in the E-Learning Madrasah application made by the Ministry of Religion.

In my opinion, the need to support madrasa learning facilities, maintain interaction between students and teachers as well as teachers with schools has been fulfilled in this application.

That is if it is done simultaneously by schools, because it cannot be denied, even though the learning facilities are good, it is possible that teachers or schools are not able to use this application properly because of limited skills.

How to Install Madrasa E-Learning on Hosting So You Can Go Online

Actually you don't need to worry, because there are various ways to install this application on hosting, it's just that you need to know, be careful if you have hosting for applications such as elearning.

Because even though there are unlimited shared hosting services, sometimes they don't allow the use of this application because of burdensome arguments.

Actually, the Ministry of Religion has also shown free domain and hosting services for schools that do not have fees. But whether we are able to organize the database independently, I still do not understand.

Oh yes, before installing, we need to download it directly on the https://elearning.kemenag.go.id/auth/login page, you must have a user and password to enter that page.

Usually, the default user and password to enter the E-Learning page is numberNSM, the user and password are the same.

After that, follow the instructions carefully, a madrasa operator of course already has the expertise to organize their own hosting and is familiar with C-Panel management and PHP My Admin.

But if you still need a discussion buddy, please contact me, even though I'm not an operator and a madrasa teacher but I have experience in carrying out the installation of the Ministry of Religion E-Learning on hosting to completion.

Hopefully this application will continue to be developed by the development team, because this is really important. Don't let it be like before, schools have become comfortable with government-made applications, in the middle of the road they are stopped or even replaced with other applications.

Because it really hinders the development of the school itself.