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Rohan Mobile (Rohan M) Replacing Rohan Online Pc Model Has Been Released

Rohan M- I used to be a Rohan Online player and was a really addicted player, it was so addictive, sometimes when I passed a certain place, I felt like I was in a game. For example, I was passing through a pine forest, my subconscious personally stated that I was indeed in a pine forest, one of the maps in Rohan Online.

It's not just me, other friends who happen to be crazy about this PC game made by Lyto Game, also tasted the same thing. The facts of Rohan online have drained the attention, concentration, time, cost and energy of the players. But when compared to the fun it gets, it's a break even.

I myself am still connected with some Rohan Online game players, they are quest friends in the Rohan game who are still good until now. Even though they have no longer played Rohan games since Lytogame terminated Rohan's online services. All loyal players must have felt sadness when the server was completely closed, they had gathered together to seedisconnectedin a helpful manner.


On June 7, 2020, Playwith SEA released a game on Google Playstore, the name of the game is Rohan M. Previously, I received a notification that this game was pre-registered, I also registered as a form of nostalgia and of course, there are many prizes to be given to registrants .

And today, June 8, 2020, I received a notification that the game is available and excited to download this beloved game.

For the size of the APK application available on the Google Playstore, this game is only no more than 100 MB in size, but when it is installed, there is additional data that must be downloaded for 1.3 GB. Not too big when considering the graphics on offer. It's on par with other big games.

In the initial process of downloading additional data, I encountered problems, every time I wanted to download, the application stated an error on the data network, even though when I checked my data network it was fine. This then prompted me to post a comment in the Playstore review column. Something like this is my comment:

After the comments I got from the developer, I tried to download again, uh, it worked out without a hitch. At this point I can't wait to be able to register and log into the game.

The login process is successful, but there is an error when logging in using a facebook account, the login process is successful when using a gmail account.

What makes my heart dag dig dug is the opening music for Rohan M, exactly the same as the opening music for Rohan Online on the PC model. It reminds me of staying up late at night fighting banshes on ORC Mountain for the hefty experience. Oh my gosh I remember all of it.

But when I want to enter the game, the application always says "lost connection to the server. Restart the game". I suspect there is a problem with the network. I press OK and the game restarts itself. I did so many times that I thought that the Rohan M game still had a lot of bugs.

However, after reading reviews from prospective players who have downloaded, it turns out that the Rohan M server will still be released on July 9, 2020. Geez, I'm too excited.