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Solution Can't Save For Web In Photoshop

Annoying experience, when the design from Photoshop is ready to be saved via the "Save For Web" menu, it turns out that after pressing the menu, what comes out is the information"The operation could not be completed. The system cannot find the path specified."

Although annoying, I feel happy with this issue. The reason is, being a Blogger who often creates tips and tricks content, tips and also problem solving solutions must often meet with problems that must be solved.

This is important so that the posts presented are experiences in solving problems, and the answers are clearer if you experience them yourself.

Okay back to the laptop.

This problem arose after I carried outMigrate windows procedures from HDD to SSD without having to reinstall again. The process is successful, all the methods that are in the C folder can be moved to the SSD. The goal is to make the loading shorter.

But apparently there was a slight problem when I was working using the Photoshop application. Yes, as I mentioned above, my Photoshop application cannot be used to "Save For Web". In fact, this feature is really important for bloggers to create contentbeautiful quality pictures but small size.

You can't just give up, it seems that I tried to browse around this problem, and it turned out that the solution was quite easy.

Follow the step by step:

  1. Press the buttonwindows + R, after the chat field appears, typeregedit, the goal is to get into the dishRegistry.
  2. After that find this folder (please copy this text and paste it in the column in the registry editor)HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerUser Shell Folders
  3. On filePersonalclick 2 times, a chat column will appear with text similar to this (%USERPROFILE%Documents), please delete the others so that all you have to do is set the text to be%USERPROFILE%just then save.
  4. Open photoshop and try to "carry out save for web"
So far, the problem has been solved, I managed to fix the error I couldn't save for web in Photoshop using this method.

Good luck, my friend.