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Solutions for ordering household appliances and appliances for the Jabodetabek area

Engineering Twins- Buying household appliances and furniture at the store is not your only choice, the reason is that now we are able to find other alternatives to answer the need for these tools.

Especially if the equipment and household furniture that we want are custom (according to an invitation), of course, in stores it is not available because in fact the store only offers equipment whose designs and models have been decided.

But if today you are still confused about finding services for household appliances and furniture, you are sure to miss the info.

Because there are already electric welding workshop services that you can use as a reference for ordering household appliances and furniture that serve the Jakara, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi (Jabodetabek) areas.

The Electric Welding Service for the Jabodetabek area is called the Technical Twin. You can watch his full profile attwintechnic.id.

Kembar Teknik.id is one of the most trusted Welding Workshops in Greater Jakarta. They have many years of experience in the field of welding (welder) so that the results of their production can be said to be professional.

Technical Twin Workshop has been around since January 2010. The philosophy behind the technical twin name is taken from twin brothers who happen to have the same profession, namely welding workshops.

Kembar Teknik serves various kinds of manufacture of household appliances and appliances, such as stairs, room dividers, stainless flagpoles, iron security posts, iron beds, iron doors, mosque domes and so on.

Twintechnical Services.id

There are 4 services that you can take advantage of from Twin Engineering, namely:

1. Production

Kembar Teknik manufactures a wide variety of home appliances and utensils that can be customized to suit your needs. They work on your order in a professional manner.

Before you order the services of making household appliances and appliances from Twin Engineering, it's a good idea to consult first. So that everything is detailed.

2. Installation

If you have ordered services from the Twin Teknik workshop but don't know how to place your order, they offer installation services. It's like you just order and sit at home, they run.

3. Service

To pamper you, Twin Engineering also shows after-sales service. This means that if your household appliances and appliances need maintenance, they are ready to serve you with pride.

4. Free Consultation

If you hesitate to adjust the design and budget, don't hesitate to consult them. They provide consulting services for FREE.

Sometimes we want to make appliances and household appliances but are confused about choosing a model by adjusting the budget we have. I myself feel that way too.

However, if there is a workshop service that can help us in determining the model and budget, I think we can take advantage of this. If you think the same, always remember Technical Twins.