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The Birth of Regional Regulations and Regional Regulations concerning Bpd Trenggalek Regency

Countryside- Trenggalek Regency now has two new legal umbrellas that discuss the Village Consultative Body or BPD for short. The two regulations are:bylaw no. 7 of 2018 regarding BPDandRegent Regulation No. 47 of 2019 concerning BPD.

You can find these two rules on this page. But before that, I will tell you about the background of the two rules. Because I became a part of the existence of these regulations, yes if you consider it anyway.

Last 2017 (until now: 2020), I became a partCommunity Organizer (CO)at prestigious national scale institutions,Fitra National Secretariat. Among the tasks that I carry out are conducting lessons for the villagers, be it the village government, BPD, community leaders, etc.

The lesson that we give to these residents is namedSekar Village(Village Budget School), is one of Fitra's mainstay programs to boost village resources so that government management becomes better, more participatory, transparent in budget management and sided with the population.

Of course I'm not alone, in 2017 I served with MasMuhammad Indra Setiawanas CO, and one Regional coordinator, MasDakelanthe owner of the cakdakelan.com blog, he also serves as chairman of Fitra Jatim.

Apart from being Sekar Desa facilitators, we also have a duty to do advocacy at the district level, of course, because this role is in Trenggalek Regency, so the advocacy is in Trenggalek. Cook yes to Wakanda.

As many village facilitators know (if you know that), 2014 was an important year for the village. Because in that year, a magic law was born which was namedLaw No. 6 of 2014 concerning Villages.

Functions, Duties, Authorities and Rights of BPD (Village Consultative Body)
Collection of Regional Regulations and Regional Regulations on Trenggalek Regency Villages

It was this law that in the end became the forerunner of the birth ofPermendagri No. 110 of 2016 concerning the Village Consultative Body (BPD). and also other regulations that are exclusively targeted at the village. Including what distinguishes between the village then and the village now.

Now, when I became the CO, there was no derivative regulation regarding the district level BPD (Perda), so we COs were given the task of encouraging local governments to create local regulations and also Perbup. But the most important thing is the Regional Regulation on BPD.

Communicating With DPMD

In terms of cooperation, BPD is under the coordinator of the Community and Village Empowerment Service (DPMD), so what we try to do first is communicate with the DPMD, especially first. At that time the Head of the DPMD Service was Mr. Joko Wasono.

This communication is not just encouraging them to immediately make a regional regulation on BPD, it is not our authority to do that. However, what we are trying to do is to invite them to discuss and evaluate whether this regional regulation on BPD discourse, which is derived from the Village Law and Permendagri 110, should be made.

Indeed, according to the accreditation from the PMD Agency itself, the capacity of BPD institutionally and individually is still not strong and needs to be strengthened. This kind of narrative is not just a figment, the reason is that this is how the BPD is. Only as an accessory to legal formalities.

So the PMD Office agreed that the Perda regarding the BPD would immediately become a subject of discussion and then be used as material for working on the Perda.

FGD initiated by the Regional Regulation of the BPD

The process continues by carrying out FGDs (Focus Group Discussion) was initiated by Fitra affiliated with the DPMD, by summoning representatives from the Trenggalek Regency DPRD (Chairman of Commission 1 of the Trenggalek Regency DPRD, Mr.Sumaji) and also summoned representatives from the BPD (among them MasCipto Edy Wibowo, BPD Watulimo), chairman of AKD (Association of Village Heads of Trenggalek Regency, MrPuryono) and summoned several village heads.

The number of recipients of the FGD initiated by the Regional Regulation of the BPD was around 20 people, including myself, Mas Indra Setiawan, Cak Dakelan and Gus Badiul Hadi (FITRA National Secretariat Representative). Each participant gave their main ideas in the forum. The target in this activity is the emergence of the formulation of the main ideas and will be the material in preparing the draft Ranperda by the DPMD.

Like GusBadiul Hadi(Representative of the FITRA National Secretariat) expressed his thoughts that since the birth of the 2014 Village Law, the BPD has not been observed by the supra-village parties (sub-districts and districts). In fact, so far they have concentrated more on increasing the capacity of the village government (village heads and apparatus).

This is what affects the capacity gap between the village government and the BPD, and this of course disrupts the process of village planning and development. The reason is that FITRA with the support of KOMPAK has an idea to strengthen the capacity of BPD both institutionally and individually as BPD members.

The strengthening is carried out through village budget school events, fostering village planning and budgeting, and including with the DPMD to encourage the birth of the BPD Regional Regulation, hopefully the BPD has a clear legal umbrella and will serve as a tutorial in carrying out its duties and functions.

Mr. Sumaji (Chairman of Commission 1 of the Trenggalek Regency DPRD in 2017) greatly appreciated the FGD activities organized by FITRA and DPMD. According to him, this activity is considered very concrete to strengthen the village, especially the BPD institution, because if the BPD is strong it will happencheck and balancein the administration of village government.

Arguing in the BPD Ranperda Initiative FGD

Discussing the law, of course, there must be spices, which proves the exchange of opinions and the struggle of ideas. These spices are debates between FGD acceptors. Usually the debate is triggered by the dissimilarity of ideas from one person to another.

Among these debates, what became gossip was about the appointment of BPD Secretariat Staff, in which there was a difference between the need for and not for the staff. Some BPDs feel that this needs to be regulated in more detail considering that BPDs need resources whose job is to record public complaints or be the minutes of the Musdes.

Meanwhile, the village head considers that the presence of BPD staff will actually increase the financial burden of the Village Budget, because the assistance to be provided is taken from village finances. Meanwhile, in the Village Law No. 6 of 2014 and Permendagri No. 110 of 2016, BPD staff is also referred to as a must-have resource.

Some of the information that was discussed at that time was about the representation of women in BPD membership, the selection/filling mechanism for BPD members and the number of BPD membership in each village. It also doesn't escape the BPD honorarium, which so far has not had the same honorarium between village BPDs.

Regional Regulation No. 7 of 2018 regarding BPD

The encouragement and facilitation of the FGDs became the background for the issuance of Regional Regulation No. 7 of 2018 regarding BPD, of course, the discussion in the legislative and executive branches was not able to tell me the reason for not involving us as CO. On the other hand, we were not part of the meeting of the regional regulations.

What is clear in the Regional Regulation is that there is a mandate that needs to be stated in the regent's regulation, for which reason, the Perbup regarding the BPD needs to be established, among the mandates in the Regional Regulation that need to be detailed in the Perbup, namely: Article 48 regarding grant awards to BPD. Article 54 concerning BPD sanctions. Article 60 concerning the preparation of the BPD rules and regulations and Article 61 about filling out the management book.

So that's a little story about our involvement in the Regional Regulation and Regional Regulation of the BPD in Trenggalek Regency. However, it should be noted that this task is only a small part of the roles of other important people. If it feels like I'm just confessing, I'm sorry.

You can download the regulation product via the link below:
Regional Regulation No. 7 of 2018 regarding BPD
Regent Regulation No. 47 of 2019 regarding BPD

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