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The First and Biggest Online Motorcycle Platform in Indonesia

Moladin.com- Motorcycle is a necessity that must be owned by everyone today. It's not like the old days when there were only one or two people who owned motorbikes. Now every house has a motorbike, even more than one where each family member has his own motorbike.

Motorcycles are not a luxury anymore because everyone can afford to shop. If in the past more people walked or took public transportation to go to an area, now they are able to go anywhere with their own motorbike. The streets now also have more motorbikes than bicycles, gigs, rickshaws or other old transportation.

In everyday life, motorbikes are used as a means of transportation that makes it easier for humans to travel, sell, tour, travel and so on. Motors also have many types. If we used to be familiar with the motorcycle, now we also know the motor matic and sport. Motorcycle brands are also increasingly diverse every year. The design is also more creative, can be adjusted to the user's letter. Motorcycle companies are getting smarter at attracting buyers by making versions and colors of motorbikes that are hits so that apart from being bought for their function, motorbikes are also bought for collection and hobbies.

From year to year the price of motorcycles has skyrocketed. However, motorcycle enthusiasts are never lonely, in fact more and more. This means that the motorcycle production business is never sluggish, in fact it is increasingly in demand. As a result, we are now able to find many motorcycle dealers, both new and used. However, in an era of similar technology, it seems that buying motorbikes through direct dealers is not very popular. With moladin.com, everyone can shop for their dream motorbike without having to go to the dealer.

Who is Moladin.com?

Moladin.comis an online platform for motorbikes that is really popular and well-liked, can be accessed via the linkhttps://moladin.com. There are various features related to motorcycles that make it easy to find out any news, as well as to make motorcycle purchase transactions. Features such as forums, motorcycle issues, communities to information about apparel and spare parts are available in full and can be accessed easily.

Here, for example, you want to buy a motorbike through moladin.com. You just sit beautifully at home holding your cellphone, go to the moladin.com site or download it via the playstore, click on the new motorbike feature (if you want to buy a new motorbike) or used motorbike (if you want to buy a used motorbike).

There you will be immediately exposed to various brands of motorbikes from Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, viar, tvs, Kawasaki and many more, please check for yourself. To make it easier for you to filter options, you can click "filter" and directly determine the motorcycle brand, type, color, transmission, combustion, cc. Well, it's very practical. Try if you buy an exclusive motorbike, you have to visit the dealer one by one, ask for specifications that are not yet clearly explained in detail, also not necessarily the motorbike with your dream design is still in stock. Duh, it's complicated and old-fashioned, yes.

Another convenience of using moladin.com is that after you choose a motorbike, the moladin customer service team will immediately call you to confirm. So you can choose your motorbike quietly without the problems of sales dealers who generally like to lure this and that so that our assumptions fall apart and end up buying a motorbike that we don't really want.

Moreover, moladin.com also provides motorbike information that can increase knowledge about the motorbike you want to buy so you no longer need to read a mountain of motorbike leaflets one by one (which is usually not very complete), just click.

After all the benchmarks are in order, you will receive the motorbike in less than 3 working days. Very fast, sorry. Even the STNK and license plate number will also be sent to the residence within 14 working days. Imagine if you shopped for a motorbike at a dealer. You have to take care of STNK back and forth, making it complicated and sometimes making you dizzy too. Use the moladin.com application, select a motorbike, just click, click confirmation, complete delivery and jacket gifts too. Wow, don't you want to try it now?

Not to mention that applying for installments is just as easy. Just click the motor feature, make sure the option, select the city, type of motorbike and then the installment tenor. If it is done, personally disturb the credit by filling out a complete, honest and appropriate identity form. The customer service team will contact you as soon as possible for confirmation followed by a survey to the surveyor.

After all the steps are completed, the application will be directly approved in just 7 working days and the motorbike will be sent directly to your address. Document requirements that must be met for credit are the applicant's ID card / guarantor, original family card, proof of income / savings book / business certificate, proof of home ownership / electricity, water or PBB account. So easy right?

Kaprikornus tunggu apalagi silakan kunjungi situs moladin.com atau unduh aplikasinya di playstore. Kalau belum kepincut membeli, sila lihat-lihat dahulu deh bos, siapa tahu ada motor yang nyangkut. Moladin.com penyelesaian permotoran Indonesia.