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Tips for Receiving Cheap Airline Tickets at Traveloka

Tired of work time to go on vacation. Check the plane ticket, but the price is not close. As a result, the planned picnic is in danger of failing. Since the Ministry of Transportation issued a law regarding the limit for offering the lowest flight ticket prices, it is almost impossible to get cheap airline tickets like in 2013.

But that doesn't mean you can't get cheap airline tickets at all. Getting cheap airline tickets is not impossible, as long as you know how. Here are some tips for hunting cheap airline tickets so that your vacation can still be realized:

Determine when to travel

Towards the end of the year and the school holiday period, the price of plane tickets will definitely soar. This is called the peak season. Therefore, it never hurts to arrange your travel period during the off season. It could be after the long holiday period is over, or some time before. Choose flight times on weekdays because it will be more cost-effective than flying on weekends. Departure hours in the morning and midnight will also tend to be cheaper.

Flexibility to choose a destination

Non-negotiable office leave often makes you unable to choose the travel period flexibly. If so, try to be more flexible in determining vacation destinations. Google flights can help you find recreational destinations with cheaper airfare. How to use it is quite easy, try going to the Google fight site and then clicking on the map. Enter the airport and departure date, Google will provide the city with the cheapest airfare within your budget.

Fly using LCC (Low Cost Carrier)

These tips apply to those of you who intend to go on a picnic abroad. Try to research from the internet about LCC flying to the destination country. Although not many, until now there are still several airlines that offer long-haul low-cost flights such as Air Asia. However, you must remain careful because there can be burdensome accessory costs such as the cost of printing boarding passes and baggage fees.

Look for tickets for one person first

Vacations with family in groups will indeed be more fun, if so you also need to be more observant in ordering plane tickets for groups. Airlines will generally show you the highest price if you buy tickets as a group. Even though it makes it a little complicated, try to find tickets for one person first, after processing it, then you look for tickets for the next person. That way you can get the cheapest ticket prices for everyone in the group.

Activate the price bell

The price bell feature or 'price alerts' will notify you when airline ticket prices touch the desired number. Not only price rumors, departure date info is also listed. Online ticket purchasing services such as Traveloka have this feature with an application. It becomes easier for you to monitor price movements by using the price bell feature.

Order now

If you already know where to go and have determined your destination, immediately book a plane ticket. Not waiting too long is one way to get cheap airline tickets. By frequently keeping an eye on airline ticket prices, you can identify price trends posted by airlines. If you feel you have got the cheapest price, then order immediately. Compared to waiting for promos that don't necessarily exist,book nowwhen you get the lowest price. Airline ticket prices will not get cheaper as you approach the time of departure.

Use points

Don't forget to register for frequent layer membership when you are a loyal customer of an airline. This membership will get you on a free plane ticket by collecting points.

No need to worry, points are not only obtained when you fly. Some airlines have partnerships with online shopping and credit card companies that offer points for every transaction. Traveloka is an online ticket application that shows points for every ticket purchase. The more transactions, the more points you collect.

Tidak mustahil mendapat tiket pesawat murah di tengah-tengah makin melonjaknya harga tiket ketika ini. Gunakan 7 kiat di atas untuk menerima tiket pesawat murah di aplikasi Traveloka.