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Tutorial How to Scan on a Canon Printer

How to Scan on a Canon Printer- So many sophisticated gossip technology tools nowadays. Plus several technological tools that have sprung up to help many people in carrying out various kinds of work. Good office work, homework, and so forth. For one reference of a technological tool that is able to offer many facilities is a printer. It is evident that there are many advantages that can now be found from the printer itself.

alat teknologi informasi yang canggih saat ini Tutorial Cara Scan di Printer Canon
How to Scan on a Canon Printer

Canon Printer, Best Printer Brand

Of the many printer brands that have been sold in the market, one printer brand that is quite well known has even been used by many people, namely the Canon brand printer. There are many advantages that you will get if you choose to use this type of printer. Where the printouts from this printer are really satisfying. In addition, there are many more advantages that can be found from the Canon printer itself.

There are many features that can be done by this Canon printer itself, such as scanning. Then, how abouthow to scan on a Canon printer? However, first know what the meaning of the scan itself is. The scan process itself is the process of copying documents and images which will later be saved as files on the computer. As for the tool used for the scan process itself is called a scanner.

Before using the printer, the scan process was carried out using a scanner. However, along with the development of the increasingly rapid world of technology, printers, photocopiers, even using a smartphone such as Android can also do the scanning process very easily.

The Process of Scanning with a Canon Printer

There are many things that are done by many people when they will carry out the scan process. Usually, some people do the scanning process because they have a need to deliver files in a short time. There is also a purpose for some people to carry out this process because it is used as a documentation file so that it is not damaged, so this scan is carried out. The other purpose of carrying out this scan is to create digital files that are used for various needs.

After knowing the purpose of some people doing the scan process, then the next step that you must understand is how to do the scanhow to scan on a Canon printer? Well, to find out, then consider the explanation as follows:

  1. Prepare the Canon printer you want to use. There are many printer series that you can choose from, of course all series have their own advantages, especially because of the quality.
  2. After selecting the Canon printer that will be used, then connect the printer cable to the computer or laptop that will be used. This connection uses a USB cable.
  3. Once connected, turn on the printer by pressing the ON button on the printer.
  4. Then turn on the computer or laptop you are using.
  5. Prepare the file or document you want to scan.
  6. Open the scanner cover on your Canon printer, then place the file, image or document you want to scan and face down. Try to place the document face down.
  7. Once placed, then close the epilogue scanner chapter.
  8. Then, look on your computer or laptop, then search for Windows and run the Windows fax and scan program.
  9. Select "new scan" in the upper right corner. Once selected, the settings window for the scan will appear.
  10. For dishes from "profile" or "source" you don't need to change. As for the format to be selected, it can be adjusted to the needs. For the type of file you want to use, you can choose the JPG format. Choose 300 for the resolution, because this will help to make the resulting image much brighter.

Then, you can continue with the steps below.
  1. Before you decide to press scan, it would be better if you specify a preview first to see the results before choosing to scan.
  2. By watching the results of the preview, then we are all able to bring order to the resulting file later.
  3. You can neutralize the check mark in the box that says “preview or scan images as separate file”. This means that later you can set which pages we want to scan without having to include all existing pages.
  4. When you have completed the settings and which pages you will scan, then you can choose to scan the document and wait for the final scan process.
  5. After the final scan process, the files that you have selected will be automatically saved in the “Scanned Documents” folder on your laptop or computer. To search for it, you can find it in “My Documents”.

Additional Information, Scan Using Android

Above is information on how to scan a document using a printer, especially using the Canon brand. Actually, there is another way that can be run to do a scan easily and simply by using an Android-based smartphone. To identify in more detail, here are the ways:

  1. You must first download Cam Scanner on the Play Store.
  2. Once downloaded, then you can as soon as possible to install it.
  3. When the application is installed, you can select the camera icon which will be used to take pictures of the document you want to scan.
  4. Later you can find several options, especially the mode option. Where there is a choice of modes such as batch mode or single mode. Later this batch mode is used to take pictures of more than 1 document in a row. As for single mode, of course, it can only be used to retrieve one document.

Then continue with,
  1. Scan using Android has 3 types of data that are used either using ordinary documents, using id cards or using barcodes.
  2. After you choose the type of document and even the resolution that you want to use, then you can control the rotation and which areas you want to cut mainly on the edges of the document.
  3. Later you can also adjust the contrast color. For some contrast color options such as auto, original, lighten, gray mode, magic color and also black and white. You can later choose the contrast according to the document you are going to scan.
  4. When everything is finished for you to choose, then select the check mark in the scan application on the smart phone.

So, that's both guidance andhow to scan on a Canon printereasy and easy too. There is even a supplement to the information above that you can all use for easy scans using your Android-like smartphone. There are several advantages that you will get both doing the scan process using a printer or using Android.

Of course, doing a scan using a printer will create better quality. Because, not all cameras on smart phones are able to create clear image quality compared to using a printer. So, decide to do the scan process using a printer and definitely use a printer with the Canon brand.