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Various Kinds of Services From Car Trading Sites For People In Jakarta

Currently, car sales are not only done conventionally, but also online. There are various car trading sites that make transactions easier like mobil88. This site creates a processused car trade in Jakartacan be implemented more easily and effectively. In addition, there are various services that this site provides to make it easier for residents in Jakarta. The explanation can be seen below.

1. Submission Service for Selling Car

The first service provided by the car trading site for the first residents of Jakarta is the submission of car marketing. Mobil88 offers facilities for Jakarta residents who wish to apply for the sale of their used car. People can use live chat services from this site directly. You can also fill out the form that has been offered for the next car sales appointment.

After making an appointment via live chat or filling out a form, the mobil88 team will exclusively analyze used cars. Checks can be done at the seller's house or in the area where the used car is based on an appointment with a previous merchant. So, traders are free to choose a location to check the condition of a used car, either at home or in other locations, making it easier to sell.

2. Sales Process Service Until Deal

The second service provided by the site for the Jakarta used car trade is sales service to completion. This applies after the final team analyzes the condition of the car from the seller. The team will make a price offer that is adjusted to the condition of the used car. Of course, this offer is not final and can be discussed again until there is a point of agreement between the two parties.

Payment will be made if there has been a point of commitment between the seller and the mobil88 team. The payment process is done by transfer to the merchant's account. So, money will be safe and the security risk is higher than conventional payments. The seller is able to wait for the purchase balance to enter the account within a maximum of 24 hours after the transaction.

3. Practical Car Purchase Service

In addition to sales, this site also makes it easier for the people of Jakarta to shop for four-wheeled vehicles. This site offers various types of used cars that are still of good quality and really worth using. Prospective buyers are able to determine approximately which type of car suits their needs and desires. It can also be observed again whether the stock is there or not.

If you are interested in shopping for four-wheeled vehicles at mobil888, you can contact the admin via live chat. Payments can be made exclusively or on credit. For credit, there is a separate application provided that it is not too complicated. The payment mechanism can be conventional or via bank account transfer. Prospective buyers just choose which procedure is most appropriate.

4. Onsite Test Drive Service

The mobil88 site also provides a test drive at the prospective buyer's house directly. Actually, the test drive service can also be run in the showroom. However, having home services is definitely a plus, especially during a pandemic like now. This service makes prospective buyers free to find out their used car.

Those are the various services that the car trading site can provide for the people in Jakarta. The existence of this site really helps the people of Jakarta in terms of marketing transactions and buying used cars. mobil88 is one of the sites that helps in this regard. If you want to know more, you can download and install the application on the Playstore or Appstore. Can also visitwww.mobil88.astra.co.id.