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Village Leadership School (Skd) In Slawe Village

The Village Leadership School is a school that is focused on village cadres who have high enthusiasm to move their villages to be more creative, productive, participatory, transparent and inclusive. This school also involves the Village Consultative Body (BPD), Village Apparatus, Youth Organizations, Community Leaders and other residents who want it.

Tutors in the Village Leadership School are graduates fromBudget Politics School(Sepola) district initiated by the Initiative Association (Ngo) and also the Village Budget School (Sekar Village) which was initiated by the National Secretariat of FITRA (Ngo) and academics who have experience as village development assistants who are members of the Trenggalek PAMA Community Assessment and Empowerment forum.

Why is this Village Leadership School needed for the village, maybe I will explain in the next paragraph.

Village Leadership School (SKD) in Slawe Desa Village

Initially, one of the village officials in the field of finance in Slawe Village contacted me to ask about the agenda of the activity, then when I answered he explained the purpose of the call. He wanted to organize a Village Leadership School for Youth Organizations that had just been inaugurated.

The device is a friend from school at MTs Muhammadiyah Watulimo, his name is Teguh Prasetyo or commonly called Kemplang. In previous meetings, we have had good conversations about the agenda to develop the village through the people in the village. So because my friends and I have carried out Sepola and Sekar Desa activities in the villages, we ended up telling stories about these activities. He was excited and wanted to do the same. After that, we agreed when the capacity building activity would be carried out.

In terms of capacity building for Youth Organizations, this is not the first time we have done this, we have been invited in Ngembel Village to share with Karang Taruna and carry out mapping of village opportunities and develop strategic plans to be followed up by Karang Taruna itself.

On August 29, 2020 at the Slawe Village Hall Building, we conducted a Village Leadership School which was attended by around 30 members of the Mardi Utama Youth Organization, according to the information we previously obtained, the acceptors consisted of male and female students of student age. So in the context of the material we provide, we do morebrainstorm.

For example, how they view the existence of the Slawe village in the past, present and future projections, we compare it with the story of the village head when he was a child, what has changed in these villages, from nothing to being, from being to nothing. As usual for human capacity building agendas, in order to get detailed outputs, participants should know more about what they are trying to move forward. For example, the progress of the village, there are two aspects that must be met so that the village is truly developed, the first is the human resource factor and the second is the natural resource factor.

Human resources are really important for the smooth progress of the village, for example, villages need people who are smart enough to handle economic inequality in their respective villages so that village development can occur evenly. The village needs people who can think about how the village can bring the young people back from the city to the village to apply their knowledge. Of course, this cannot be achieved without working on an innovative ecosystem in the village.

Thoughts like this are actually liked by the recipients who come, one by one the members of the Mardi Utama youth group expressed the ideals they would create in Slawe village. Like how economic activity for young people can lift the village economy. So the roles of village youth are not only limited to taking to the streets following a carnival or road trip but also holding an important key to the wheels of the village economy.

I just think like this, if only the village government would facilitate the boys to play a full role in village development, I think the village could soon be more advanced than the district itself. Therefore, capacity building forums of this kind need to be expanded in villages.

We hope that our Village Leadership School team is strong enough to carry out this role. However, it's actually tough.