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Village People's Aspiration Command

Discussing the aspirations of the villagers, of course, cannot be separated from the duties of the Village Consultative Body or BPD for short. Because according to the regulations governing the BPD, it states the important task of the BPD in exploring the aspirations of the villagers.

In Permendagri 110 of 2017 and also in Law Number 6 of 2014, mentions about the functions of BPD, one of which is:Accommodating and channeling the aspirations of the villagers.

Therefore, the BPD has an important task to explore the aspirations of the community to be channeled to the authorities to then serve as a thought for implementing village government which is manifested in planning development events.

The Population Aspiration Command Post is one way that can be implemented to absorb the aspirations of the residents. The Command Post is a place provided by the BPD to be attended by residents who will express their aspirations.

Not only that, to make it easier for the community to provide their ideas, BPD is also able to create aspiration boxes and also WA or SMS numbers that can be used to express aspirations.

Some of the examples below are villages that have implemented community complaint posts:

Banjar Village Launches Aspiration Box

According to the Head of BPD Banjar Village, Panggul District, Trenggalek Regency, Mr. Ma'ruf, this aspiration box is a step by the Banjar village government to provide opportunities for all villagers to provide their aspirations and complaints. so that when many aspirations come in, we are able to determine and select what the community needs. In order for the implementation of perfect development targets.

“The purpose of this Aspiration Box is to provide potential for people who do not dare to express their aspirations or speak in public. So, indirectly, they also help the village in participatory development planning,” he explained.

Thus, continued the Head of BPD, the aspiration box is an initial facility to conduct premusdes, we will do this every year. and we will place the aspiration box at the five corner points of Banjar village.

"So the opportunity is with the aspiration box, the community no longer feels sidelined by the village government in the preparation of development plans," he said.

The head of the BPD explained that this was to make it easier for the community to participate. so that people feel facilitated. With this aspiration box, the community can express their aspirations through the form that is distributed. then inserted into the aspiration box that has been placed in five points.

"The community is able to convey aspirations covering five fields, namely the Government Sector, the Development Sector, the Guidance Sector, the Empowerment Sector and the Disaster Management Sector," he said.

Regarding the submissions that enter the aspiration box, they will be sorted and tabulated by the appointed team. So that it can be understood which ones will be the priorities for the 2020 budget year.

"Aspirations that come in from the community will be conveyed again at the Musdes forum, of course, those that have been included in the priority in the RKP December 2020," he said.

Coordinator of Kompak events in Trenggalek Regency, Trigus. He advised all residents to be able to use the aspiration box as well as possible, and the public did not need to be afraid to express their aspirations. Because since Law No. 6 of 2014 the population has become the most important part in the preparation of development plans in the village.

"It is hoped that the KOMPAK event, which is related to the FITRA SEKNAS, will be able to promote public awareness and be more active in encouraging quality development for all Banjar villagers, Panggul District, Trenggalek Regency," he said.

From this launch this afternoon at 14.00-15.58 there have been 53 who have entered the aspiration box. Alhamdulillah, this is the starting point for a good response from the community.

"So besides that, the villagers also know about the budget in the village," he concluded.

Sawahan Village Community Welcomes Aspiration Week

The chairman of the BPD in Sawahan Village, Panggul District, Trenggalek Regency, Mr. Narto said, the aspiration week in Sawahan Village was welcomed by residents. Because through the week of aspirations, BPD can directly meet the community.

"It's never been done before. Like visiting people with disabilities, the elderly, children and women," said , Thursday, October 17, 2019.

"We are also grateful to the FITRA National Secretariat and Kompak who supported this event," he added.

Narto said the aspiration week would become an annual work plan. The BPD will conduct this aspiration week, the time of which will be adjusted to the situation in the village.

The implementation time is before Musdes is held. So that the aspirations of the population can be exclusively a priority in the preparation of the RKPDes.

Aspiration week is felt as an effort to pick up the ball. Exploring the needs of the community very efficiently and effectively. Because residents freely provide problems and needs.

Previously, when people were called to attend a Musdus meeting, there were still people who were unwilling or afraid to speak in public. Some members of the BPD have also just realized that exploring the aspirations of the citizens is one of the roles and functions of the BPD.

"I, as the builder of the 2020 RKPDes Formulation Team, open the widest possible way to the public who are prioritized such as the provision of hygienic water. To include his aspirations in the 2020 RPKDes draft. Likewise information - other issues that are priority," said the Head of Sawahan Village, Tamyis.

Another benefit that is felt during Aspiration Week, according to a community leader from Mukani, one of the recipients of the Aspiration Week, is that there are many dilemmas - problems that exist in the population that were previously unknown. Because with the aspiration week the villagers together can find out down to the lowest strata of society.

The previous aspiration exploration was not very efficient or effective because the BPD only relied on the Musdus/Musdes or waited for the community to come to the BPD secretariat to express their aspirations.

This BPD aspiration week involved several village leaders. To assist BPD in reaching the wider village community.

"The community today is not the time to be afraid to give their aspirations. Because since the emergence of the Village Law, residents have the right and obligation to be involved in the preparation of village development plans," continued Trigus, the Compact Program Coordinator in Trenggalek Regency.

Previously, the village community had not used the forum for submitting aspirations/getting reports provided by the BPD. In exploring the aspirations of the BPD, it has not been reached because the BPD only receives reports from the community at the secretariat or collects residents according to the RT of each hamlet.

Activities carried out intend to show understanding to the community. that society is sovereign over the budget.