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Youtube Earnings And Neighbors' Blogs Are Many, How come you can't afford it?

This world is cruel only for people who don't want to compete and put their surrender before trying.

Giving up is good together, especially for mental health, but giving up before trying is bad. It can even be called a mental illness.

Okay, I'm talking about the internet world, especially for content creators who are bloody building content so that it attracts people to see it.

If you are a Blogger or Youtuber, then this article is right for you to read.

What for?

So that we don't become people who lose goals and go crazy because the reason is that we never get the results we expect.

Are you a blogger? Have you been a blogger for a long time?

Or you are a Youtuber and currently hobbled to create content.

Both Bloggers and Youtubers are actually noble goals, why is that?

That's because in substance, the purpose of the platform is to be able to share good things immediately via the internet so that other people can taste it.

The goal is simple and trivial.

It can also be called an effort to compete in spreading goodness.

But it was the mutual cooperation that sparked you to create the content, it can be guessed easily.

Let's be honest, you guys are looking for money right?

You prioritize creating content to make money rather than serving useful content.

The value of the benefits is assessed after assessing the existence of money, especially first.

Is it wrong?

No, this is not a matter of right and wrong. You just have to understand a few things.

Some people are fascinated by creating a Youtube Channel or blog site, the reason is to see the lure of those who have succeeded.

Call it the gossip of Ata Halilintar or Deddy Corbuzier who can generate billions of rupiah in a month.

Or the smallest pattern, you see news or information in social media that shows screenshots (SS) of earnings from Google Adsense.

Some of my friends who realize that they can use people's psychology through SS income from Adsense actually use this method.

He goes to Facebook groups and shares SS from his account homepage, including the sentence "sorry not showing off, just motivation".

As a result, marketing theories like this receive a lot of responses from other Bloggers or Youtubers who are still struggling with (for example) the Adsense PIN signal.

If lucky, people who use this technique immediately rise to a temperature or mastah.

Is this wrong?

No, don't consider this a matter of right and wrong, it's just a matter of marketing.

From a marketing perspective, there are different types of customers in the world of content creators

1. The content creators themselves

2. Ordinary people who need news

The first category can be changed to the number two classification, namely: "Content creators who need news".

You can see a lot of content created to attract interest from bloggers or Youtubers.

Like this for example "ebook how to get subscribers fast from Youtuber"

The title of such an ebook or article really interests you, doesn't it? Especially for those who have just created a youtube channel.

Or "Tips and Tricks to get rich through Blogs"

I've tried it and the risks are incredible.

What is clear is that without realizing it, this technique is to master the content of other creators in order to become customers of the content creator.

Then what is wrong?

Again, this is not saying right and wrong, but talking about who is the main target of the content you create.

The neighbor's youtube income is a lot, how come I can't?

Hahaha, this feeling often haunts those who want to earn money from the internet, but it never comes to fruition.

Okay now don't care about other people

Take care of yourself, I give you the most accurate tips so that you will be successful soon.

Relax, this is not a technique to overwhelm you, it's experience.

Actually, there is no special trick to become a successful Youtuber and successful Blogger.

There is only CONSISTENCY.

Seriously, nothing is more reliable than consistency.

If you have set yourself up as a Youtuber or Blogger, you must be able to become a consistent person.

Don't ever think that with 50 content that you create you can personally succeed in receiving money.

That's not how it works.

Who is your target audience? what does he want? Why should I watch your content?

Oh yeah, I'm not a consistent person, that's why I can't receive much money from Blogs, because my main job is not Blogger.

I only feel sad when I visit the FB group and there are many people who are discouraged because they can't live up to their expectations.

The creator's great content income is obtained from his consistency in creating content.

I have a lot of friends who don't even sleep for 2 days preparing and creating content.

The first year they created the Channel and the web was set up perfectly.

They every time check the content that has been created previously and make improvements to the next content.

They don't slacken their spirits before their targets are met.

Never mind, just skip the ebook or complicated cues circulating on the internet.

Including this article, as soon as it's finished, skip ahead and start creating a list of content plans that you want to create.

Don't easily believe the tips for being a successful Blogger and Youtuber.

I'll tell you, they are also confused about building their own channel.

That person, if he has succeeded, prefers to keep his company behind the scenes. It is impossible to share freely.

Again just skip it, it doesn't matter.

You have to focus on your goals and try to be consistent.

Just be consistent until you get a clue that you can learn from. OK guys...