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10 Best Canon Printers Under 1 MILLION

Besides being known as a quality product, Canon also has a series of printers that are priced quite cheaply. Cheap printers are indeed very useful for meeting personal needs.

We all know how fast the digital world is today. So the world of documentation also turned to printing. Luckily, the inkjet printers below come at affordable prices.

Although the price is quite cheap, the quality offered should not be underestimated. The Canon brand has been proven for its quality, with the addition of proper care, a printer with a cheap label will last a long time in use.

If before, we have reviewed the price of an Epson printer under 1 million, so this time we will review the price of a Canon printer under 1 million. Here's the review;

1. Canon PIXMA IP2770 Rp 671,000,-

For starters, we review a few features of the Canon PIXMA IP2770. This printer has a maximum resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi. So that the resulting image on A4 paper is very sharp. For speed, this printer can print 4 x 6 size photos for 55 seconds.

The Canon IP2770 is also equipped with an Energy star label, so that electricity consumption can be more efficient. But for connections only rely on USB to a computer, meaning that it doesn't support wireless features yet.

2. Canon PIXMA MP287 Rp 990,000,-

The Canon MP287 also has almost the same specifications as the Canon IP2770 but the Canon MP287 already carries multifunction. The print speed of this printer is better. Photo size 4 x 6 can be printed in 48 seconds.

In addition, there is a Hybrid ink system feature, which is a feature that combines color pigments with dye based ink to produce quality images. Another feature is Easy webprunt. to print directly from the internet.

3. Canon PIXMA E400 Rp 800,000,-

Canon E400 is included in the type of color inkjet printer. Equipped with two black and tricolor cartridges, it can produce 400 black pages and 300 color pages.

The price is indeed affordable, but the maximum resolution of this printer is lower than the two versions above. The resolution is 4800 x 600 dpi. However, other features such as Energy star and Auto On/Off are still provided.

4. Canon PIXMA E410 Rp 750.000,-

Canon PIXMA E410 arguably has almost the same specifications as the Canon E400. But this version is the latest version which has a fairly affordable price as well.

Epson E410 is equipped with wifi and LAN features. So you can print from your smartphone and from the Internet. thanks to its compact size, this printer can be placed anywhere without taking up much space.

The prices listed above are certainly subject to change at any time. It can change to above 1 million or it may even drop to below 500 thousand. This could be due to the place of purchase. But at least the price above can be used as a benchmark.

That's the article about the price list for Canon printers under 1 million that we made, hopefully it can be useful.