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17 Positive & Negative Impacts of the Internet in Daily Life

The Internet is the largest wireless network in the world. By using the internet, we can find out the conditions in any hemisphere with just a smartphone. That's because the internet is global and unlimited. But like anything else, if it is not used wisely it will be bad for us, including the internet. Below we will discuss the positive and negative impacts of the internet in everyday life.

Positive Impact of Internet Use in Daily Life

Internet merupakan jaringan nirkabel terbesar didunia 17 Dampak Positif & Negatif Internet Dalam Kehidupan Sehari Hari

If used wisely then the internet is also very useful for us in living this life. That's because actually the internet is made to facilitate human activities, what are the positive impacts of using the internet in life?

1. Data Exchange Media

Through the internet we can exchange information, with the existence of email, newsgroups, ftp and www (world wide web network of websites) internet users everywhere can exchange information quickly and easily.

2. The Most Effective Communication Media

Previously we knew the telephone as a long-distance communication tool, but the use of the telephone was more limited and cost more. With the internet, we can communicate either text or interface with other internet users anywhere at a lower cost. Especially at this time when voice note technology to snapchat is made, communication via the internet is even more interesting to do.

3. Socialization of fellow users

Of the many sites on the internet, the most popular are social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It proves that the internet can also be used as a means of socializing with other users who are far apart. Uniquely, we can also create social groups using this feature.

4. Ease of Finding Information

In the past, knowledge was conveyed through the media of books and presentations from teachers. But since the internet has begun to be widely used, every time there is a problem or difficult question, the internet is the choice or the cool language is to directly ask mbah google. It proves that the internet also makes it easier for someone to get unlimited information, because the nature of the internet is also unlimited.

5. Facilitate Transactions in Business

Now, the non-cash payment system is starting to bloom. Previously we have also been familiar with the e-banking system. Or online transactions without having to stop at an ATM. This of course will make it easier for us to make transactions with anyone anywhere with just a smartphone.

6. Opening New Business Opportunities

Currently, there are how many people are successful in doing business online. The name alone is an online business, of course the main capital is the internet, this will bring new opportunities from the previous business system focused on offline media, now moving to online media. Call it a market place, how many market places have been born in our country? With such a marketplace, product owners can market their products online.

7. Easier Job Search and Application

In addition to the market place site, there is also a special site for job seekers. This site will accommodate several positions that are currently needed in several companies, and the convenience of users who want to join can directly apply via the site or via email. So no need to bother going to the post office and waiting for the application letter to arrive.

8. Facilitating the Dissemination of Knowledge to Remote Areas

As before, in some remote areas access to delivery of goods will also be disrupted. As a result there is an effect on knowledge that is less than other areas, but if there is an internet network then anyone in remote areas can access any information, especially knowledge. So that the internet can facilitate the dissemination of knowledge.

9. Increase One's Creativity

The internet is also widely used as a sharing medium, whether sharing photos, tweets or writings. Call it a blogger who shares useful articles, surely the impact for him is his increasing creativity in writing.

Negative Impact of Internet Use in Daily Life

Internet merupakan jaringan nirkabel terbesar didunia 17 Dampak Positif & Negatif Internet Dalam Kehidupan Sehari Hari

In addition to the positive impact, everything will definitely have a negative effect if it is not used wisely. Like a double-edged sword, the internet can help us or even kill us.

1. The Rise of Fraud Cases

Of the many cases on the internet, fraud is the most common. This fraud can be found in any type of information, for example, fraud under the guise of investment that is widely discussed. This type of fraud can cost victims up to millions. Another type of fraud is gift-based, you will certainly often get a message to get a car gift from this company and to take it, you can follow the steps on the website listed.

The easiest way to deal with this online fraud is to ensure the authenticity of the information and the credibility of the sites listed.

2. Gambling is rampant

Another impact that can be detrimental is the younger the gambling action, the wider network actually makes it easier for gamblers to act, profit for them. They can do this action from inside the room with just a smartphone.

3. Kidnapping and Human Trafficking

Of the several impacts, this is perhaps the most terrifying. These things can happen on the internet because the open nature of the internet allows anyone to communicate, including criminals and victims. Usually this happens a lot on social media, the difficulty is that we will find it difficult to distinguish which accounts are real and which are criminal accounts. So keep your privacy while on social media.

4. The Spread of Hoax News

It is also unavoidable, the information that spreads on the internet so quickly reaches the reader. This is used by irresponsible elements to bring down the popularity of a person or character, one of which is by spreading false news or hoaxes. We as internet users can also be affected by this news. Therefore, every time you get controversial information, make sure to check with media that have official permission from the government.

5. Hacking and Data Theft

Hacking cases also often occur on the internet, the modes also vary, some are for fun, some also want to get confidential information from what was hacked. To overcome this hacking action is indeed a bit difficult because they hackers can find the slightest loophole to get into our account. The solution, don't put too much useful information on the internet.

6. Disrupts Health, Especially Eyes

Activities on the internet can be done from inside the room by sitting or sleeping or in other words we rarely move. As a result, the eyes that are forced to see the light of the gadget can cause a problem. And because we rarely move, our health also has the potential to decline.

7. Adult Content That Minors Can Access

The next impact can occur if minors surf the internet without parental supervision. The internet is unlimited and there is no segmentation, so it is possible for children to target sites with adult content and consume inappropriate content.

8. Addiction and Growing anti-social nature

The last impact, may have come to us but we are not aware of it. We are unconsciously dependent on gadgets and the internet, how long can you survive without holding a cellphone? And if your internet quota runs out, will you just be silent?

Certainly not, besides that the nature of being aloof or anti-social can also come because we feel that everything is available on the internet.

In conclusion, the internet is a double-edged sword that can help you or kill you depending on how you use it. To avoid irresponsible people who are only after profit, be careful when you are on the internet.

Thus a complete article about the positive and negative impacts of the internet in everyday life, hopefully it can educate and benefit us all.

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