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4 Best Epson Printers With A3 Print Capability

To print a document, we need a printer. But the printer that we will use also cannot print all documents. To print A3-sized documents, we must use a special printer that has a wide printhead.

For that, this time we will discuss a list of A3 printers that you can use as a reference. Previously, we discussed Canon's A3 printer recommendations, this time it's the turn of the Epson A3 printer price list with the best and cheapest quality.

1. Epson L1800

The Epson L1800 is an A3 inkjet printer. Using an infusion system, making printing costs cheaper. Indeed, the Epson L1800 already carries ultra low cost printing to reduce printing costs.

In one ink set consisting of 5 70 ml bottles, it can print documents up to 7500 monochrome sheets, and 6500 color sheets. The resolution itself reaches 5760 x 1440 dpi.

2. Epson L1455

Still discussing the Epson L-series, this time the L1455 printer comes with more complete features. Already carrying multifunctional features, namely being able to scan, copy and print, making it more efficient.

In terms of printing, it is also quite detailed, using Epson PrecisionTM as the printhead technology. The print volume of this printer reaches 6500 sheets of monochrome, and 6000 sheets of color documents.

In the connection section, the Epson L1455 is equipped with a USB connection and wifi and there is also an Ethernet network. so that it can be used to print directly from a smartphone.

3. Epson Stylush Photo 1390

Switching to the Epson Stylush series, the 1390 series is a single inkjet printer type that can only print documents. Because it only carries one command, quality will definitely be centralized.

This printer, which is capable of printing 4R to A3+ size photos, has 6 colors from Epson Premium Grade with individual inktank system technology. So that in addition to more real results, printing costs can also be reduced.

For speed, too good. The Epson 1390 can print both color and monochrome documents at a speed of 15 ppm. As for the resolution, the A3 standard is still 5760 x 1440 dpi. This printer is suitable for use by you for personal needs such as photographers, drafters or designers.

4. Epson Stylush Office T1100

As the name implies, this printer is suitable for office needs. Because apart from being able to print A3 size documents, other documents such as A4, A5 or other sizes can be printed as long as the settings are correct.

The features are also almost the same as the Stylush Photo 1390, but the Stylush office T110 has the Easy print feature. This feature is able to do easy printing from the internet or other gadgets.

Supported with 5-color ink from Epson DuraBrite, making the printouts no less detailed than others. For speed, 17 ppm for color documents and 30 ppm for monochrome or black documents.

The four A3 printers above are printer labels commonly used by Indonesian consumers. All of them are inkjet printer types, because Epson is better known as a manufacturer of quality inkjet printers.

The advantages of inkjet printers are that the price is more affordable and the print results are more real because they can cause effects to arise. But inkjet printers require maintenance and operation is quite complicated, especially if you use an infusion system.

So you need to do routine maintenance, the treatments you do include;

  • Keeping the printheads clean
  • Always use genuine Epson ink
  • Do not load paper containing ink for reprinting
  • Do the ink filling carefully.

Thus the article about the price list of the best and cheapest Epson A3 Printers we made. Hopefully it can be useful for all of us.