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4 Differences between the Internet and the Internet + Its Impact on Humans

The difference between internet and intranet - If you are an active user of social media then you must be very familiar with what is called the internet. But what about the intranet? what does it mean? and what's the difference?

Understanding the Internet

For an internet explanation, we think you all understand very well because if you get to this blog it is also thanks to the internet network. So the internet comes from two words, interconnected and networked. This means that they are connected to each other.

Broadly speaking, the internet can define the relationship between various types of computer devices and networks in the world using the TCP / IP protocol as a standard protocol in global communication. By using this protocol, devices with different OS can interact with each other, which is why we who have Android can chat with someone who has a Windows phone.

Internet functions include;

  • As a medium of long-distance communication that is not limited by space.
  • As a medium for sending files in soft form (email)
  • As a medium for distributing information quickly and efficiently

Definition of Intranet

For the intranet, maybe you all are still not so familiar. This is because the term intranet is only used in certain agencies. Intranet itself is almost the same as LAN which adopted Internet technology and was introduced in 1995.

In other words, an intranet is an internet network that connects all computer devices within certain limits. Intranet networks can be found in an agency or company, in other words they have their own internet which cannot be accessed from areas outside the agency.

However, generally this network is also connected to the internet so that it is possible to download data from the internet network outside the agency. generally also connected to the Internet so that it is possible to download data from other networks outside the agency.

Benefits/advantages of using an intranet:

  • Increase work productivity
  • Can improve cooperation between employees
  • Facilitate communication within an agency
  • Cost efficiency
  • Ease of getting information
  • Accuracy and speed in obtaining information

Difference between Internet

 Jika anda adalah pengguna aktif media sosial maka anda pasti sangat familiar dengan apa y 4 Perbedaan Internet dan Internet + Dampaknya Bagi Manusia
and Intranet superuser.com

1. Network

Because the internet is global, the coverage of the internet network can reach all corners of the world. While the intranet only has a certain scope so that it is narrower.

2. Information development

The greater the coverage of a network, the faster the rate of information development. So that on the internet network that is inhabited by a lot of users have faster information updates. Meanwhile, the intranet is only filled by a limited number of users, so updating the information is also slower.

3. Usage

The internet is public, so anyone can use it as long as there is an internet connection. While the intranet can only be accessed by a few registered people, so that other people who are not registered cannot enter this network.

4. Security

Between the internet and the internet actually have the same security because it uses the TCP / IP protocol. But because the intranet is more isolated, the confidentiality or security of information can be higher than the internet that does not have a firewall.

Impact of Internet Use On

 Jika anda adalah pengguna aktif media sosial maka anda pasti sangat familiar dengan apa y 4 Perbedaan Internet dan Internet + Dampaknya Bagi Manusia

Technological developments will also certainly have an impact, whether it is positive or negative. Like computers, they also have an impact

1. The positive impact of the internet

  • Facilitate communication between users anywhere
  • Can be used as a medium of socialization on social media.
  • More potential to know many things because of the speed of information delivery on the internet.
  • It can be used as a business area, such as e-commerce or a dripship business that is run via the internet.
  • As a promotional medium, it also has a good impact through website advertising media.
  • As a medium of entertainment through websites such as Youtube.

2. The negative impact of the internet

  • Fraud, whatever the guise, is very common on the internet.
  • Hacking or hacking an account to steal information.
  • More and more adult content that can be consumed by minors.
  • Can form an anti-social personality because he feels everything is on the internet.

This is a complete and detailed article about the differences between internet and intranet and their respective meanings. Semiga can add insight to all of us.