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6 Canon Printers With The Best and Cheapest A3 Printing Capability

A3 Printer - Printer is an electronic printing device that will convert soft data from a computer into tangible data. In today's digital era, the need for printers is increasing, especially since the crawling of the world of photography is increasing the need for printers.

Printers sold in the market certainly have different specifications and types. There are special printers for document printing that can usually print A4-sized documents, there are also large-dimensional printers that can print A3-sized documents.

This A3 printer generally has a more expensive price than an A4 printer because the resolution on this printer is quite large. In addition, A3 printers are usually devoted to printing color documents such as pictures or calendars. So that the amount and quality of ink and headprints has increased.

One of the printer products that are known for their good quality for printing A4 or A3 documents is Canon. For those of you who are looking for some cheap A3 printer products, we have prepared the best and cheapest Canon A3 printer recommendations. For more, see the list below.

1. Canon PIXMA IX 6560

First, the product with the Canon PIXMA IX6560 label is our opening menu. The maximum resolution that this printer can print is 9600 x 2400 dpi. In addition, the print speed is also not too long, to print color documents, this printer does it up to 8.8 ipm or 36 seconds when printing 4x6 size photos.

For connection, USB hi-speed 2.0 is still the reason. Interestingly, there is a LAN connection that you can connect to a landline cable to access the internet.

This printer is priced at around Rp. 2,850,000, - indeed quite affordable for an A3 printer class.

2. Canon PIXMA IX 7000

In addition to the IX6560 type, Canon also presents the Canon PIXMA IX7000 variant. The specifications of these two printers are the same, but on the IX 7000 we will find Energy Star qualified features. This feature is able to reduce printer power consumption by up to 50%.

In addition, there is also an easy print feature that can print documents easily from a smartphone, this can be done because the IX7000 also supports the wifi feature.

For speed, the Canon PIXMA IX7000 is capable of printing monochrome documents at 8.1 ipm while color documents at 10.2 ipm. The price of this printer is around Rp. 4,898,000,-

3. Canon PIXMA IX 6870

The PIXMA IX series continues, the IX 6870 also has a resolution of 9600 x 2400. So it will be sharp enough to print A3 documents. In this series there are several additional features, including Auto power On, which will print automatically when the print command comes from the computer even though the printer is off.

In addition, there is also the Air print feature, which is a feature that allows iPhone users to print documents through their gadgets. LAN connection feature is also available in this type.

For ink, the IX 6870 series is equipped with 5 bottles of ink with an individual ink system or infusion system. So it will be more economical. The price of the Canon PIXMA IX 6870 is around Rp. 3,800,000, -

4. Canon PIXMa IX 6770

Similar to the IX 6870 series, this series is the predecessor of the PIXMA IX6870 series. In terms of specifications, they are almost the same, but the Canon PIXMA IX 6770 is not equipped with the Air print feature.

For energy consumption, this type already carries the ECO Label which can save electricity consumption. As a result, this printer only requires 21 watts of printing power and 0.8 watts during sleep mode.

5. Canon PIXMA pro 100

In addition to the PIXMA IX series, it turns out that there is also another series from Canon for the A3 printer. On the Canon PIXMA Pro 100, this can be said as a middle-class printer and above. Because the features and specifications are more complete than the PIXMA IX series

Canon PIXMA Pro 100 is equipped with Air print, wifi, LAN. These three features will make printing activities easier.

The ink is also of high quality. Because this Canon pro 100 is equipped with 8-color Canon Chroma Life ink with an individual infusion system. So it will produce images that are rich in color and more economical.

The price of this printer is quite good. That is about 5,753,000, -. The price is more expensive than the PIXMA IX series, but in terms of features, it is definitely more complete.

6. Canon PIXMA Pro 10

Finally carrying the name Pro 10, the features offered are also quite superior. Like the PIXMA Pro 100, this printer has a higher class than the PIXMA IX series. The features offered are almost the same as the Canon Pro 100 but there are several upgrades and additional features for this type.

In terms of ink alone, quite classy. Thanks to the support of LUCIA pigment 10 colors which will produce realistic images and rich colors.

In addition, there is a pictbridge feature that you can use to print photos directly on social media. The price of the Canon PIXMA Pro 10 is the most expensive among the five printers above, which is Rp. 7,043,000,-

In general, printers with printing up to A3 are more expensive. For A3 printers with prices below 3 million, it is the cheapest. This is because the A3 printer is a type of multifunction printer that can print color and black documents of A3 size and sizes below.

If you want an A3 printer with the best quality, you can read the Best A3 printer recommendations for all brands. In this article, several A3 printers from various brands have been described.

So we recommend this cheapest Canon A3 printer, hopefully it can be useful for all of us.