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7 Cheapest Inkjet Printers Priced Below 1 MILLION

The cheapest inkjet printers – Ink Jet printers are printers with a system of pouring ink streaks on a paper medium to print documents. Unlike laser printers, inkjet printers are relatively cheaper than laser printers. So, what inkjet printers have the cheapest prices? Check out the full review in the article 7 of the cheapest inkjet printers below.

Inkjet Printer Price List Below 1 Million

The data we present below are taken from various e-commerce sites in Indonesia which have the most updated price ranges. Anything ?

1. Canon PIXMA IP2770 (Rp. 682,000,-)

For the opening menu, we start with the Canon Pixma series. We know that Canon is a manufacturer of today's electronic equipment that can be said to have pretty good quality. One of its best-selling products is the Canon PIXMA IP2770.

Printers with this inkjet system have several advantages, such as a resolution that is quite good for a printer for under 1 million. With a print resolution of 4,800 dpi for the width and 1,200 dpi for the height, it can deliver good print results.

From the print speed, it's also not too slow. This printer has a print speed of 7.0 IPM for black/white documents and about 4.8 IPM for color documents. This isn't too bad.

However, because of the price you can see for yourself around 600 thousand, the features are definitely limited. This printer does not support multifunction features or cannot scan and copy documents. Meanwhile, the connection is also still using USB and not yet equipped with wireless.

However, the Canon Pixma IP2770 is suitable for you students and students who need a home printer to print college assignments.

Canon PIXMA IP 2770 Spesifikasi Specifications

  • Max. Paper Size : A4
  • Resolution : 4,800 x 1,200 dpi
  • Print speed : 7.0 ipm (B/W) and 4.8 ipm (color)
  • Connectivity : USB

2. Canon IP2870s (Rp. 525.000,-)

For the second printer, we are also still discussing Canon products, specifically the Canon IP2870s. In general, this printer has similarities with the Canon PIXMA Ip2770. It's just that there is a slight difference in speed on this type of printer.

Carrying a color inkjet printer, the Canon IP2870s is able to produce color prints that have good quality. This is also thanks to the resolution which reaches 4,800 x 600. Although the high resolution is lower than the Canon PIXMA IP2770, in terms of printing text documents, there is also no difference.

The speed carried by this printer is lower than IP2770, which is about 4 IPM (images per minute) for color documents but for black and white documents, it is even faster to reach 8.0 images per minute. Maybe this is due to the smaller resolution, so the print speed is faster.

What's interesting, is the price of the Canon IP2870s is cheaper than the IP2770 which is around 500 thousand. Obviously this goes into the pockets of students or college students. So overall, if you are looking for an economical printer with your printing needs more to text documents then this printer is the answer.

Canon IP2870s Specifications

  • Printer Type : Color Inkjet Printer
  • Max. Paper size : A4
  • resolutions; 4,800 x 1,200 dpi
  • Print speed : 8.0 ipm (B/W) and 4.0 ipm (color)
  • Connectivity : USB

3. Canon MG2570s (Rp. 690,000,-)

For the next cheapest inkjet printer, we turn to the Canon MG series. Canon MG is also actually not much different from the IP series, but for this type the printer is equipped with multifunction features.

What is multifunctional? this feature allows us to perform three different functions in one device. That function is the function of printing documents (print), scanning documents (scan) and copying documents (copy). So it is more effective in carrying out office activities.

Canon MG 2570s is one of the cheapest smart phones that already carries multifunctional features. From the resolution, it is also still in the standard resolution of a printer which reaches 4,800 dpi. Apart from that, speed is not much different from the two types of printers we discussed above.

It's just that in terms of connectivity, the Canon MG2570s is also not equipped with wireless or network. So we can only print documents via USB media. Even so, this printer is very suitable for students or for those who will open a home printing (small scale).

Canon MG2570s Specifications

  • Printer type : Color Inkjet Printer
  • Multifunction (print, scan, copy)
  • Resolution : 4800 dpi
  • Print speed: 8.0 ipm (B/W) and 4.0 (color)
  • Connectivity : USB

4. Hp Deskjet 1112 (Rp. 490,000,-)

After the three printers that we discussed above that came from Canon, now we discuss another brand that is no less powerful, namely HP. This product from the US is known for its very economical price, no wonder many students choose to use the HP deskjet series.

One of the HP printers that has good quality is the HP Deksjet 1112. This printer, which is valued at around 500 thousand, already uses HP thermal technology on the print head. So that the printout will be more real and economical.

However, discussing resolution doesn't seem as good as the three Canon printers discussed above. The Deksjet 1112 cellphone is only equipped with a max resolution of 1,200 x 1,200 dpi. However, the monthly cycle or print cycle of this printer can penetrate 1,000 pages per month.

In terms of speed, it's not bad either. The HP deksjet 1112 is capable of printing color documents at a speed of 16 ppm (pages per minute) and monochrome documents (black and white) reaching 20 ppm. This means that on average one page can be printed in only three seconds.

Specifications of HP Desktop 1112

  • Printer type: Color Inkjet
  • Print head : Hp Thermal Technology
  • Resolution : 1,200 x 1,200 dpi
  • Print speed : 20 ppm (mono) and 16 ppm (color)
  • Montly print cycle : up to 1000 pages

5. Hp Deskjet 1115 ink advantage (Rp. 530,000,-)

For the next type of printer, we will also discuss inkjet printers from HP, specifically the HP Deksjet Ink Advantage 1115. From the specifications, this printer is not much different from the HP Deksjet 1112, it's just that there are differences in resolution and print cycle.

The resolution that can be penetrated by this inkjet printer reaches 4,800 dpi. A resolution of this size is able to match the printers from Canon discussed above, coupled with a print head with Hp Thermal Technology technology that will improve the printouts of both monochrome and pictorial documents.

The monthly print cycle is lower, only about 100 pages per month. Maybe this is influenced by a larger resolution factor so that the print capacity that can be accommodated is lower. However, this printer is quite suitable for you to make a personal or home printer.

Specifications of HP Deksjet Ink Advantage 1115

  • Printer type: Color Inkjet
  • Print head : Hp Thermal Technology
  • Resolution : 4800 dpi
  • Print speed : 20 ppm (mono) and 16 ppm (color)
  • Montly print cycle : up to 100 pages

6. Hp Deskjet 2132 (Rp. 603,000,-)

The cellphone seems to have quite a lot of products that are sold for under 1 million. Actually, there are still many HP printers, especially the Deksjet series, which have a price below 1 million, another from HP is the Hp Dekshet 2132. This is one of the best-selling printers with the Hp Deksjet 2135.

For its features, it is also not much different from other deksjet series cellphones. Like the print head that uses Hp Thermal, also the resolution. But for this one printer, there is one advantage, namely the multi-function feature.

As explained above, with this multifunctional feature, we can print, scan and copy in one device, the term is all in one. In terms of speed, this printer is capable of printing documents at speeds of ISO 7.5 PPM mono and 7.0 PPM Color.

From the price itself, not too expensive. Because not only under 1 million but far from 1 million, but only around 600 thousand.

Specifications of Hp Deksjet 2132

  • Printer type : Inkjet Color Printer
  • Multifunction (print, scan, copy)
  • Max. Paper size : A4
  • Hp Thermal Technology
  • Speed ​​: ISO 7.5 PPM (monochrome) 7.0 PPM (color)
  • Connectivity : USB

7. Canon PIXMA MP287 (Rp. 990,000,-)

For the latest under 1 million inkjet printers, we return to Canon. The Canon PIXMA MP287 deserves to be the best printer out of the 7 cheapest printers that we are discussing now. This is because, from the features and specifications offered, it is also very capable.

Starting from the multifunctional features that allow us to print, scan, copy in one device. Until there is a network feature, so we can connect the printer to the installed LAN network. This will simplify the process of printing documents from computers that are far away or in different rooms.

From the resolution, the standard like other Canon printers is at 4,800 x 1,200 dpi. From this we can conclude, the network features provided on the Canon MP287 indicate that this printer is suitable for use in offices, both companies and other agencies.

Canon PIXMA MP287 Spesifikasi Specifications

  • Printer Type: color ink-jet printer
  • Multifunction (print, scan, copy)
  • Max. Paper size : A4
  • Resolution : 4,800 x 1,200 dpi
  • Network : Protocol TCP/IP
  • Connectivity : USB
  • Speed ​​: Approx 8.4 ipm (mono) 4.8 ipm (color)

The data above is valid which we took from the most crowded electronic online stores in Indonesia such as Bhineka and Lazada. However, it does not rule out the possibility of price changes. So use the data above as a benchmark to help you decide to buy a printer.

Thus a complete and clear article about the cheapest inkjet printer price list, hopefully it can be useful for all of us.