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8 Best Printers For Printing A3 Photos (Magazines, Posters)

Best A3 Printer - For those of you who are printing business owners, you are usually faced with various customers with their respective affairs. Some want to print invitations, some want to print photos, and some want to print calendars or posters.

If the printed document is still of medium size like an invitation, then the standard printer type can do it. But if you want to print a poster or calendar with A3 size, you need a special printer that has an A3 size printer.

For those of you who are looking for the right printer to print A3 documents, don't worry, you can read some of the recommendations below. Check out the list of printers for A3 printing below.

1. Epson Expression Photo XP 960

 biasaanya dihadapkan pada berbagai costumer dengan urusan mereka masing 8 Printer Terbaik Untuk Cetak Foto A3 (Majalah, Poster)

As usual, Epson is our opening menu. The Epson Expression photo XP-960 has a compact size so you don't have to bother putting it down.

There is no doubt about the print quality of this photo, because it supports 6-color ink from Epson Claria Photo HD. The result is a more realistic image with a soft gradation effect.

In terms of connectivity, the XP-960 is equipped with USB 2.0 and Wireless inputs, so it can be connected to your smartphone. It is also equipped with an LCD panel to control the performance of this printer.

2. Epson Stylus Photo 1500w

 biasaanya dihadapkan pada berbagai costumer dengan urusan mereka masing 8 Printer Terbaik Untuk Cetak Foto A3 (Majalah, Poster)

Just like before, the Epson 1500W also uses 6-color Epson Claria ink that produces impressive and sharp images. In addition, the resolution reaches 5760 x 1440 dpi, this makes the Epson prints more detailed and sharp.

Features such as wireless connectivity and USB 2.0 are mandatory features. But there is an additional feature of PictBridge, which can print directly from social media via an Ethernet connection. If you want to print directly from your phone, this printer also supports Epson Iprint Apps.

3. Canon Pixma Pro 100s

Apart from Epson, it's incomplete if you don't discuss Canon. Canon pro 100S is an A3 printer that has a higher printing speed than other products. 4 x 6 photos can be printed at a speed of 38 seconds.

For business results, don't doubt, using 8-color ink with Dye base System technology, making the results richer in color. So it is suitable for Art Specialist. In addition, there are three monochrome colors for more impressive results.

There is also a Canon Photo Studio Plugin feature that is integrated with Photoshop to be able to manage documents to be printed easily. In addition, we can also print directly from cellphones and social media via Pixma Cloud Link.

4. Canon Pixma Pro 10s

Canon Pro 10S is an upgraded version of the 100s. because It has almost the same features as the 100s version, but there are some upgrades such as the ink.

Using 10-color ink from LUCIA ink combined with vivid color ink, making the results more impressive and clear. There are also 3 monochrome inks so that the black and white prints are no less impressive.

In addition to having all the features of 100s, there is an additional specialist art paper compatibility that can support the prints of objects that have high artistic value.

5. Epson Surecolor SC P400

Named the A3 printer with the most compact size, this printer also has premium quality. using 7-color ink made by Ultra Chrome Hi-Gloss 2 Pigment, for optimal and sharp results.

This printer can print documents on paper with a thickness of 1.3 mm and can also print in panoramic mode. This means it is perfect for poster making business owners.

6. Epson L1455

In addition to several high-end products, Epson also has an A3 printer with a low-end label. The Epson LI455 is an A3 printer product that is priced at only 1.2 million.

However, the Epson LI455 already supports the CIS system (Countinously ink supply) so that it is more economical. The All in one feature has also been embedded in this product. So not only printing, you can also do the document scanning process.

For connection, there is a USB 2.0 and Ethernet network to access the internet. With a price as cheap as this, don't compare it to the printer above.

7. Brother MFC J3 720

This American printer product does not seem to want to be outdone by its competitors. For the A3 printer business, Brother has a product with the MFC J3 720 type. The features are the same as other high-end printers.

What is unique, the Brother MFC J3 720 is equipped with Energystar which can save electricity consumption by up to 30%. With a resolution of 1200 x 6000, the price of this printer is worth 6 million rupiah.

As with Epson, there is a Puctbridge feature and a LAN connection for printing directly from social media. In addition there is a touchscreen panel with a width of 2.7 inches as a control panel.

8. Hp Officejet 7612

Besides Brother, there are other printer products from Uncle Sam's country, one of which is HP. This brand known as a laptop manufacturer has several series of printers including the deskjet and officejet series.

On the Hp Office jet 7612, it is equipped with the Hp thermal Inkjet print feature. In addition, this printer can also be used as a scanner or scanner because it supports multifunction features.

There is also an Energystar feature that can save usage, and a 2.6-inch LCD panel as a control. Appreciated at around 3.2 million rupiah, the HP 7612 has a warranty of up to 3 years.

In addition to printing business owners, A3 printers are also indispensable for poster and calendar creators. The printer above is labeled as the best A3 printer, no wonder the price can penetrate above 5 million,

For those of you who are looking for a special printer for photo printing at low prices, you can read this article. But these printers generally do not support A3 documents. So adjust to your needs.

So that your printer is more durable, you also have to be active in doing maintenance. Treatments include:

  • Regular Headprint Cleaning
  • Always use genuine ink for optimal results
  • Do not overprint

You can also read the recommendations for the Cheapest Canon A3 printer, to see some Canon printers that are priced quite affordable. Thus the article about the best and cheapest A3 printer recommendations for printing A3 photos, hopefully it can be a good reference for printer prices.