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8 Great Photo Printing Printers at AFFORDABLE Prices

Cheap Photo Printers - Photography has indeed become a trend in this era. To capture the results of portraits, photographers usually print the photos to be immortalized in a frame.

Not only about photography, but image printing activities are also a necessity in other things such as printing profile photos or book covers. The high demand for this, makes the printing business increasingly mushrooming.

For those of you who are looking for a printer that is suitable for printing purposes, either for personal use or for a printing business, we have a printer recommendation for photo printing that has good quality at a relatively low price. Anything ? Check out the list below.

1. Epson pictureman charm photo printer PM 225

For starters, there are products from Epson. Epson is indeed known as a printer manufacturer with products that can produce quality results at competitive prices.

In this Pictyureman charm series, it is only priced at around 1.8 million for the new price. Although the price is quite cheap for a photo printer class, the results offered can also be said to be satisfactory.

2. Epson picture PM 400

In addition to the Pictureman PM 225 version, Epson also still has a line of photo printers. For example, the Epson Picture PM 400 which is a higher version of the Pictureman PM 225.

The advantage of this primer is that it has a fairly compact size. However, this printer can print images up to a size of 5 x 7 inches. In addition, wireless connectivity is also provided for printing via wifi. About the price, it seems that this printer is priced at around 2.6 million.

3. Epson picture mate show

Still talking about Epson, for the Mate Show version, you could say the portable version of the Photo printer from Epson.

This printer supports the touchscreen feature as the control panel. So that it is easier and more user friendly when used by people who are just holding it. From the features and quality there is also no doubt, the price of this printer reaches 3.6 million for the new price.

4. Epson stylus photo t60

For this one Epson product, it is highly recommended by professional photographers. The reason is that this printer has a balanced price and quality.

The printing process also does not take long. While the quality is also comparable to other Epson Photo print products. To buy it, you need to prepare a budget of around 2.7 million.

5. Canon Pixma IP8770

Besides Epson, professional photographers also recommend Canon printers, with the PIXMA IP 8770 type. This printer is suitable for supporting photography activities, both amateurs and professionals. In addition, this printer is also suitable for printing businesses specifically printing images.

The advantages of the Canon PIXMA IP8770 are prints that are rich in color and have sharper images. However, the image still looks smooth so it is very similar to a softcopy of the image before printing.

This printer is valued at around 4.5 million. However, these prices can also change. Although fairly expensive, but comparable to the premium quality offered.

6. Canon Pixma MG8220

In addition to the PIXMA IP Type, Canon also has quality printer products with the Canon MG8220 label. This printer already supports the All in one feature, meaning that it can not only print images but can also scan images.

For quality, it can be equated with a High End class printer with a price of 5 million and above. As long as you use genuine Canon Ink. The price of this printer is around 3.6 million rupiah, it is recommended for those of you who have a home printing business or personal business.

7. Kodak Dock Photo Print

For those of you who have a special printer for printing small images, you can choose a product from Kodak with the Kodak Dock Photo Print type. This printer is very portable because it has a very mini size.

Using a dye sublimation print, the printouts can be compared to other large printers. You just have to put your smartphone in the Dock, this Kodak automatic printer will print it. It is not recommended for photographers because the size of this printer can only print 4 x 6 images.

In terms of price, it is also quite cheap, which is around 1.8 million. Maybe you can try it for those of you who are looking for a printer to print small photos like stickers.

8. Canon selfie CP1200

Lastly from Canon can be said as the best mini printer. The reason is, this printer is able to print images with a high level of sharpness and has a very cheap price.

Operational matters are also easy, you can directly print images from your smartphone via the Canon Selphy App or via Airgesture on your iPhone.

This printer which only weighs 1.9 pounds is valued at around 1.3 million. Just like Kodak, this printer is only able to print small (4 x 6 ) images so it is more suitable for making stickers.

The prices listed above are subject to change, so before you make your choice, first read the reviews and specifications of the printer in question.

This is important because there are many printer products that offer the same quality, but only offers while the results have not been proven. So that your money is not wasted in buying a photo printer, you can refer to tips on choosing a printer specifically for photo printing.

This is an article about printer recommendations for the best photo printing at low prices. If you compare a photo printer with a standard printer, it will be different. Standard printers that are generally only able to print black and white have a cheaper price. While the printer to print images at a price of 3 million is actually quite cheap. and don't forget to find prices and other printer specifications only on the omprinter blog.