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9 Types of Drivers on a Computer + Functions and Their Definitions

Computer Driver Functions - When we buy a computer, we definitely can't just use it, there are steps that must be completed including installing the operating system and installing drivers for hardware. For the OS, you all know, but what about the drivers? what does it mean, how does it work and what does it do? see the full review below.

Understanding Drivers on Computers/Laptops

According to Wikipedia Driver is an information technology term in English that refers to a software component that allows a computer system to communicate with a piece of hardware. That's because most of the hardware on the computer can't run before being introduced to the computer's CPU, and this driver is an identifier.

Meanwhile, according to Edy Winarno, the driver is a set of software to introduce the hardware to the operating system software, with this software the system is able to use the hardware properly.

From the above statement, we can conclude that computer drivers are software that helps the CPU recognize the hardware that is being used. So that whatever command we instruct the hardware, it can be translated and run as desired.

As the name suggests, the driver can be likened to a driver who is ready to take us anywhere. As long as the driver is not there, will the car run? certainly not. And the driver is needed to run the car to its destination, so without the hardware driver it can't run either.

Meanwhile, in the original case, we can take an example when we are going to do document printing. Even though we have plugged the USB cable on the printer into the computer and we have clicked the print command, the printer has not been able to work.

Why ? because the computer OS has not recognized the printer hardware, so even though it has been connected via USB, the printer is not read by the OS.

Driver Functions On Computer

From the understanding of the laptop driver above, we can draw the conclusion that the driver on the computer has two main functions, namely;

  • Connecting / introducing hardware to the operating system or software you are using.
  • Optimizing hardware to work more optimally.

then when do we have to install the driver?

We can run the driver installation when our computer or laptop has just been reinstalled or when there is new hardware that has never been connected to your laptop.

How to install it?

How to install drivers on a computer is actually the same as installing other Windows-based software. When we have got the sortware driver, then we will be taken to a dialog box containing an installation guide.

We just need to follow the instructions in the dialog box until it's finished, and don't forget to connect your hardware during installation. For example, when installing a modem, make sure the modem is connected either via wifi or USB.

Where can we get driver software?

The driver software is actually shaped like a regular application. If on windows, this software will take the form of an .exe file. And like software in general, software drivers also have versions and types. Although the same hardware does not mean the same driver. Therefore, choosing the wrong driver can also make the installation fail.

In general, we can get this software for free when we buy hardware. For hardware such as modems, and webcams, usually the files are already in the hardware and automatically appear when we first connect the hardware.

But, apart from that there are other places to get this software. In general there are two ways, namely;

1. On CD/Hardware directly

The most common, we will get this software for free when we buy hardware. As explained above there are located in the hardware directly, there are puka provided on a CD. Drivers from this original CD are the most, fast, precise and safe way to get hardware compatible drivers.

2. Download on the official site

For certain hardware, usually have a software driver released on their site. This is certainly more effective because developers don't have to bother copying drivers to CD one by one so that the price of hardware can also be cheaper.

However, we need an internet connection to download the driver, which varies in size. Can be in a matter of MB or GB. This method is widely used in large hardware companies that have a high vulnerability to software updates. It also allows you to upgrade the hardware you are using.

Kinds of Drivers on a Computer

Based on its usefulness, drivers are divided into 9 kinds, namely;

  • Audio driver (Sound Card): This component is associated with audio or sound on the computer.
  • Driver Bios: This component is associated with the motherboard in the computer.
  • Chipset Driver: This component is related to the chip/processor component on the motherboard
  • Graphics Driver (VGA): This component relates to the visual or graphics (GPU) on the computer monitor display.
  • Keyboard Driver: This component deals with keyboard performance.
  • Mouse Driver: This component is associated with the mouse or track pad.
  • Driver Storage: This component relates to data storage devices such as hard disks
  • Webcam Driver: This component is related to the webcam.
  • Network Driver: This component relates to the connection to the internet.

That's a complete article about the meaning and function of drivers on a computer or laptop, how do you understand how it works and an explanation of what drivers are. Hopefully it can add to our insight and be useful for all of us.