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Latest Epson l1300 A3 Infusion Printer Specifications

The Epson L1300 A3 is a printer that is intended for printing both images and text. As an A3 printer, the size and resolution of this printer must be large considering that the A3 size is quite wide. What are the prices and specifications for the Epson L300 printer along with? see reviews below.

 merupakan seunit printer yang ditujukan untuk kepentingan percetakan baik gambar ataupun  Spesifikasi Printer Epson l1300 A3 Infus Terbaru

As stated at the beginning of the discussion, this Epson printer is indeed suitable for use as your ammunition in the printing business, especially since its size which can reach A3 makes documents that can be printed quite varied.

Latest Epson L1300 A3 Price

The price offered is quite expensive. Even though it is only a single function printer, the price is translucent to 5 million. Indeed, the A3 printer is priced quite expensive, precisely in the range,

IDR 5,400,000

Although quite expensive, the specifications offered are also quite capable. Some of the specifications of the Epson L1300 include;

Specifications Epson L1300 A3.

 merupakan seunit printer yang ditujukan untuk kepentingan percetakan baik gambar ataupun  Spesifikasi Printer Epson l1300 A3 Infus Terbaru

  • Printer Type ; Inkjet
  • Printing Method ; on demand
  • Single Function (Print Only)
  • 5760 x 1440 dpi max resolution
  • 360 nozzle configuration
  • 30 ppm black / 17 ppm color
  • Max paper ; A3
  • Borderless printing
  • USB 2.0 Connectivity
  • Wireless ready
  • 20 Watt operation
  • 1.6 watt stand-by
  • Weights ; 12.2 Kg

1. Support A3 Document

This printer can do A3 printing with a resolution of up to 5760 x 1440 dpi. So that we can use the advantages of the Epson L1300 to print calendars, posters or other large documents.

2. High-tech print head.

Switching to used printheads is also pretty good. The Epson L1300 uses a printhead with bi-directional printing and uni-directional printing technology. So that the results created will be sharper and of higher quality.

3. 4 ink bottle infusion system

For the ink, this printer is equipped with 4 kinds of colors with the CIS system (Continously ink system) or the infusion system. Please note, the infusion system is an ink supply system without cartridges. The principle is the same as a medical infusion.

The advantage of the infusion system is the high level of efficiency. Compared to a cartridge, a bottle of ink with the same volume is priced at a lower price.

But for this infusion system it should not be empty because it can cause the supply to be cut off. Because it will cause the coloring is also intermittent.

The only drawback of the Epson L1300 is that this printer does not carry a multifunction system. Indeed, the Epson l1300 is intended for special printing printers that do not require a scanner.

That's a little review about the specifications and prices of the latest 2017 Epson L1300 printer. Hopefully it can be useful.