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Latest Epson L805 Photo Printing Printer Specifications

Epson L805 photo print is a printer unit with a single function that is more devoted to photo printing. For information on prices and specifications for the Epson L805 printer, you can refer to the review below.
 photo print adalah suatu unit printer dengan single fungtion yang lebih dikhususkan untuk Spesifikasi Printer Epson L805 Photo Printing Terbaru

Indeed, Epson has many types of printers marketed in Indonesia. The price is also mostly in the figure of 2 million and above. Unlike the printer brand that we discussed earlier, HP is more targeting the low end. Epson seems to have a line-up that is more suitable for the business and business world.

Latest Epson L805 Photo Print Price

Not much different from the other Epson L series, the price of the Epson L805 is in the range,

IDR 4,200,000

The prices above may not be the same in every electronics store. The reason is because the offers at each store are different, so when you buy the nearest electronics store, the offer may be more expensive.

But in the online sector such as Bhineka and Tokopedia, the price is around 4 million.

Specifications of Epson L805 Photo Print

 photo print adalah suatu unit printer dengan single fungtion yang lebih dikhususkan untuk Spesifikasi Printer Epson L805 Photo Printing Terbaru

  • printing methods ; On-demand
  • PrintType ; inkjet
  • 6 Individual ink tank system
  • 90 nozzle config
  • 5760 x 1440 dpi with variable sized droplet
  • 5 ipm black/4.8 ipm color (ISO)
  • 120 Sheets input max
  • A4 Max paper
  • High speed USB 2.0
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • 13 Watt Operating
  • 1.2 Watt Sleep
  • Weights ; 6.0 Kg

1. Single Function

Even though it has a price of more than 4 million rupiah, the Epson l805 still carries a single printer. This means that you can only print documents without scanning and photocopying.

Indeed, this type of Epson, is devoted to photo printing. So that all specifications are spilled to get maximum results.

2. 6-ink color printing

With the support of 6-color ink, making the prints richer in color. So it is suitable for photo printers so that the results are very real. Plus the maximum resolution that reaches 5770 x 1440 makes the image not broken.

The ink system used also uses an infusion system. So it's more economical. The price of Epson ink is quite affordable between 70 - 120 thousand rupiah per ink bottle.

3. Wifi + Ethernet

The wifi and ethernet features will simplify printer operations. We don't have to set a USB cable to the computer, just use a wifi connection so printing can be done. In addition, we can also print documents from computers that are located far apart but are still in the same LAN network. Because there is an ethernety socket that can enter the LAN network.

4. Energy Star Qualified

Use will be more efficient thanks to the Energy star certificate. The power consumption of the Epson L805 is in the range of 15 watts at maximum usage and less than 1 watt during sleep.

That's a little review of the specifications and prices of the latest Epson L805 printer in 2017. Hopefully it will be useful.