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Latest HP Deskjet D2466 Printer Specifications 2017

The HP Deskjet D2466 is a deskjet series printer that is intended as a personal printer. What are the specifications and prices for the HP Deskjet D2466? see the review below.
 merupakan printer seri deskjet yang ditujukan sebagai personal printer Spesifikasi Printer HP Deskjet D2466 Terbaru 2017

Printers with the HP brand are indeed known as printer products with many choices from affordable prices to quite fantastic prices. In the Deskjet series as the lowest series of HP printers, this printer is included in the category of personal or special printers to meet one's personal needs.

Just like the HP K209, this printer is also included in the old series. So to find it, will be a little difficult.

Latest HP Deskjet D2466 price

The price offered is also relatively the same as the other Deskjet series. For the price of a used HP D2466, it starts from;

IDR 250,000 - IDR 350,000

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For the new price, as mentioned earlier. It will be difficult to find it because it is included in an old production printer. So if you are looking for this type of printer, what you will find is in a used or second condition.

HP Deskjet D2466 Spesifikasi Specifications

 merupakan printer seri deskjet yang ditujukan sebagai personal printer Spesifikasi Printer HP Deskjet D2466 Terbaru 2017

1. Carrying Color Printing

Although the output is old, the printer has also carried color printing. So that not only black documents but color documents such as images can be printed.

However, don't get your hopes up too much for the color quality, because it only comes with two 4-color cartridges.

2. Image resolution reaches 1200 DPI

Although the resulting color is less impressive, but the resolution that can be printed cannot be underestimated. For images can reach 1200 dpi and black / white reaches 1200 x 4800 dpi.

The maximum paper tray for printing is A4 size, so it is quite proportional when used for printing assignments or invitations.

But even so, the HP D2466 is not yet equipped with an all-in-one feature. So that it can only do printing, and cannot do copying and scanning. The connected connection is also still wired. This means that there is no wireless printing feature yet. Instead, a USB 2.0 connection is attached for connection to a computer.

That's a glimpse of the review and price of the HP Deskjet D2466. The price above is certainly not necessary, because used prices can be set higher or cheaper. It's just a matter of your ability to negotiate so that the price you get is quite cheap. Thank you and hopefully useful.