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Specifications of the Latest Epson L350 All in one Printer

The Epson L350 is an L series printer from Epson that has many features and a relatively affordable price. For more details, see the price and specifications of the Epson L350 printer below.
 adalah printer L series dari Epson yang memiliki banyak fitur serta harga yang relatif te Spesifikasi Printer Epson L350 All in one Terbaru

As a multifunction printer, of course the Epson l350 presents several qualified specifications. When we compare it with other series, this type of Epson has a cheaper price.

Latest Epson L350 Price

Reported by epson.co.id the market price of this printer is quite affordable for printing entrepreneurs. The price of this printer ranges from;

IDR 2,400,000

Indeed, if we compare it with HP printers, the price is much more expensive. But about the quality it feels more qualified. This printer is indeed suitable as ammunition for your printing business, both small and large scale. For full specifications, see the following review.

Specifications of Epson L350

 adalah printer L series dari Epson yang memiliki banyak fitur serta harga yang relatif te Spesifikasi Printer Epson L350 All in one Terbaru

  • Print type ; inkjet
  • Print Method ; on demand
  • Multifunction
  • 5760 x 1440 dpi max resolution
  • 9 dpi speed (Black)
  • A4 max paper input
  • USB 2.0 Connectivity
  • 12 watts operating
  • 1.5 watt sleep

1. Color printing

Epson L350 is equipped with 4 pieces of ink with an infusion system. These four inks can provide decent colors for an inkjet printer. Because it has carried an infusion system, the printing costs have also become more economical.

If we compare it with the cartridge system, of course the infusion will be more complicated, but the level of efficiency is obtained from the cheaper ink price, which is around 70 thousand to 120 thousand rupiah.

2. 3 in 1 printer

In addition to being able to print documents, this printer can also perform scanning and photocopying. Even more interesting because it includes a color printer, the Epson l350 is also capable of color photocopying.

The results are also not much different from the print results. However, for business costs, photocopying using this printer will be more expensive than using a special laser photocopy machine.

At least, if we use this printer as a personal. Then the photocopy needs can be handled without the hassle of going to a photocopier.

3. 33 ppm black and 15 ppm color.

For the print speed can be said to be standard. Black and white documents can be printed at 33 pages per minute, while color documents can produce 15 pages per minute.

The maximum resolution that can be printed is also quite high, reaching 5770 x 1440 dpi. Plus the electric piezeo epsin printhead technology which makes the results sharper.

Thus our brief review of the specifications and prices of the latest Epson L350 2017. As mentioned earlier, this printer is suitable for use in the printing business but can also be used for students. To outsmart the high enough price, you can buy a used version.