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Specifications of the Latest Epson L565 All In One Wireless Print Printer

The Epson L565 all in one is a multifunction printer that can be used by anyone, both personal and for printing. Why is it suitable for printing? see the review about the price and specifications of the following Epson L565 printer,
 all in one adalah sebuah printer multifungsi yang bisa digunakan oleh siapapun baik perso Spesifikasi Printer Epson L565 All In One Wireless Print Terbaru

As a multifunction printer, of course the price offered is also quite draining. The reason is that this type of printer has a fairly good level of practicality. Epson is indeed known for its classy printer products, no wonder many Epson printers are priced above 2 million rupiah.

Latest Epson L565 Price

Judging from the selling price, the Epson L565 is priced quite expensive, which can penetrate 4 million rupiah. The exact price ranges from;

IDR 4,000,000

The prices above were released in several online stores that sell this printer, such as Bhineka and Tokopedia. While the selling price at electronic stores or offline outlets can be different. This could be because each store has a different tag.

Specifications of Epson L565

 all in one adalah sebuah printer multifungsi yang bisa digunakan oleh siapapun baik perso Spesifikasi Printer Epson L565 All In One Wireless Print Terbaru

  • PrintType ; Inkjet
  • Print Method ; On Demand
  • MultiFungtion (Print, Scan, Copy)
  • Color Printing
  • 4 Individual ink tank system
  • 5760 x 1440 dpi Max Resolution
  • 100 paper tray (A4) 20 Paper tray (Photo)
  • Wifi and USB
  • Ethernet
  • 11 Watts operating
  • 1.6 watt sleep

1. Color printing

As a classy printer that is valued at up to 4 million rupiah, it has become a mandatory feature for the Epson L565 to do color printing. Color printing is especially useful for graphic documents that include a lot of color images and data.

With 4-color ink infusion technology, the results are also not too bad. The quality can compete with some other superior printers with economical printing costs.

2. Multifunction

Currently the world of printing does not only revolve around printing. However, document scanning is also mandatory for an agency or business. For example, to send a job application file, currently using e-mail by attaching a scan of the related data.

This means that multifunction printers are very effective in today's printing world. The maximum resolution of the scanner that can be scanned reaches 1200 x 2400 dpi. This resolution is higher when compared to other multifunction printers such as cellphones which have a scanner resolution of 600 x 600 dpi only.

3. USB + Wifi + Ethernet

These two features will make the operation of this Epson printer even easier. A wifi connection will make it easier for us to print from a smartphone without the hassle of setting up a USB cable.

The Ethernet feature can make it easier for us to print from any computer at any distance as long as it is still connected to a LAN network.

This means that this printer is suitable as an asset for offices or the printing world. In addition to comparable prices and specifications, maintenance of this printer is also easy. In addition, according to several user reviews, Epson is a printer with high resistance as long as it is used properly.

Thus our brief review of the specifications and prices of the latest 2017 Epson L565 printer. Hopefully it can be useful for all of us.