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Specifications of the Latest Epson T11 Inkjet Printer for 600 Thousands

Epson T11 Color Printing has a fairly cheap price. Because this printer is intended for personal use that is not too heavy. For more details, see prices andspecificationthe following epson t11 printers,

 Color Printing memiliki harga yang terbilang murah Spesifikasi Printer Epson T11 Inkjet Harga 600 Ribuan Terbaru

A personal printer is a printing machine that can be used to print documents on a small scale. Because the scale is smaller, the specifications given to this type of printer are usually low, so the price can be reduced. For example, the Epson T11 which is priced quite affordable for students or college students.

Latest Epson T11 Price

The price turned out to be no more than a million. This printer in addition to having a cheaper price, is also supplied with an individual ink system that is more durable. So it is suitable for use by students or students in doing each task. The exact price ranges from ;

IDR 600,000

In some online stores, the price can be even cheaper. Indeed, the price can represent how the specifications. So before you rock it, check the specifications below.

Epson T11 Specifications

 Color Printing memiliki harga yang terbilang murah Spesifikasi Printer Epson T11 Inkjet Harga 600 Ribuan Terbaru

  • PrintType ; Inkjet
  • Printing Method; On-Demand
  • Max Resolution ; 5760 x 1440 dpi
  • InkType ; Epson Durabrite Ultra Ink
  • USB 1.1 Connectivity
  • Ink Individual System
  • Borderless printing
  • 80 Max paper capacity
  • 2 Cartridges, black and eco cartridges

1. Single function

Its function is only to print documents, not equipped with a scanner or coppier. But that's not a problem, because students do a lot of printing assignments. For photocopying needs, it can be met at a printing press or cooperative which is certainly cheap.

2. Color printing

Even though it has a cheap printer, the quality is not cheap. Proven to be able to do color document printing. Although the results are not as good as the Epson L series, they are good to compare. Piezeo electric print head technology is also the standard for the Epson T11 printer head. So the quality is not much different from other Epson.

3. 4 Ink individual cartridges

Epson is synonymous with the infusion system. The advantage of the infusion system is that it is more economical, but complicated in terms of operation. On the cartridge system, operation will be easier. The use of individual ink systems also plays a role in supporting ink durability.

For connection, still use USB. for printers under 1 million it is difficult to get the wifi feature. The prices above can be different. But you can use it as a benchmark when choosing a printer.

Thus a review of the latest 2017 Epson T11 specifications and prices. Hopefully it can be a reference and useful.