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The 6 Best Epson Printers at a Price of No More Than 1 MILLION

In the past, we could find printer machines in printing or large offices, but that doesn't apply now. The more advanced the times, the world of education is growing.

Currently, many school or college assignments require participants to print documents. So that a personal printer was chosen to save costs and be more effective.

This is also supported by printer manufacturers who are increasingly offering special printers to meet personal needs at quite affordable prices.

An example of a cheap printer with the best quality is Epson. Epson is known as a quality printer. Epson also has printers with economical labels. For more details, see the list of prices for Epson printers under 1 million following a review.

List of Epson Printers Under 1 Million

1. Epson K200 Rp 750.000,-

For the first type, we start from the Epson K200. This printer is an old series printer from Epson. But for the quality also can not be underestimated.

In addition, this printer supports multifunction features. This means that this printer is capable of printing documents, scanning documents and making photocopies. In addition, even though the price is cheap, this printer can also print color documents, so don't underestimate its capabilities.

The advantages of the Epson K200 include;
  • Color inkjet printers
  • Print, scan, copy
  • USB network
  • A4 Document printing

2. Epson ME340 Rp. 900,000,-

Dulu mesin printer bisa kita temui pada percetakan atau kantor 6 Printer Epson Terbaik Dengan Harga Tidak Lebih dari 1 JUTA

The Epson ME340 is the Epson printer series with the latest quality. Because this inkjet printer is equipped with 4 colors that are able to deliver realistic results. This printer also supports the All in one feature.

For the price, maybe in some stores it can exceed 1 million rupiah but for now the Epson ME340 printer can be obtained at a price of 900 thousand.

Some of the advantages of this ME340 include;
  • inkjet printer print, scan, copy
  • 4 color ink borderless printing
  • USB network

3. Epson T13X Rp 700,000,-

Dulu mesin printer bisa kita temui pada percetakan atau kantor 6 Printer Epson Terbaik Dengan Harga Tidak Lebih dari 1 JUTA

The Epson T3X has similarities with the Epson L100, with a compact size and affordable price that is very suitable as a personal printer. In addition, the printouts are also quite high quality thanks to the Durabrite ink ink with a configuration of 4 individual ink systems.

4. Epson TX 121 Rp 850.000,-

Dulu mesin printer bisa kita temui pada percetakan atau kantor 6 Printer Epson Terbaik Dengan Harga Tidak Lebih dari 1 JUTA

This printer is the same as the previous type, the T13X, which is suitable for personal needs. The resolution on this All in one printer reaches 5750 x 1440 with Epson Durabrite ink which offers quality results.

Being able to print color documents makes this printer usable for photography purposes.

5. Epson ME32 Rp 750.000,-

The Epson ME 32 is an affordable printer that has similar features to the T121. This printer is a single printer type, meaning that it can only print documents. But the printout is quite impressive.

There is an Epson Creativity Suite feature that functions like Photoshop on a computer to make light edits such as brightness, contrast, or red eyes.

6. Epson Expression Home XP410 Rp 850.000,-

The last type of Epson under 1 million is the Epson Expression Home XP 410. This printer is suitable for home use as the name suggests. With a maximum resolution of 5760 x 1440 it produces quite sharp images.

For ink, this printer already carries an infusion system, so it will be more economical. In terms of operations, there is a 2.5" Touchscreen LCD panel so that it will be easier.

  • 5760 x 1440 max print
  • 33 ppm black text
  • 15ppm color
  • On demand inkjet (piezeoelectric)
  • CIS sensor
  • Multifunction
  • 2.5" TFT LCD

You can find the six printers above at the nearest electronics store or at an Epson outlet. But for some types it may not be available because it is an old model.

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With a price below 1 million, don't compare it with other Epson series printer products. Because there is a price there is also an item. To see some of the best quality printers, you can refer to this recommendation. However, there are some tips that you can apply to keep the printer durable. For example, by keeping the headprint healthy. And always use original Epson ink. This of course will affect the printout.

That's a glimpse of the cheapest Epson printer reviews and prices under 1 million. Hopefully it can be useful for all of us.