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The 6 Best Printers For Beginner Photographers

Printers for Photographers - Currently printers are not as expensive as they used to be, but models that produce professional prints are quite expensive compared to market models. Where printers are made mostly with ink systems, one color cartridge is often supplied with three colors plus one black cartridge, and sometimes more than two cartridges. The benefit of a photo printer is that you replace the cartridges as one ink runs out, and greater color fidelity is possible.

Features to watch out for include wi-fi, so you can print from the living room even if the printer is in the room. all full-size printers covered here display this. Most photo printers also have an all-in-one function as a scanner and copier, but be sure to check each model's specifications for these features before you buy.

Examples of printers that can print directly from smartphones and tablets are Canon, or compatibility with Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print and so on. If you want large prints, some of the models here can print in sizes up to A3, while for tiddly photos a portable photo printer might be what you need are Canon and Epson.

1. Canon TS8050

This is a printer machine that produces great photos, thanks to six ink cartridges including one for gray ink that helps reduce graininess in prints and improves the appearance of shadows in images. The 10.8cm Touch Panel is easy to use and you can print directly from your smartphone or tablet, thanks to Canon's Air Print app. The device also supports AirPrint and Google Cloud Print. The TS8050 delivers excellent results at a great price.

2. HP Envy 5544

This is an ideal and efficient printer type at an affordable price for those who want to print photos occasionally. HP has a system for purchasing ink on a subscription basis which, depending on your usage, can reduce costs significantly. The ink comes in two sides: one black, one tricolor. HP printers are known for their simplicity of use and reliability. The quality may be less than others but this is a good value option.

3. Epson Expression Photo XP-760

On the other hand, the XP-760 scores higher than common printers for image quality, not least because it has six ink cartridges - black and five colors. This also means you can replace any ink when it runs out. a second paper tray for 5x7 in prints is included with the model. Epson cites photo durability of up to 300 years, while other brands promise 100 years: obviously, we haven't tested either claim, but the prints look good.

4. Canon Selphy CP1200

If you need to print photos on the go, the CP1200 is the perfect model. That's because this printer can only print postcard size paper (15x10cm) or smaller, even though it's larger than the HP Sprocket or Prynt (lower quality). With a model that is small and light enough to be truly portable and has connections (wireless, SD card and USB) for every situation. Print quality is excellent, so if you only need small prints, this printer is worth considering. It's just that the speed is not optimal, especially with wireless connectivity.

5. Epson Expression Photo XP-960

The XP-960 is another model capable of printing A3-size photos, although it has a footprint not much larger than an A4 printer. For A3 printing, you can fold the telescopic aid, which keeps the unit size smaller for non-A3 printing. Its six ink system makes the resulting photos very good and well realized.

6. Canon Pixma PRO-10S

This is probably the most professional inkjet photo printer. The advantage of having a Canon pro-10, you get a printer that handles paper larger than the A3 (which the manufacturer calls the A3+, measures 328x423mm). For the ink system this printer has 10 ink tanks, which produce outstanding prints especially in black and white. As such, it's great to use it on text documents, even though it definitely looks as good as a photo. Print quality is the best in tests, with operating costs on par with other printers.

That's a glimpse of info about printer recommendations for the best photography, hopefully it will be useful.