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Types of printers and their prices

Currently the need for printing is getting higher. Almost everyone will need document printing services, for example to print invitations, or print assignment documents and photos.

So for those of you printing business owners will definitely be very profitable. Some people also choose to buy a personal printer for more practical reasons because they don't need to go out to a printer.

While in the office area, it is also mandatory to include a printer for the performance needs of the office. This is because all certainly can not be separated from the document.

Indeed, there are many types of printers that are marketed, but all of these printers have their own types. In general, there are five types of printers that you can find in the market. Of course, each type has a different specialization, what are they? see the kinds of printers and their prices below;

1. Dotmatrix Printer

This printer is the first type that was most popularly used in antiquity. Dotmatrix is ​​still like a typewriter but has worked digitally. The printouts are similar to the results of a typewriter.

The Dotmatrix printer uses a ribbon as a printing tool, besides that the prints are also directly duplicated using carbon. This type still uses tapping as the way it works, so it takes longer.

Dot matrix printers are currently very rarely used, because apart from poor print quality, the resulting resolution is also still low.

Therefore, this printer is less popular than several other types such as inkjet or laser jet. But that doesn't mean it's gone. Dot matrix is ​​still being produced, because this printer will be useful in printing receipts, citizenship papers (Kartu Keluarga. Deed), and train tickets.

Examples of printers with the Dot matrix method are the Epson LQ-590, Fujitsu DL3850 with a price of around 5.5 million.

2. LaserJet Printers

Laser Jet is a type of printer that can print documents using powdered ink with the help of infrared devices or commonly called toner.

Compared to inkjet types, laserjet printers have better print quality, besides that the print speed is also faster because it uses infrared light. The way it works is similar to a photocopy machine, only this printer has several colors.

However, laser jet printers are more expensive than inkjet types. Indeed the price is also comparable to the quality offered.

An example of a laserjet printer is the Samsung CLP365W, with a price of around two million rupiah.

3. InkJet Printers

This type of printer is very common and popularly used today. Ink jet printers use ink as a material for printing documents. The ink will be sprayed through several nozzles that have a very small size.

Certain brands such as Canon and HP have implemented a heat system, this system will remove air bubbles contained in the liquid ink. So that the results can also be maximized.

The advantage of this printer is that it has a pretty good print quality. The resolution can reach 5760 x 1440 dpi. This printer is also capable of printing documents with A3 paper size. Therefore, this type of printer is very popular among printing entrepreneurs or personal circles.

Examples of inkjet printers are the Epson L310, and the Epson Stylus Pro 9890 at a price of 1 – 1.6 million rupiah.

4. All-in-one printer

All-in-one printers are also often referred to as multi-function printers. Because besides being able to print documents, this printer can also scan or scan documents. In addition, the premium model has the ability to neatly arrange documents in the form of bindings.

This printer is very suitable for use in an office environment, because in addition to being multifunctional, usually this type of printer is also integrated with the internet via a LAN connection. So that after scanning, we can directly send the document to E-mail.

As the name implies, this multifunction printer has a relatively more expensive price than other types. However, if it is calculated, it will actually be more efficient, because we no longer need a scanner and photocopy machine.

Examples of printers that support the all-in-one system include the Epson L550, HP GT 5820 at a price of around 2.5 million rupiah.

5. Portable Printers

This printer is sometimes wrongly defined as a printer because this printer has a very small size. Even the size is only one handheld. The function of a portable printer is to print small-scale documents, or specifically to print mini-sized documents. For example, checks, or shopping receipts.

However, this printer is not designed to get high quality, because the main purpose of this printer is to support the mobility of its users. Therefore, you might have a little difficulty if you read the writings from this printer.

But that also doesn't mean this printer has a bad quality. Generally, these printers use the dot matrix method. However, some brands already carry the thermal method, so the quality of the printouts can be compared to inkjet printers.

Examples of printers that have a portable size are the Canon PIXMA IP110B at a price of 4 million, and the HP officejet 100 mobile at a price of 2.5 million.

That's a glimpse of the various types of printers and their prices, hopefully it can be useful.