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Understanding and 26 Kinds of Peripherals on Computer Devices

Kinds of peripherals - Some people are familiar with the term peripherals which generally refers to devices that are located outside the computer case. For example, if we connect hardware to a computer to expand computer functions such as a webcam, then the function of the system will increase to be able to record video. However, the term "peripheral" actually means any additional device used to expand system performance. What are the components that enter this peripheral? see the review below.

Peripherals are additional hardware devices that are connected to computer devices with the help of cables or wireless (Wifi). Peripheral function is to help the computer perform tasks that cannot be done by the default hardware already available in the computer. In other words, computers can do new things when peripheral devices are connected.

In general, there are two types of peripherals known, namely:

1. Main peripherals

Main peripherals can be interpreted as equipment that must be available in the operation of the computer unit. Examples are monitors, keyboards and mice. Without a monitor, the computer can turn on but we can't use it. So that the unavailability of this main peripheral will fail the computer system to work.

2. Additional Peripherals

If the main peripheral is the main device of the computer, then additional peripherals can be interpreted as equipment that does not have to be in a computer because it does not affect the core performance of the computer, but these devices are needed for certain jobs. For example printers, scanners, modems, and others.

From the types above, we can conclude that each peripheral has its own role that works together with each other. In full about the various kinds of peripherals, you can see below.

Kinds of Peripheral Devices in Computer Units

There are at least three types of peripheral groups, namely input devices, processing devices and output devices.

A. Peripheral input


The input or input device serves as a medium for entering data from outside into a system. The function of this device is to transmit operator inputted data to a programming language. These devices include;

1. Keyboard

The keyboard function is to enter characters in the form of letters, numbers, symbols or special characters that are used as a medium for users to input in the form of other commands such as saving a document or opening a document. The keyboard is shaped like a board that is equipped with various character keys.

2. Mouse

The mouse can be used as the main input device because this device is used to move the pointer or cursor on the computer screen. This pointer is then used as an option for a command, besides that there are three additional inputs on the mouse. Action buttons, option buttons and scroll buttons.

3. Light Pen

This device can be said to be like we write on paper, because this device is in the form of a ballpoint pen whose tip has an electromagnetic sensor. This sensor is used to detect the pattern of movement that we move so that in applications such as paint we can draw according to the desired pattern. So it can be said that the function of the light pen is to enter data with a free schema.

4. Track Ball

This device is almost the same as a mouse, only it looks different. Trackball, in the form of a ball that if we rotate the pointer will move in the direction of rotation. The difference with the mouse, we only rotate the ball that is still on its body. While the mouse we have to move the entire device. This device is widely used on HP.

5. Touchpad

This device is also the same as a mouse except that its shape is like a surface that is moved through the touch of a finger. Commonly used as a substitute for a mouse on a laptop/notebook.

6. Joy Stick

The function of the stick is to enter some keyboard commands with a button pattern that is adjusted to the condition of the hand with the aim of making it easier for the user when playing games.

7. Joypad/Gamepad

This device is also the same as a joystick, only the shape is different, like a board that has a handle and there are certain buttons as input. This device can also function as a mouse.

8. Microphone

The function of the mic is to record or enter data in the form of sound which will be transmitted in the computer memory or directly sent as a communication medium.

9. Webcam

Its function is to retrieve data in the form of recorded images / videos to be transferred directly to the internet.

10. Scanner

Its function is to input files in the form of hard copies into soft copies, the results of which will be displayed on the computer and stored in the computer's memory.

11. Optical drives

Its function is to translate files from the disc storage media (DVD/CD) to be displayed on a computer screen or can also be copied to computer memory.

12. Barcode Scanner

Its function is almost the same as a common scanner, but this device is more inclined to scanning a code that is understood by a programming language. This code is usually affixed to the surface of an item to be used as the ID of the item. In other words, this barcode scanner facilitates the process of identifying an item.

13. Digital Camera

Its function is to record / capture image objects which are then displayed to a computer screen for processing or stored in memory.

B. Processing Device


Processing equipment is a unit that performs the main task in a computer that can control the entire data processing process. From starting transmiting data from input, sending data to output, all this device is controlling.

1. Motherboards

Is the core or home liaison for the computer CPU device. Other devices that are connected to the motherboard are the processor, RAM, connecting cable, hard drive, VGA card, NIC (network card) and others.

2. Processor

Its function is as a computer brain that will process and control the performance of other devices. The processor itself has a different working capacity, usually the difference is in the frequency and number of cores.

3. RAM (random access memory)

The function of RAM is to store temporary data from a program that is currently running. Data in RAM can be accessed randomly or randomly more quickly.

4. Video Cards

Its function is to support higher quality visuals on the monitor screen by presenting certain quality graphics. The city can also adjust this quality to match the RAM and processor performance.

5. Sound Card

Its function is as a module that will process data in the form of audio or sound and as a liaison for voice input/output devices to a computer.

6. Hard disk

The function of the hard disk is to run the entire operating system process and as well as the main storage medium for any data received.

7. ROM (read only memory)

function To store files or information that is temporary.

C. Output Device


Output or output equipment is a device that will convey the results of data processing to the user in a language that the user understands.

1. Monitor

The function of the monitor is to display data and information in the form of text or graphics that are understood by humans on the monitor screen.

2. Speakers

Its function is to display data/information in the form of sound with a high level of similarity according to the input sound or output a sound whose effect has been set on sound processing software.

3. Printers

The function of the printer is the opposite of a scanner, namely to print data/information from softcopy form into hardcopy form (paper documents).

4. Plotter

Almost the same as a scanner but plotters are more suitable for printing images with fairly large dimensions, such as detailed construction drawings of machines or building construction.

5. Infocus/Projector

Infocus is also almost the same as a monitor that functions to display visual objects as a result of data processing. However, infocus works by projecting signal points onto the surface of other objects. Infocus or more familiar with projectors are often used at presentation events because the dimensions of the resulting object are much wider.

In addition to the three groups of devices above, there is one more group, namely the group of network devices such as modems. Its function is to connect a computer or network device to the internet network.

Thus a complete article regarding the understanding and kinds of peripheral devices on a computer unit may be useful for all of us.

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