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Veneta System, Cheap Printer Ink Refill Solution

Have you heard of the veneta system? For those who don't know it, the Veneta system is a breakthrough in the world of cartridges that can be used to replace the printer's default ink.

What are the advantages of this cartridge? One of the advantages of the Veneta system is that the price is much cheaper than the original cartridge. Just imagine, when Canon's original ink is priced up to more than 200 thousand, Veneta system is priced at only 100 thousand each time it is refilled. The price can be two times different.

 veneta system adalah terobosan didunia cartridge yang bisa digunakan untuk mengganti tint Veneta System, Solusi Isi Ulang Tinta Printer Murah

So how's the quality? talk about print quality, can actually be seen from the price. Indeed, the Veneta system, which has non-original ink, has less color quality than the original version, but if you only print text or black and white documents, the quality can be the same.

It also appears whether Veneta can damage the printer? the use of materials or spare parts that are not original can cause damage to the printer because it is feared that it is not compatible, but in the Veneta system, the ink is adjusted to the type of printer. In other words, each type of printer has a different Veneta ink product.

You can get the veneta ink system at outlets spread across several regions in Indonesia, including Jakarta, Surabaya, Tangerang, Bandung, West Nusa Tenggara and other areas.

Or you can also look for it online at venetaonline

How much it costs ? as we discussed earlier, the price of veneta ink can be two times cheaper than original ink. Based on their official website, Veneta is priced differently depending on the printer brand. The price varies between 70-150 thousand rupiah. In addition, veneta also provides Toner, Ribbon, and Budget Ink.

Veneta ink refill price list

There are several price list categories on the Veneta Veneta System, including;
Remanufactured: Ready-to-use products that can be purchased at any Veneta System outlet.
Refill: Refill ink cartridges that can be done at any Veneta System outlet.
Compatible: Ready-to-use ink for Canon/Epson/Brother printers (Cartridges that match the type of Printer)

If you want even cheaper, you can use dataprint refill ink. This type is only priced around 20-40 thousand, so it's even more economical. However, we have to do the injection process ourselves. So it takes a little skill, because if you can't do it then the ink will bleed and damage the printer. It is recommended for use on Canon brand printers, because this printer is easier in the injection refill process.

In addition, there is also a toner injection system for example on the HP LJ1 300 printer. The price is even much cheaper. If the original toner is priced at 800 thousand, this Veneta toner is priced at around 150 thousand. The quality is also not much different, as long as you don't use used paper that already has toner. If the used paper is re-inserted into the printer, the heat will melt the toner and cause it to stick so that the printer can jam.

In accordance with veneta's slogan "STOP WASTE", we as users must also be able to make cost savings. If it is calculated, per year we can spend more than 5 million rupiah just to buy original printer ink. Usually when we buy ink, it is ready to use in the cartridge. So that once it runs out, the cartridge will pile up.

If we use a refill system, the cost will be cheaper and waste can also be reduced. Before making a purchase or refilling ink, make sure you consult about the printer you will use. At each Veneta System outlet there is already a Customer Service ready to answer all your questions.

So that you are satisfied, the wallet is also satisfied. That's our discussion this time about the refill system printer from Veneta, hopefully it can help.