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What is a Deskjet Printer? This is the list of the latest Hp Deskjet Printers

In the world of printing, we are familiar with various types of printers, including Inkjet, Laserjet and Dotmatrix. The Dotmatrix printer was the beginning of the invention of the modern printer. But now ink or inkjet printers are more popular for printing businesses and individuals.

When we buy a printer, we are presented with various brands and types, one of which is a deskjet printer. So what is a deskjet printer? And what are the prices and specifications? Check out the article below.

Deskjet is the name given by one of the HP computer manufacturers. This name is more popular than HP as the main brand name, because in the market it is better known as the Deskjet.

The HP Deskjet series, like other inkjet printers, uses ink as a coloring medium. Both inkjet and deskjet also use the same method of spraying from the printhead. However, there is a difference, especially in the cleaning process, the Deskjet will only suck ink during the printing process, while in inkjets such as Canon or Epson there will be a flow during the cleaning process.

Specifically, deskjet printers are also divided into three types, namely, Hp Deskjet, Hp Deskjet ink Advantage, Hp deskjet ink advantage Ultra, and Hp Deskjet GT.

1. Hp Deskjet

For the first type, it can be said that the standard type of HP printer products. This type of one is indeed targeted at personal use such as for the benefit of college assignments. The features offered are also quite standard but have print quality that can be compared to other products.

This deskjet series cellphone can print images with a resolution of up to 4800 x 1200 with a note that the input image to be printed is also high resolution.

However, the standard type of this HP printer supports multifunction features. That is, in addition to being able to print documents, you can also scan and make photocopies.

Some of the printers included in the Hp deskjet series and their prices include;

  • Hp Deskjet 2622
  • HP Deskjet 2621

2. Hp Deskjet Ink Advantage

For the second type, you could say an upgraded version of the previous type. Not only the quality of the prints is satisfactory, there are several additional features in this type of printer.

This type is equipped with wireless or wireless connectivity features with ePrint. So you can do the printing process from a laptop via wifi without connecting a cable. The ePrint feature itself allows you to print via a smartphone or tablet anywhere.

For ink systems, still use cartridges. But take it easy, cartridges for HP printers are fairly affordable. This printer is suitable for personal or office use.

How many Hp deskjet Ink Advantage printers and their prices include;
HP 3635

3. Hp Deskjet Ink Advantage Ultra

Basically, the Deskjet ink ultra has the same features and specifications as the Deskjet ink Advantage, but there is one thing that differs. The Advantage version is only able to print 1000 pages per cartridge, so the Ultra version is able to print 1500 pages per cartridge.

Meanwhile, features such as wireless connectivity and multifunction features are also available on this type of printer. Judging from the printout, it seems to have good quality and has a sharp resolution.

Although using wireless connectivity, this printer is also provided with USB 2.0 Hi-speed connectivity which can be used as a connection with a computer without Wifi. This printer is suitable for business and home printing businesses.

Examples of HP deskjet ink ultra printers include:
Hp Deskjet Ultra 2020

4. Hp Deskjet Gt

The last type in the Deskjet series is the Deskjet GT type. Of all the types, this seems to be the most super, because it has very complete specifications and features.

One of the features of the GT type is the infusionsystem. this is different from other deskjet series where
the cartridge system is an option. However, with theinfusion system, the use of ink can be more economical.

In addition, this printer is capable of printing up to 5000 pages, so if it is calculated, the printing costs using this printer range from Rp. 17 per black and white page and Rp. 32 per color page.

How is the connectivity? just like the other series. There are wireless and USB 2.0 options. The Printm Copy, Scan feature has also been implemented on this printer. So it is effective for printing and business businesses.

Examples of Hp Deskjet Gt printers include;

  • HP GT 5810 Rp.2.249,000
  • hp GT 5820 Rp. 2.850.000


In conclusion, for those of you who are looking for a printer, adjust it to your use. Whether the printer is used for business or personal interests. Because each printer has a different specialty. For tips, you can refer to the following article

  • Tips for choosing a printer for students
  • Printer recommendations for printing businesses

It is recommended to choose the type of injet printer, because this type has many variations and is more economical. In addition, injet printers are also more popularly used, when the ink runs out then you need to replace the cartridge for the cartridge system or inject ink into the tank for the infusion system.

Also use original ink to get maximum results. So our discussion this time about deskjet printers and also consider some specifications and prices of other printers only on the omprinter, hopefully it can be a reference.