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10 Examples of Ajip Rosidi's Poems

Ajip Rosidi and Examples of His Poetry- Who is Ajib Rosidi? Ajip Rosidi (read: Ayip Rosidi) is a writer who was born in Jatiwangi, Majalengka, West Java inJanuary 13, 1938.His formal education was elementary school in Jatiwangi (1950), junior high school in Jakarta (1953) and Tainan Madya in Jakarta (didn't graduate, 1956), then self-taught.Shefirst writing creative works in Indonesian, then reviewing and commenting on literature, language and culture, either in the form of articles, books or papers in various regional, national, and international meetings.

He traces many traces and milestones in the history of Indonesian and Sundanese literature, conveying views on socio-political issues, whether in the form of articles in magazines, in the form of lectures or papers. He also wrote biographies of artists and political figures.

He began to publish literary works in 1952, published in leading magazines at that time such as Mimbar Indonesia, Gelanggang/Siasat, Indonesia, Zenith, Story and others. According to the research of Dr. Ulrich Kratz (1988), until 1983, Ajip was the most prolific author of poetry and short stories (326 titles published in 22 magazines).

His first book, The Years of Death, was published when he was 17 years old (1955), followed by a collection of poems, a collection of short stories, romances, plays, a collection of essays and criticisms, research results, and others, both in Indonesian and Sundanese, which numbered approximately one hundred titles.

Many of his works have been translated into foreign languages, published in anthology or published as books, including in Dutch, Chinese, English, Japanese, French, Croatian, Russian.

Together with his friends, Ajip founded the Kiwari publisher in Bandung (1962), Cupumanik (Tjupumanik) publisher in Jatiwangi (1964), Duta Rakyat (1965) in Bandung, Pustaka Jaya (later Dunia Pustaka Jaya) in Jakarta (1971), Girimukti Pasaka in Jakarta (1980), and the Qibla of Main Books in Bandung (2000). Elected as Chairman of IKAPI in two congresses (1973-1976 and 1976-1979). Has been a member of the DKJ since the beginning (1968), then became the Chairman of the DKJ for several terms (1972-1981). Became a member of BMKN 1954, and became a member of the plenary board (elected in the 1960 Congress). Became a member of the LBSS and was a member of the plenary board (1956-1958) and a member of the Board of Trustees (elected in the 1993 Congress), but resigned (1996). One of the founders and one of the first Chairman of the PP-SS (1968-1975), later became one of the founders and Chairman of the Founding Board of the PP-SS Foundation (1996).

Since 1981 he was appointed visiting professor at Osaka Gaikokugo Daigaku (Osaka Foreign Language University), while teaching at Kyoto Sangyo Daigaku (1982-1996) and Tenri Daigaku (1982-1994), but continues to actively pay attention to literary-cultural and socio-political life in the homeland and continue to write. In 1989 he personally gave the Rancage annual literary prize which was then continued by the Rancage Cultural Foundation which he founded. Ajip recipient of the 1955-1956 National Prize for Literature for poetry (awarded 1957) and 1957-1958 for prose (awarded 1960). In 1993, he received the Art Prize from the Government of the Republic of Indonesia. In 1999 he received Kun Santo Zui Ho Sho (The Order of Sacred Treasure, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon) from the Japanese government as an award for his services which were considered very beneficial for Indonesia-Japan relations.

Very interesting and inspiring, friend, his life journey and literary experience. To get to know Ajip Rosidi's literary works more directly, the following Admin presents 10 examples of his poetry. Please take a look...


Shadows moved by the puppeteer
come and go, only the traces remain

Remember Me in Your Prayers

Remember me in your prayers: in front of the
tomb of Ibrahim will be granted the Most Merciful
My life in this world, in the afterlife, protect
it with grace, bestow it with the grace of God

Remember me in your prayers: in front of the
in your prayers, in your consciousness, in your dreams
Every breath I take, even when I exhale it becomes
a blessing, just an abundance of God's blessing

Oh Robb!
Let Your love flow eternally
Remember me in your prayers
Remember me in Your word
Remember me in Your silence
Remember me



I penetrated the white mega, the gray one, the black one
Behind it I seek the light: The rays of the sun!


From upstream to estuary, how many times did you change your name?
The flowing water is the same too, just changing colors

Evening Prayer

Silence welled up
The tears are flowing
sourced from your heart


If you have set life to be small
Why is the voice of the heart tossed about in the sabil?


How far is the distance
between you and me

How far is the distance
between you and my jugular vein?

Not a word separates us

In front of Sadali's painting

In beauty I find silence and
in silence I find righteousness

The Meeting of Two Sufis

When the two passed, not a word of warning
Only two pairs of sharp eyes meet

Suhrawar on horse : " How deep I see
The ocean of all truths!"

And Muhyiddin on a donkey: "How mortal he is who
faithfully follows the example of his Apostle."

When the two meet, there are no words of greeting
But the two of them agreed in silence.

Only In Poetry

In the train
I read poetry: Willy and Mayakowsky
But I hear your words
Overcome the rattling of the depression.
Take a look outside:
Rice fields and mountains
Then the poems grow
From every drop of sweat
The crooked peasants since morning
Through hard and lonely days.

I know you know:
Life oscillates between heaven and earth
Adam was thrown from heaven
Then here and there looking for Eve.

Hasn't it been the poet's destiny
Knocking door after door
And he didn't find it either: Liver yeast
Who doesn't want
Give up on the situation?

In the valley behold your patient face.
From the valley stretch out your trembling hand.

In the train
I read poetry: heart turihan
The one with the iron fingers of Time
Determining the steps of Destiny: Sticking
To the dream room I manage

I know.
You know too. In poetry
Everything is clear and certain.



Your reflection is recorded on the surface of the plate, on the wall
On the sky, the clouds, ah, wherever I turn:
And on the roof of the house the wind rises rustling
Convey your whisper in a world full of whispers.

Is it still a crisp January morning
Somewhere for my hand to caress?
All the words have run out but are not spoken
Longing in the form of a truth.

Shadow, ah, your shadow that charges always
Have I not given up everything for the sake of Time?
Even the years will be lonely, I know
Because the restless world is silent.