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10 Examples of Emha Ainun Nadjib's Poems

Emha Ainun Nadjib and Examples of His Poetry- Cak Nun was born in Djombang, East Java, May 27, 1953. He is the fourth of 15 children. His formal education only ended in Semester 1 of the Faculty of Economics, Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM). Previously he was 'expelled' from Pondok Modern Gontor Ponorogo for conducting a 'demonstration' against the government in the middle of his third year of study, then moved to Yogya and graduated from SMA Muhammadiyah I. His current wife, Novia Kolopaking, is known as a former film, stage, and artist. singer.

Emha Ainun Nadjib, who is fondly called Cak Nun, is an artist, humanist, Muslim intellectual, and writer from Jombang, East Java. He summarizes and combines the dynamics of art, religion, political education and economic synergy.

Here are 10 Poems of Cak Nun that you can listen to.

Pushing the Moon

Almost total lunar eclipse
the night is pitch
black and in the dark
bad things happen people can't
see other people's faces clearly
people think head is feet
people think north is south
people bump into each other
people accidentallytrip over each other
or even deliberately tripping each other

In the dark people don't
have a clear guide to step
where will you go and how will you go?
Our feet have runhere and there but
our minds are notyet our conscience
we are still children of the order we cursed in our mouths
but we let his teachings thrive in our blood and souls

We curse robbers by targeting them for us to rob back!
We rebuke the thief with hatred why can't we be the thief!
We berate the despot by
fighting hard to succeed him!
We hate the greatsinners in the satanic
way that forbids themto repent and repent!
We fight for the anti-eviction movement by eviction!
we resist extermination by plotting exterminations
we blaspheme the oppressors with joy!
as the devil, that is, we hinder
his efforts to improve ourselves

Who besides the devil, the devil and the Dajjal?!
those who reject humanhusnul khotimah who block the
gates of heaven that pushthem closer to the gates of hell
After being oppressed we prepare ourselves to oppress!
After being enslaved we are ready to change enslavement!
After being destroyed we line up to destroy!

What we raise isnot the renewal of
togetherness butthe joy of division!
what we build isnot the pleasure of
intimacy but thebubbling of suspicion!
what we pioneer is not love and
sincerity butprejudice and slander!
What we renew is not wound healing
but rather long plans for a civil war!
What we cultivate is the habit of eating the carcasses of our own brothers and sisters
We don't expand our horizons by sowing love
but rather narrowing our own world with pits of hatred and envy

Silent Street

I finally took the lonely road

sing a silent song in your heart

the poetry that I hide from
the words of lovethat I can't find
the cover…
if you can't
you found my territory

let me keep on
knocking on your door
if you are not ready
you look at my face

let my secret lovers rub my head

I finally took the lonely road

sing a silent song in your heart
the poetry that I hide from
the words of lovethat I can't find
the cover

Maybe you need my blood

to quench your thirst
maybe you need my death
to uphold your life

Take it… take it I
will ask permission
to Allah who owns it
because after all... it's not me
what i want and i miss

I burn my love

I burn my love
In the silence of Your breath
Slowly the song cuts
My tired fate

I burn my love
In Until Your Silence
To look at, to stare
From hunjung docked
I miss flying
Redeem the silence of the shadows

I miss the night birds
Capturing light: the secret of the stars
I tore the mega, I tore the voices
How heavy are you in the soul
So that the heart, so that it is anchored on the beach
Until this vibration

Once You Form

As soon as you prostrate, space is awakened
what you live in becomes a mosque
Every time you prostrate, every time
you have also built a mosque

O, how amazing, how many thousand mosques
have you been awake all your life?
Countless, your minarets
rise, penetrate the sky, enter the realm of makrifat

Every building, house, cubicle or land, instantly
called a mosque, once you occupy it to prostrate
Every rupiah you give to
God's pleasure, transformed into a prayer mat of glory

Every grain of rice you cook and you pour
to the plate of divinity, become greedy in prayer
And every drop of water you sprinkle for
God's love, born into the sound of the call to prayer

If you bring your body to prostrate, you are a mosque
If you bring your eyes to see what you see
Allah, you are the Qibla
If you look at your ears you hear what
God hears, you are the holy recitation
And if your heart beats to love the one you love
Allah, you are the ayatollah

Science prostrates, your work prostrates,
your career prostrate, your household prostrate, lonely
and many of you prostrate, your sorrows prostrate
be you mosque


Prayer of a Dried Leaf

Don't me my voice, yeah 'Aziz
While your words are ignored
Never mind my words, ya Qawiy
While even your verse is ignored
Never mind my love, O Dzul Quwwah
While your love is thrown away
Never mind my greeting, yes Matin
While your offer solution is underestimated

How naive is my hope to be accepted by them
While the services of your creation are removed
How cute is my wish for them to hear
While your book is denied by a thousand civilizations
How unnatural I feel entitled to them respect
While the mercy of Your womb is remembered only very occasionally
How unreasonable I wish not to hurt them
While your beloved Muhammad was stoned

While your Abraham was burned
While your Jonah was thrown into the sea
While your Noah is left lonely

However, O Qadir Muqtadir
O Jabbar Mutakabbir
You are great and I am a dwarf
You are powerful and I am petty
You are strong and I am weak
You are rich and I am papa
You are holy and I am slum
You are high and I am low and low

However, O Qahir, O Qahhar
Your beloved Apostle maíshum and I are covered in air
Your messenger prophet was preserved while I fell down
O Mannan, O Karim
O Fattah, O Halim
I am a speck of dust but prostrate to You
I am a dry leaf but glorify You
I am a lonely slave but believe in Your love and defense

From the Sky

From the expanse of the false sky
He, the drought, comes to you
Grow slowly. Blow very long
Sweeping the ocean. Keep the
lumps of landsweeping the forest!
Preserve lumpy soil!

come to you, He, the drought is
from the Lord,who is always silent
from His hand. From cold hands that don't greet
silent one. Who didn't look back for a second.

Anthology of Poetry XIV Yogya Poets, MALIOBORO, 1997


In Yogya I'm fast asleep
the wind beside me snoring
the whole city is like a grave
the trees are all sleepy
here you have to learn to
practice stayingalive while sleepy
Where should I turn my face to
balance sleep and wakefulness?

Jakarta rebukes my fate,
whipping it against my shoulder
there is no room for my
silence, the sunis glaring at me
the noise of his voice
threw me down in the dust
Where should youturn your face in
balance sleep and wakefulness?

Surabaya is like in the middle
not sleeping like an old buffalo
don't even widen your
eyes but there is my love
which loses its
flower if I approach it
Where should I turn my face to
balance sleep and wakefulness?

Anthology of Poetry XIV Yogya Poets, MALIOBORO, 1997


In Your light
All questions and faces of the world
Doesn't cause anything
I'm the one who moves the behavior
In your name

Take a stand, total and complete
then my vibration
Is Your vibration
all dimensions disappear
good and bad, strong and weak

Existing integrity
Maintained in surrender and faithful
Crying in laughter
Sad in joy
Or vice versa
no admiration, no pride, no shackles
Smooth in the value of one
Higher consciousness
Coping with thoughts and emotions
stay, be happy

For the sake of the neighbors
but inside you is empty
It is an unspoken, unwritten form

I hold you
You hold me
Don't touch anything
What causes stains
To not let go, holding onto another
First step back

Anthology of Poetry XIV Yogya Poets, MALIOBORO, 1997


Asked him who is the thief
The answer: is a banana that bears mango
That's not how God arranges
So he lied

He was asked who is the treasurer?
The answer: is the sun that does not shine
Not so sunnatullah said
So he lied

Asked him who is lazy
The answer: the earth that slows down its orbital time
Become a mess of the universe system
So he lied

Asked him who is the oppressor
The answer: is a volcano entering the city
Violation of natural and human traditions
So he lied

Asked him who was the freedom climber
Is a bird flying high into the sun
God's bird is not ready to commit suicide
So he lied

Asked him who was the negligent
It's day that doesn't turn into night
While God in such a way manages
So he lied

Asked him who the disbelievers
It is water that flows into the sky
Even though the laws of nature have been established
So he lied

Then who is the ruler who does not lead?
It's a giant parasite that fills the fields
People have to cut it down
So that he doesn't lie

Then who is the weak struggle?
It's a fire that doesn't burn the dry leaves
People have to bully their souls
So that he doesn't lie

Then who is the magician merchant
It's a golden deer running on water
People have to leave it
So that he doesn't lie

As for who is the slave of personal interest
It's a pig that drinks its own urine
People have to throw stones at the nape of the neck
So that he doesn't lie

And finally, who doesn't understand love
It's a bird that sleeps in a water buffalo
Sing poetry in his ear
So that he doesn't lie



Not even a poet
I'm just a handyman
Wandering the forest
Sawing wood
Make a stretch
God order toys

Not even a poet
I'm just a servant
Serving the way
Mixing words
Scavenging secrets
So as not to die mortal

Not even a poet
I'm just a diver
Dive into the ocean
Back to the surface
Bringing ancient stones
To pelt the horizon


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