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10 Examples of H.B. Poetry jassin

Examples of Literary Works H.B. jassin- Who is this famous figure with the nickname 'Pope of Indonesian Literature'? He is H.B. Jassin who started his career from reading a lot. Born July 31, 1917 in Gorontalo, North Sulawesi, the second of six children was fathered by a former BPM clerk who was a bookworm.

Jassin began to enjoy reading not long after sitting in HIS (SD). ''At that time, the way to arouse students' interest in reading was very good,'' he said about the school that taught him composing techniques and understanding poetry. He had learned the technique of composing and understanding positions since he was still in HIS (SD).

At HBS Medan - when he joined his father who moved to BPM Pangkalanbrandan, North Sumatra - he began writing literary criticism, and was published in several magazines. Working in the Gorontalo Resident Assistant office after HBS - without salary - gave him the opportunity to study documentation well.

However, later Jassin accepted Sutan Takdir Alisjahbana's offer, at that time the editor of Balai Poestaka, worked at the Dutch publishing house, 1940. There he also worked as a short story and poetry writer. In January 1939, Jassin returned to Gorontalo. Between August and December 1939, Jassin worked as a volunteer in the Gorontalo Resident Assistant Office. At the end of January 1940, Jassin headed to Jakarta. And from February 1940 to July 21, 1947, he worked at Balai Pustaka.

At first in the trial of book editors (1940-42), then became editor of Panji Pustaka (1942-45), and deputy editor-in-chief of Panca Raya (1945-21 July 1947). After Panca Raya was no longer published, Jassin was successively the editor of the following magazines: Mimbar Indonesia (1947-66), Zenith (1951-54), Language and Culture (1952-63), Story (1953-56), Art ( 1955), Literature (1961-64 and 1967-69), Horizon (1966), and Language and Literature (1975).

Jassin is also one of the figures of the Cultural Manifesto, a manifest created on 17 August 1963 against the People's Cultural Institute (Lekra). As a result, since the ban on the Cultural Manifesto by Bung Karno (May 8, 1964), Jassin was fired from the UI Faculty of Letters. And this dismissal lasted until the G-30-S/PKI erupted. After that, Jassin returned to the UI Faculty of Letters. And since April 1973 he has been a Permanent Lecturer at the Faculty for the subjects of History of Modern Indonesian Literature and Comparative Literature.

Here are 10 literary works in the form of poetry from the 'Pope of Indonesian Literature' that you can listen to.


Hun vijver werd moeras,
Rust Werd Gevaar,
En nymphen zonken
Zwaar toen zij niet
Meer zwemmen konden.

Het bleekgroen riet
Week, door zwart poelgewas
Verstikt en overwokerd,
Van de verwaasde oev'ren.

Toen enklen boven dreven,
Gezwollen als verworgden,
De hereen los,
Doken die overleefden
Dieper in het boss.

Maar steeds naar de ramp getrokken
Zagen zij and're doden
Die niet verdronken:
Zij die niet vloden

Ligand in 't slib, de voeten
Domplend in drabbig water,
Een prooi voor iedren sater,
Wiens bronst hen komt bezoeken.

Jakarta, September 23, 1945

The Expelled Song

For example, this city has a population of ten million
Some live in buildings, some live in caves
But there's no place for us, my dear, but there's no place for us

Once we have a country, and remember seduce
Look on the map, you'll find it there
Now we can't go there, my dear, now we can't go there

In the graveyard there is a tree standing
Grows fresh every spring
Old pasjalan can't be imitated, my dear, old pasjalan can't be imitated

Mr Console hit the table and said:
"If you don't have a partner, you don't officially exist."
But we're still alive, my dear, but we're still alive.

Coming to a committee, I was offered a seat
I'm respectfully asked to come in another year
But where are we going today, my dear, where are we going today.

Arriving at a general meeting; the speaker stood up and said:
"If they can come in, they will steal our rice."
He's talking about you and me, my dear, he's talking about you and me.

I thought I heard thunder in the sky splitting
It was Hitler in Europe who said: "They must be extinct."
Ah, we are the one, my dear, ah we are the one.

I see the little dog in hot clothes awake
I saw the door open and the cat just walked in
But not German Jew, my dear, but not German Jew.

Down to the harbor and I go stand to the shore
Looks like the fish are swimming freely
Just ten feet from me, my dear, just ten feet from me.

The road through the forest, you can see the birds in the trees
They don't have political experts, they sing happily
They are not humans, my dear, they are not humans.

I dream of seeing a thousand-story building
A thousand windows and a thousand doors
None of us have, my dear, none of us have.

Standing in the big square in the snow
Ten thousand soldiers lined up coming and going
They're looking for you and me, my dear, they're looking for you and me.

(translated from W.H. Auden's poem, Song XXVIII)

Song of the Night

Even the late evening twilight will pass soon
What's left of the current circulation
Save your tired and annoyed for now
Warm yourself in hope tomorrow morning

Because something must be said for the sake of love
Because there is something that must be chanted for the sake of belief
Rest after work is the reward of perseverance
A sincere voice comforts restless life

When the calculation arrives, the regret will be forgotten
Because of sincerity and modesty awareness
Once born free in the struggle
Even in the dark of the deadlock, faith still shines

And all means for the brave
Through the fear of the loneliest time
With eyes open, chest full of flavor
Patient and loyal, steadfast to face it

The late evening twilight will soon pass
What's left of the current appeal
Softened by a friendly night song
It's serenity to rise in the red

Morning Wind

And the morning wind is back
rubbing the chest of the earth
like yesterday, like yesterday
in a warm yawn want

And the kids go to school
to school, mother steps
up with various rhythms
on busy streets the brighter

God! How I like it, I like it
open leaves and shoots
expands in intimacy
expands in struggle

And the earth rises again rises again
The sign of all themore meaningful
the more valuablethe air, sky and sun
sound, wind and heart

And powerful and sacred hands
full of grace fullof grace blooms
on the branchesand fallen leaves
in the arms of the earth squirming fertile

God! How I like it, I like it
doesn't last foreveris still blooming
for love is self-sacrifice
in believing in faithful truth

and the heart is
shining with joy, father
the soul is washed, fresh and
young, busy withthe spirit of working

And the morning wind is back
to gently caressthe earth's chest
like yesterday, like yesterday
in hope life is guaranteed


I dream of Chinese princess
Want to take him for a walk?
But his mother took care of him, took care of him tightly
He misses Lian,
He squealed to greet me
Didn't think I loved him
I work, work, work
Habibie loves to smile
Happy to smile to see me working
printed books,
New books and reprints
My books are printed
A lot, a lot
I pray, I pray Tahajud,
Fajr, Lohor, Asr, Maghrib and Isa,
I pray every obligatory prayer
And send a prayer to my parents,
To Hamka and my friends
Subagio Sastrowardojo and others
My life is real life and dream
I can't tell which oneis real and which one
is the dream, bothare the same in my life
I pray: O Allah,
Open everyone's heart
Open his heart to accept the Al-Quran with a Poetry Face
And spread it all over
I can't tell thedifference between
real experiences,dreams and hopes
I read, my reading becomes real
I flew to Harun Alrasyid's palace,
Seeing the Tale of a Thousand and One Nights
In the morning I read the newspaper,
The news is painted in the eyes
News bedtime come true
Mixed events and dreams
What goes in and out of my mind
Both have the same value
My mind is really amazing
What came out of the mindsof Taufik Ismail, Hamid Jabbar,
and Sutardji Calzoum Bachri,became part of my mind.
How great is my Lord!

Lost in Mind

Once I read, the proud man said:
“I am the pinnacle of all that has been.
And contains everything that comes."
Magic of words, magic of thoughts,
Thinkers, poets, poets.
All of them circling
To get lost in the mind
All the voices I've ever heard,
The foolish, the wise,
The wise are wise,
It's decades old.
There is no change,
Oh, it's just boring,
An imaginary game for the unemployed,
Forget the real world.


Create a Happy World

How fragile is the human body
Even though it's a century of living in the world
Just a second in the ocean of time,
Longer time feels
It's better to suffer body and soul
Confused by material lust,
Above the earth is turning
Get rid of the wrath
Create happiness at the intermediate station
From eternity to eternity


Determination Update

In my remote place, far away
I hear your voice radio singer
You comfort the heart and soul
People who are sick languish
In my remote place, far away
I read your hymn, O author
You flow the feeling, you set the mind
There was darkness, shining brightly.
I also look around the meritorious people
Doctors and nurses, orderlies and lackeys
Working together in order
Fighting disease quells suffering.
That's how life is in the world
Help each other happy happy
O Lord, return strength, strengthen my wings,
I want to be filial.


Glimpse of Impression

Drums rumble,
clattering shoes,
trumpet meteret-tet-tet,
The crowds cheered wildly.
See them strong and valiant,
Arabic, Indian, Chinese, and Indonesian.
Marching tightly united,
One goal: Greater Asia!
Roaring through the air engine,
The image of the almighty protector,
Over the people of millions.
All of Asia wakes up,
Unleashing the shackles of Western slavery,
Towards the Sunrise.

(Published in Panji Pustaka No. 20 Th. VI, March 16, 1942)


On top of the outer and inner ruins
By the earthquake of world war
In sadness and sorrow the world struggles
Born the Independent State of Indonesia
May the noble nation be perfect
Always remember God
The incarnation of all that is beautiful
In behavior and deeds
Yes, God, give eternal holy inspiration
In the work of our nation
Help build world peace
The main human being physically and mentally


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