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10+ Examples of Islamic Poetry for Children and Teenagers

Islamic Poetry for Children and Teenagers- In general, the meaning of poetry essentially has a meaning like poetry in general. However, it is true that in children's or youth's poetry there are elements and characteristics that are somewhat different from poetry intended for adults.

In children's or youth's poetry, the selection of language and the use of various expressions, images, and various descriptions must be within the reach of children. Actually, children's poetry and adult poetry also talk about life problems, but they differ in terms of seeing and responding to life because they will have different points of view.

In children's poetry, the emotional aspect will always be in line with sensory perception. According to Norton (323-324), he defined children's or youth's poetry with the following 8 criteria:

  • Children's poetry is poetry that contains joy.
  • Prioritizing the sound of language and raising the spirit of playing language.
  • Must strive to improve visual acuity and the words used develop imagination, and see and hear words in new ways.
  • Presents simple stories and introduces daily actions.
  • Written based on the experience of a child or teenager.
  • In the form of simple information that allows children to interpret and capture something from the poem.
  • The theme of the poem should please children, tell something to the child, tickle his ego, remember happiness, touch the antics and raise the children's personal spirit.
  • Children can read and easy to understand.

To further clarify the description of children's and youth's poetry as the criteria for the poem above, here we present 10+ Islamic poetry for children and adolescents. Please take a look, bro...

Relentless Effort

When the apocalypse has arrived, in your
hands you still hold the date palm seeds
Don't hesitate to plant it because
Allah doesn't see the results

As long as according to His instructions
curb lust with fasting
discipline yourself to follow His rules
as proof of our hard work
to submit to His commands

A Confession

my god is one
One God
He is the creator of the universe
Including me and all of you

Don't sin
He sees all
Even a drop of ink

My Prophet Muhammad

To his obedient people

My religion is Islam
With the five pillars of Islam
And the six pillars of faith
That's what we have to hold on to

Based on the Quran
And the hadith of the Prophet Sallalla 'alaih wassalam

I'm a Muslim
We are all muslim
And Muslims are brothers
Brothers in faith and Islam

Let's increase taqwa and faith together
As a provision on the Day of Judgment

Reaching for the Stars

Last night I saw a shining star
She is so bright

In the wide sky
Then I remembered my teacher's message

Reach my dream
As high as the stars in the sky

I will change
I scream at night

Tomorrow, I will no longer be lazy to wake up early
Take a shower and brush your teeth

I will continue to study hard
Because I want to reach for stars and dreams

Let me be a pious child

Let me be a pious child, Mak...
When I was born, everyone congratulated me
And hope I become a pious child
Useful for the nation, state and religion

Now I'm bigger
I don't want to disappoint everyone's expectations, Mak..
I want your mother's prayer to be answered
I really want to be a pious child

Let me be a pious child, Mak..
Teach me to read the Quran
Teach me to pray
Teach me all the teachings of Islam

Let me be a pious child, Mak...
Remind me if I forget to go to the TPA because it's fun to play

My Dear TPA

Monday and Wednesday The day I always look forward to
Bada Asr in the afternoon
Together with friends go to study
Waiting at the landfill

Ustad, Ustadzah and students read Iqro and short letters
Don't forget the daily prayer taught by our clerics
When maghrib approaches we immediately go home
with a cheerful heart knowledge is in hand

Yaa Rasulullah

Your morals are so perfect
And you really deserve to be
Our role model

Yaa Rasulullah
We really don't deserve to be your people
because we can't follow
all of you

Ya Rasulullah
you have acknowledged us
as your people

Yaa Rabb...

How will I defend myself in front of you, Lord...!!
Every will that is embedded in my heart
Never escape from Your control
Every piece of my deed
Never be separated from your knowledge

Where do I want to run?
While there is no place in your universe
What you don't know
Really, I just realized how low I am in front of You

Even though I weigh my good deeds
It's not heavy enough when compared to my bad deeds

Forgive me ya rabb...!!

Bright Morning

Morning sunshine
Starting to penetrate my bedroom window
Slowly I open these eyes
The sun is smiling happily

I got out of bed
Drink water
And look at the window
My morning has come

I say hamdalah
Grateful to Allah
Because right now
I can still see and feel the morning sun

Good morning friends!
start your day with a smile
And have a nice day

World Jewelery

Your beautiful curves are no longer visible
Meaningful eyes
The veil is drawn to cover the aurat
A thin smile tugs gently

A friendly greeting
Soft soul doesn't mean weak
Full of love and affection
Polite behavior and full of prudence

Make-up full of simplicity
Doesn't look like a worldly luxury
Full of riches of heart
To reach heavenly beauty

Subhan Allah…
How beautiful is Allah's creation
Make jewelry for this world
His attitude will please
For the Adam who managed to have

Love in the Beauty of Ta'aruf

Like when the poetry flows beautifully
Beautiful poetry that breathes Islamic melodies
Beauty that always breathes practice

Holy practice full of blessings
When love is tied to a pure heart
Who will never want to be tarnished

That flows in every vein
The beauty of which is always felt in the heart

Love is a blessing
Love is beauty

Blessings that don't have to be disturbed by Satan's temptations
The beauty that must be united in marriage

Love is born from the heart
Which must be tied in a promise for life and death
Love is a gift from God
What must be maintained until the end of life

Unite your heart in a promise
The promise of taaruf that breathes Islam
Which does not have to violate spiritual values
Who only hopes for divine pleasure

my repentance

O Allah, you are my only refuge,
oh god only to you i complain...

O Allah, only you are my place to surrender
Prophet Muhammad ordered you,
you sent it to your people...

But I never read your Koran,
Your holy books I never touch,
I never follow your orders
I never fulfill my prayers

O Allah, forgive my sins to you
oh my god i'm like a traveler

There's no place for me to depend on,
only to you i surrender...

I'm like no direction,
forgive my sin, O Allah

Truly I beg of you
I know I'm just a weak human
who never runs from mistakes...

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