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10 Examples of Lesik Kati Ara Poetry

L.K. Ara and Examples of His Poetry- Lesik Kati Ara or commonly abbreviated as L.K. Ara is a writer who was born in Takengon, Aceh, November 12, 1937. He was the cultural editor of the General Minbar Daily (Medan), an employee of the State Secretariat, last working at Balai Pustaka until his retirement (1963-1985). Together with K. Usman, Rusman Setiasumarga and M. Taslim Ali, they founded the Balai Pustaka Theater (1967). Introducing the Gayo Traditional poet, To'et, mentas in big cities in Indonesia. Writes poetry, children's stories and articles on art and literature. Published in newspapers and magazines in Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam.

The works and writings of L.K. The figs that have been published include: Wind Laut Tawar (Balai Pustaka, 1969), My Name is Bunga (Balai Pustaka, 1980), Kur Lak Lak (Balai Pustaka, 1982), Trees of Our Friends (Balai Pustaka, 1984) Notes on Leaves ( BP, 1986), In Mawar (BP, 1988), Arafah's Journey (1994), Si Karmin became a Ulama , Folklore from Aceh I, (Grasindo, 1995), Aceh Folklore II, (Grasindo, 1995), Seulawah: Anthology Aceh Literature at a Glance (ed. YN, 1995), Learning Poetry (Syaamil Bandung), Getting to Know Indonesian Writers from Aceh (1997), Aceh in Poetry (ed. Syaamil, 2003), The Sky of Twilight Negeri Timah (YN 2004), Pangkal Pinang Berpantun (ed. DKKP, YN, 2004), Malay Pantun South Bangka (ed. YN, 2004), Pucuk Pauh (ed YN 2004) Tsunami Poetry (Balai Pustaka 2006), Poetry Didong Gayo (Balai Pustaka 2006), Tanoh Gayo In Poetry (YMA, 2006), Kemilau Bener Meriah (YMA, 2006), Aceh's Poetic Expression in Facing Disaster (BRR 2006), Aceh Literature (Pena, 2008), Gayo Poetry Anthology (Pena, 2008) a, 2008), Aceh Encyclopedia I (ed YMAJ, 2008), Malim Dewa and Other Stories (ed. YMAJ, 2009), Encyclopedia of Aceh II (ed. YMAJ, 2009).

His poetry can also be found in: Tonggak (1995), Horison Sastra Indonesia 1 (2002), and Sajadah Kata (Syaamil, 2003).

OK, friend, to know in more detail the poems of L.K. Ara, the following Admin presents10 Poems from Lesik Kati Arawhich you can see.

No more

There's nothing else I'm looking for here
Except feel the moonlight
The cold by longing

There's nothing else I'm looking for here
Except for hearing the wind
In the lake water

There's nothing else I'm looking for here
Except looking at old graves
My ancestor's resting place

There's nothing else I'm looking for here
Except watching the dew fall
Washing the faces of my people

There's nothing else I'm looking for here
Except feel the echo of prayer
From people who suffer
Prayers that soar to the sky
Unite with the clouds
Unite with the sun
Then come down to earth
Come to your house
Greet you
Enter your heart
Talk about justice

There's nothing else I'm looking for here
No more
Except the former childhood
The dust covered

There's nothing else I'm looking for here
Except looking at the shadows of history
Slowly sinking

There's nothing else I'm looking for here
No more
Apart from witnessing your love
Who keeps on watering the earth

Lho'Seumawe – Takengon, January 1986


Seventy disasters
Leading to us
How to refuse

Seventy sick
Whack us
How to cure it

Seventy thieves
Destroy our property
How to prevent it

Seventy wrath of God
Burn us
How to avoid it
It even burns our veins
How to extinguish it

We almost forgot
For that all
There is one way
Simple and unpretentious
Let's give charity
Charity rejects disaster
Cure pain
Prevent thieves
Erase God's wrath

Alms to create
Friendship friendship
Alms to create
Cool atmosphere between us
It's morning dew
Dripping to the heart

Jakarta, 1985

An Old Man Walks

Every day he walks
That way too
Every day he walks
Body slightly bent
Step one
On that road too

There is twilight
Disguising the way
But there are stars
Rise to help him
All he didn't ask for
But just go down
On that road too

There's a hot sun
Dripping his sweat
But there is wind
Blow her body
Just come
Everything just goes down
On that road too

Every day he walks
On that road too
Under that sky too
Trees, leaves
Electric poles, asphalt road
So friendly to him
Sometimes it's like reprimanding him
Good morning
Or good afternoon
Or good night

That old man
Step and step
On that road too
Every step
He said Allah

Jakarta, 1986


I need the sun
The light that you spread
For the universe
But I need too
Lover's eyes
The rays of the eyes that scrape the sin
And replace it
With charity and faith

Lamprik, August 9, 1986

Looking for Traces

That night
Like being thrown
In your city

I really don't have anything
And looking for no one
Windows and doors
It's closed for me

Wind freely
Break my body
On the storefronts
And got on the street

But my dreams flow
With silence
Looking for your trace
Until the morning

Coverer, August 8, 1986

When Later

When later
you go
Picking flowers
And dance
Along the highway
Throw me in the sand

I will live in the sand
I will live in the sand
I will sleep in the sand
I will quote your song in the sand
I will feel your love in the sand

In the sand
Our longing will continue to flow

Jakarta, 1986

Banda Aceh

What I still remember about you
Are historical carvings in stone
In silent strokes
What I feel with longing

Ujung Bate, August 8, 1986

Notes On Leaves

You note on the leaves
A message
When the sky was blue
After you leave
I read your message
Then I save
Inside of me
Now that message
Flowing in my blood
And when I die
I keep it in silent poetry
With Fiery Loyalty
Let the long journey still
And the body droops limp
But the true desire in the heart
Stay lively on purpose
Cambodia in the park
Shade the body of convulsions and cold
Lying still at birth
Inwardly continue the journey
It's really far away
By many thistles at the bottom of the road
But relay sick and happy
On the streets He decides
Step then means step up
With growing faithfulness to You, Lord

Moon forehead

Moon forehead
Like shiny silver
Shine by the light of faith
The one that always sticks
on the prayer mat

Moon forehead
Like shiny silver
Come closer
To the wandering wind
The sad one
Who is looking for
And wander
In the wilds of the world

Come closer
O moon forehead
Travel wind
Want to kiss her
To let go of worry

Jakarta, 1986