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10 Examples of Muhammad Iqbal's Selected Poems

10 Poems of Pakistani Poet Muhammad Iqbal- Iqbal is a poet, as well as a Muslim philosopher, jurist, political thinker, and reformer. He was born in Sialkot-India in the month of Dzulhijjah 1289 H, or February 22, 1873, and died on April 21, 1938. Iqbal was born into a religious family. Since childhood he has received direct guidance from his father, Sheikh Mohammad Noor and Muhammad Rafiq, his grandfather.

Later, Iqbal received teaching of the Koran and Islamic education in a surau. Subsequently, he continued his primary to secondary education in Sialkot. There Iqbal got a good education. After completing his basic education, he entered Government College (Government College) Lahore. Iqbal is listed as the favorite student of Sir Thomas Arnold. Iqbal graduated in 1897 and won two gold medals for his good skills in English and Arabic, as well as being awarded a scholarship. until in 1909, he received a master's degree in philosophy.

Thanks to his intelligence in understanding science, he received scholarship assistance from high school to college level. He continued his education at the College in Lahore, in Cambridge-England and finally in Munich-Germany by submitting a thesis entitled The Development of Metaphysics in Persia. On his return from Europe in 1909 he was appointed Professor in Lahore and briefly became a lawyer.

The recorded works of Iqbal include Bang-i-dara (Bell Bells), Payam-i-Mashriq (Messages From the East), Asrar-i-Khudi (Secrets of Self), Rumuz-i-Bekhudi (Secrets of Self), the secret of Self-Annihilation), Jawaid Nama (Book of Eternity), Zarb-i-Kalim (The Blow of the Stick of the Prophet Musa), Pas Cheh Bayad Kard Aye Aqwam-i-Sharq (What Will You Do, O People of the East?), Traveler Names, Bal -i-Jibril (Jibril's Wings), Armughan-i-Hejaz (A Gift From the Hijaz), Development of Metaphyiscs in Persia, Lectures on the Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam -'Ilm al-Iqtishâd, A Contibution to the History of Muslim Philosopy , Zabur-i-'Ajam (New Secret Garden), Khusal Khan Khattak, and Rumuz-i-Bekhudi (Secret of Self-Annihilation).

Okay, friend, to understand Iqbal's work directly in the form of poetry or rhymes, the following Admin presents 10 selected poems from Sir Muhammad Iqbal.

Eternal love

"Love is eternal and into eternity it goes
If the day of vengeance comes
People flock to want to be love hunters
Because without love he will be humiliated
The bright spot named private
The fire of life in our pile of ashes
Love rubs it even more forever
Love lifts people soar
Until the ladder of nobility is reached near the divine
If this form is an unfinished object
Love shapes it to perfection
O Muslim, hear my story of being human
By personal love more and more eternal
More alive, more flaming, and more sheen
From love becomes the radiance of his form
And the development of an unknown possibility
His nature collects fire from love
Love taught him to light up the universe
Love is not afraid of swords and daggers
Love does not come from water and earth
Love makes war and peace in the world
The source of life is the gleam of the sword of love."

Modern Man

Love runs, thoughts bite it like a snake
Unable to bring himself to inner vision
The stars can be driven
But his own mind is unexplorable
He is confused in his maze of knowledge
And lose the measure of the good and the disease
The sun can be captured
But no sun rises there
To reveal the dark nights

Strong Personality by Love

Bright point named private
Is the living fire behind our ashes
By love, it is everlasting
The brighter and shinier the light
The more incarnated the radiance of his form
From Personal love gathers fire
By love he taught he illuminates the universe
Love is not afraid to face swords and weapons
Love does not come from water and earth
Love breeds peace and war in this world

The flash of the sword of love is the source of life
Steep cliffs tremble in his gaze
Divine love incarnates God within in the end
That's why learn to love and be loved
Look for eyes like Noah
And forge your soul like the Prophet Ayyub
Make this pile of dust gold
Kiss the doorway Perfect man
Light a torch like Rumi
Burn the land of Rum with the Fire of Tabriz
If you have a pair of eyes
I'll show you your real lover
It resides in your own heart
Her face is more beautiful than an angel
Love above all
Loving him grows a mighty person
By his love the earth can hug the stars
And his steps made the land of Najd shine bright
Its charm makes you fly soaring through the sky

Muhammad resides in the heart of every Muslim
Mount Sinai is just a grain of dust compared to his house
Where does Baitul Haram live?
His life is filled with eternity
And eternity expands by his form
Because he used to sleep on a rough mat
My night is more burning than the day of the Mahsyar field
He is the spring cloud and I am the garden
My vine is wet with rain
My eyes are planted in the field of love
And I pick the results are immeasurably delicious
The earth of Medina becomes more beautiful than the two worlds

Ah, happy the beloved city of residence
Karam I admire Maulana Jami's style of language
His poetry and prose became the medicine of my youth
From his hands flows beautiful and sparkling hymns
And strung a pearl necklace as if worshiping Mustafa

Muhammad is the preamble of the universe
The whole world serves him as his lord
Various khaifayats spread from the purity of the wine of love
And the nature of love is to be obedient
Like the holy one from Bistam who is so pious
Always he fasts from delicious food
O fun, always serve your lover
So that you can throw the snare and catch the light of God

Be quiet for a moment in the Cave of Hira your heart
Leave yourself and move into the presence of God
After you get divine power, return to the world
Then crush the heads of Lat and Uzza
Gather warriors from the power of love
So that the Lord of the Kaaba will give you mercy
And explain the meaning of the verse Inni Ja'ilun for you
"Indeed I want to create my Khalifa on earth" from Asrar Al-Khudi

Hope for Youth

I hope this young man will
be able to awaken a new era
renew the power of faith
running the lamp of hidayat..

spread the teachings of khatamul-anbiya'
stuck in the middle of the main field of Abraham's teachings
This fire will come back to life and burn...

don't complain anyway, hey people who complain
Don't despair, see your garden empty
The morning light has spread clean
And the flowers have spread the fragrance of nard

Khilafatul-Ard will be handed back to your hands
Be ready from now on
Stand up to establish you exist
With you Nur Tauhid will be perfected again
You are the atar oil, even though it
is still stored in the bud that will bloom

Be strong, and carry this mandate on your shoulders
Breathe the heat of your breath on this garden
So that the fragrance of nard pervades all
And don't choose this life like the song of the
waves only sounds when it crashes on the beach
But be you a flood, changing the world with your deeds

Spread your wings all over the horizon
Light up the times with the light of your faith
Send the light firmly believe
Patriarch everything with the name Muhammad

Song of Time

I suffer too the antidote
Simplicity is also splendor.
I am a destroying sword
I am the fountain of eternity
I am the fire that destroys
I'm the garden of immortals
My contradiction is real
(Think of it as a ruse):
Always changing, always silent
Unchanged in a changed chest.

Like a human soul I'm not bound
On the symbols of numbers
I'm not bound by time and breadth
On the turn and leap year
You are the hidden secret within you
I am the secret of your being.
I live because you have a soul
And my abode is the solitude of your soul

The story of the Shaykh and the Brahmin

In Benares there is a brahmin
He dipped his head between being and nothing
His knowledge of philosophy is very broad
But, he really hates people who seek God
He is always looking for something new
The moon and stars seem to have been blown away by the flames of his soul
He thinks day and night
However, philosophy does not turn into wine in the cup
Even though it's been wrestled forever by the ocean of knowledge
Nor can the snare catch a desired fowl
Secrets exist and are not yet revealed
He groaned in despair
His face is gloomy full of anger
So, one day he visited a shaykh
The person who keeps a heart of gold in his chest
The Shaykh listened fully to the story of the Brahmin
Then he said: "O friend who wanders in the high sky"

Try to believe in yourself for a moment on this earth
You've been lost in the jungle of thoughts
So, make peace with the earth again
Don't wander about to peel the essence of the stars
I didn't mean to tell you to leave your statues
Are you an infidel?
If so, then you are indeed a person who does not believe
O heirs of ancient culture
Do not turn away from the path of your ancestors!
When the people come from one unit
So, kufr is like that too.
But you're not a complete infidel yet
It is not appropriate to worship in a spiritual temple
We've both come a long way from the path of worship:
You are far from Azar
I'm far from Ibrahim too
Our Majnun is no longer a sadness for Laila
He's not yet perfect in love madness
When the personal light goes out
What is the use of imagining researching the universe?
Alright, I'll tell you about the Ganges and the Himalayas
Says the Ganges to the Himalayas:
"O you who are cloaked in snow from long ago"
God created you from a collection of heaven's secrets
But He doesn't give you the power to move
What's the use of nobility if you can't move?
Though life comes from His eternal motion
For it is motion that creates all events.”

Himalaya immediately replied:
"The breadth of your water is a mirror to me"
In my chest flows hundreds of rivers like you
But, that beautiful move of yours is a means to death
Whoever runs privately must meet his death
You don't have knowledge about yourself
You are intoxicated in your own disaster
Stupid you really!
You were born from the womb of a rotating atmosphere
And the banks of the crumbling river
Turns out better than you
You sacrifice your form for the form of the ocean
You have insulted yourself like a bitch
So, take care of yourself like a rose in the royal garden
Don't ask for fragrance from your own garden
And collect roses from your own garden
Look at me. Even if time goes on
I'm still standing firmly on the earth
Do you think I'm running away from my goal?
My form grows to reach the sky
When the sun sets
He will rest under my robe
But, your form will be lost in the ocean
While at my peak the stars bow their heads
My eyes clearly see the secret of the sky
My ears often catch the wings of angels and angels
And because I'm always on
I collect all the stone quality manikam
I do look like a full stone
But in that stone lies a fire
And water cannot pass through my fire!
If you're just a drop of water, don't let it break at your feet
But not afraid to fight with the sea.
If you want gem water, be a gem!
Develop yourself! hurry to move!
Be a cloud that shoots lightning
And pour out abundant rain
Let the ocean beg your storm like a beggar
Let him complain about your narrow edge!
Let him think it's smaller than the waves
And glide on your own feet!”

Tulips from Sinai

Under His power the world hangs
All creatures are created to obey His commands
The sun itself is nothing more than a sign
From the long prostration of nature on the forehead of the day
My heart is burning with the fire in my heart
To the frame of the universe, tears of blood lend
His vision. He who knows fun is another name for love
Can you stray from the secrets of life?

The world is just dust and the heart is the fruit
Just a drop of blood that confused him
If we don't have inner and outer vision
Of course the world will feel foreign to us
The music of love finds its instrument in humans
The secret he reveals, he is only one with Him
God created the world, man made it beautiful
Humans are work relatives and friends of God
What is the use of the heart in the chest, you ask?
Intellect that is overflowing with taste by the Creator
If the feeling in you is alive, your heart will live too
Otherwise reason will turn to dust

Don't nag what is the purpose of life on earth
Well just enjoy the charming magic
I love the many long journeys
Because every departure is a challenge for me
You're the sun, I'm a planet revolving around you
Illuminated by Your sight
Being separated from you is a pain for me
You're the Great Book, I'm just a speck of letters in it
Called Chinese, Arabic, Persian and Afghan
We belong to a big garden, a great tree
Born in the spring that is nobility
Distinguishing skin color is a big sin
Our world is still a sculptor's experiment
Change after change he will experience day and night
The Sculpture of Fate orders us to keep working
Give shape, because the world is still a rough carving
Learn from the flower about life, O Heart!
He is a symbol of your life that is always looking for light
It rises far from the darkness of the earth
But from birth have eyes in the sun
If you know your hidden possibilities
You can create dew into the ocean
O Heart, why beg for light to the moonlight?
Turn on your own lights to light up your nights
You are still bound by skin color and race
Then you call me Afghan or Turkoman
But I'm first human, real human
Only then can you call India or Turkistan

God and Man

I made and formed this world from the same clay
You made Iran, Ethiopia and Mongolia
From the ground I made iron, pure and unmixed with anything else
You are the one who made it a sword and a weapon
You made an ax to chop down the tree I grew
And make a cage for the birds that sing freely

You created the night, I created the lamp to light it up
You made clay, from it I made a bright drink cup
You made wilderness, mountains and meadows
I created gardens, parks, roads and pastures
Turn the venomous poison into a fresh drink
I am the one who created the shining mirror out of the sand.

Sander Petofi
(Young Hungarian poet of the early 20th century who died on the battlefield defending his country, but there is no memorial for him because his body was not found)

For a moment
In the garden of this world
You sing the wedding song of roses,
And hence
One heart rejoices
And others feel sad.
With blood
You paint tulip petals
Burning red.
With the view of your cool morning
You slowly uncovered the heart of the rose bud.
In your composition
You have found your more honorable grave.
To the womb of the earth
You will not and will not return
Because you were not born of the earth.

The First Day of Creation: Heaven Scorns Earth

For the sake of the pleasures of union and release, life built this universe and from its breath created the wonder house of day and night.
Each of them scatters the passion and love for self-expression while shouting loudly: "I am different from you."

And so the moon and stars learned to fly and dance, hundreds of lights were lit in the sky: the sun hung in the blue sky stretched its golden dome with silver strings, at the eastern end of the first dawn broke and from the newborn world it lifted the veil
But the humans of the earth are still secluded, lonely and desolate.

No caravans have crossed the desert yet, rivers have not wriggled round the hills, no cloud has yet fallen on the leaves, no birds have chirped in the branches, and no little deer have jumped in the bushes.
The uneven earth is like billowing smoke, not to mention igniting the sea and its blood with life. The grass lay dormant on the bottom, untouched by the winter wind.

The heavens taunted the earth: “Never have I seen a creature as bad as you, blindfolded within my reach: without my lamp, where did you get your light? You can grow as tall as Alvand's peak, but it doesn't actually glow or grow. Now choose a harlot who will squeeze you or die in disgrace.”
This utterance made the earth grieved, gloomy filled with sadness and looked to God to water his dirty life and suddenly from behind the veil of the sky a voice answered: "If you knew your priceless heirloom, you probably wouldn't be sad. Because when you look at your soul you will find a bubbling life ready to light up your days and no need for outside light.
What makes a bright day? Stained round sun!
From an unstained life your light will rise. This light will go into space traveling faster than the light of the moon and sun.
Have you erased the sketch of hope from the canvas of your soul? From the dust of your own darkness light will shine.

Man's knowledge will urge to rule the sky, his love will confess the Infinite.
With eyes more awake than Jibril's, he would find his way even without guidance.
Formed from clay, man will soar like an angel until the sky becomes an old tavern on the side of the roads he walks.
He penetrated the domes of the sky like needles piercing silk.
And he will wash life from all its stains.
The look in his eyes will make the gloomy fog of the earth shine brightly.
Even though he prayed a little and shed a lot of blood, he kept going forever.

From the universe he will learn to understand the nature of the being, "Who is immersed in the charm of God's beauty, then he will become the king of all created beings."

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